Rebel Gunner, General E. Porter Alexander


Alexander lived and enjoyed being a Georgia country boy. However, he soon realized that he was born into a southern aristocratic family. Realizing this, he entered West Point in June 1853 and graduated third in his class of 1857. He was a bright young officer eager to please and demonstrate his brilliant array of talents.

Travis followed in Alexander’s footsteps throughout his life and documented the research with images, photographs, illustrations, maps, and original never before published historical papers in order that the reader will be able to visually identify with this great American.


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Rebel Gunner, General E. Porter Alexander

by Jack Travis

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: GRAY FOX (December 18, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0615427232

Alexander’s military record and performance during the War was outstanding. In addition to being well thought of by his superiors and subordinates, he acquired the following record of promotion:

    Graduated West Point – June, 1857, age 22
    Lieutenant – June 1857, age 22
    Captain – April 1861, age 24
    Major – April 1862, age 25
    Colonel – July 1862, age 26
    General – March 1864, age 28


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