Society Notes – June, 2021

By: Darlene Bright, History Center Director

New Exhibit at Fort Fisher

KURE BEACH, NC—On June 29, 2021, Fort Fisher State Historic Site will debut a new exhibit depicting the contributions and remarkable story of Lumbee Indians at Fort Fisher entitled, A Memory A People Could Not Forget: Lumbee Indians at Fort Fisher.

Guest curated by the Museum of the Southeastern American Indian and the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, the Civil War exhibit conveys the vital role played by Lumbee Indians in building the Fort’s massive earthworks alongside free and enslaved African Americans.

Faced with the reality of conscription and brutal working conditions, the Lumbee Indians endured seemingly endless labor demands in building what came to be known as the Gibraltar of the South. This new exhibit uses text, maps, photographs, and diagrams to show the grim price paid by individuals who were transported more than a hundred miles from home to construct the colossal Confederate fortress.

  • In May, the History Center had ­­­­­­­­­­­­­61 visitors. The UDC held their monthly meeting at the History Center.
  • Welcome to new members: Faith Savoca and Family of Wilmington, Richard Manning of Clemmons, NC, and Lifetime members Julia and Daniel Crouch and Ann Braxton of Carolina Beach.

 Volunteer Service Hours

Does anyone know a teenager or two who need some volunteer service hours?  We are currently cataloging our map collection and need to take a photograph of each map. We need a few days help with our 50 or so maps so that they can be unrolled, spread out on the floor, photographed, and then re-rolled.