Coastal North Carolina Civil War Quiz

Civil War Quiz  – by Rebecca Taylor

These questions are based on a great book called The Civil War in Coastal North Carolina by John S. Carbone.

I had no idea just how vital a part the eastern sounds, rivers and barrier islands played throughout the war. So here’s a quiz on the other coastal war. See how much you know!v18NO9 September, 2011 FINAL PDF-005

  1. What was the name of the US ironclad that sank off Hatteras in December 1862?
  2. Before the war what was North Carolina’s most important export?
  3. At the beginning of the War, what were the two largest towns in North Carolina?
  4. What percent of blockade running trips were successful?
  5. North Carolina’s four ship navy was called what?
  6. In the summer of 1861 what forts did the Confederacy build along North Carolina’s Outer Banks?
  7. Which Union General first proposed the attack on the Forts on the Outer Banks?
  8. What Union General commanded the Union expedition to take Roanoke Island? Who was the Confederate Commander charged with the defense of the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds?
  9. The fall of what North Carolina town in March of 1862 “alarmed and outraged” Confederate leaders in North Carolina and Richmond?
  10. On what island did the Union Army establish a “freedman’s colony?”
  11. In what NC city was there a major outbreak of Yellow Fever in August 1894?
  12. What ship enabled the Confederate troops to recapture the town of Plymouth?

Answers: Coastal North Carolina Civil War Quiz
1) Monitor; 2)“naval stores” ie. tar pitch and turpentine; 3) Wilmington and New Berne; 4) 75%; 5) The Mosquito Fleet; 6) Fort Oregon, Fort Hatteras, Fort Clark, and Fort Ocracoke; 7) Benjamin Butler; 8) USA General Ambrose Burnside; CSA General A. P. Hill; 9) New Bern; 10) Roanoke; 11) New Bern; 12) Ironclad CSN Albemarle