On A Rising Tide


On A Rising Tide brings an adventurous Civil War tale to life with murder, romance, spies and battles on land and sea.

Blockade runner Captain Wade McKay and the crew of the Atlantis battle the death choke of the Union naval blockade of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Massive Fort Fisher stands as the lone guardian of the ships daring to run the blockade. Their mission is of the utmost importance because each precious cargo brought in means new life for the Confederacy.

Knowing that the fall of Fort Fisher could hasten the end of the war, the Union army and navy launches a deadly assault to capture the fort and stop blockade running forever.


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On A Rising Tide: A Tale of Running The Civil War Blockade

by Richard H. Triebe

Paperback – 364 pages
ISBN-13: 9781420878493
Publisher: Authorhouse – December 22, 2005



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