What is the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society?



Statement of Purpose

The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society was formed on March 28,1994, for the purpose of bringing together persons interested in the history of Federal Point Township and who wished to make a contribution in documenting and preserving North Carolina history.

Through historic research, surveys, public education, markers, plaques, publications, structure identification, National Register nominations, genealogical research and legislative lobbying, our preservation society hopes to preserve, document, and present the history of our area

Through a grant from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society initiated a cultural site inventory and cartographic review of Federal Point in lower New Hanover County, whereby 175 prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, thus far, have been identified and locations mapped.

The Society organized a committee of 12, which included preservationists, developers, county planning officials, and concerned individuals to study and make recommendations to better implement the conservation easements in compliance with New Hanover County’s Conservation Overlay Regulations.

CB Gazebo - Future FP History Center

CB Town Hall Gazebo – Future FP History Center

The Society enthusiastically pursued the protection of the historic colonial site of the Sedgeley Abbey plantation and the establishment of a shipwreck overlook at Carolina Beach.

Both the Newton Homesite and Cemetery and the Joy Lee Apartments have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Oral histories, genealogical studies, youth essay competitions and mobile exhibits are some of the ongoing projects administered through volunteer committee members.

A monthly newsletter is produced which includes a historic feature and announces meetings and events of historic interest. Brochures, pamphlets, and flyers on prominent historic features are also published to provide information and public education.  Procuring a research source collection of photographs, documents, books, and periodicals pertinent to Federal Point history is, also, an ongoing project.

FP History Center

FP History Center

The Society entered into a ten-year lease, with option to renew, of an existing gazebo structure adjacent to Carolina Beach’s Municipal Town Hall.  In 2000, this structure was enclosed, complete with a 16-foot addition, bringing the facility to nearly 1600 square feet.

Dedicated in March, 2001, the History Center includes an auditorium, office area, eight large exhibit displays, a kitchen, two restrooms and an archival storage room.  An audio-visual system was implemented to record and present educational programs and projects for students, researchers, and visitors.

The facility provides a meeting place and operating headquarters, as well as a collection and storage repository for research materials and objects related to Federal Point and North Carolina history.

The History Center is open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and welcomes residents and tourists who wish to learn more about our local history.  The Center is located at 1121-A N. Lake Park Boulevard, adjacent to the Carolina Beach Town Hall.

The Society meets the third Monday of each month at 7:30 PM., at the Federal Point History Center.  Lecturers and speakers from throughout the state present programs on topics of historic interest.

The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society is supported by its membership and by grants and contributions from the community.  Your membership, support or contribution will be greatly appreciated.


The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society operates as a federal and state non-profit organization.

History Center - Agave

Side View – Federal Point History Center 2014

The Society works to preserve, document and educate the public through the:

  • Development and support of the Federal Point History Center
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Monthly meetings with educational programs
  • Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places
  • Historic Newton Cemetery preservation
  • Educational brochures, pamphlets and flyers on prominent historic features
  • Historic structures plaque program
  • Research library
  • Establishment and maintenance of the General Beauregard Shipwreck
  • Oral history program
  • Youth essay competition
  • Historic publications
  • From Our Postcard Collection

Annual membership in the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society includes 12 issues of our monthly newsletter and 10 monthly programs at the History Center, as well as June and December socials.

Annual Memberships
CATEGORIES Amt. enclosed
Individual $20.
Family $25.
Business $40.
Benefactor $40.
Sponsor $60.
Patron $80.
Lifetime, family  $200.

Make check payable to:

Federal Point Historic Preservation Society – (or FPHPS)
P. O. Box 623,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Download and print a PDF Membership Form