Newsletter – May, 2021

History Center Again Open
Three Days a Week!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

10:00 am to 4:00 pm



 Monthly Meetings/Programs to Return in September!

We’re starting to plan for the resumption of monthly meetings and programs beginning in September of 2021. The hope is that the majority of our members will be vaccinated by then and that the community as a whole will have reached that critical “herd immunity” that will allow us to gather here at the History Center again.

If you have suggestions for programs for the Fall of 2021 or the Winter/Spring season of 2022 please give Rebecca or Cheri the person’s contact information by email to: We’d especially like to feature the history and current work of some of our local service organizations or community committees.


We Need Help…

Can you crawl around on the floor for us?

Rebecca is currently cataloging our map collection and needs to take a photograph of each map – many of which are so big they need to be unrolled on the floor to to get a full picture.

If you can help out for a day or two, we have 50 or so maps that need to be spread out, photographed and then re-rolled. Anybody know a teenager or two who need some service hours?  Call Rebecca at 910-458-0502.