Letter to Kure Beach Town Council

From: beemrider@hotmail.com

To: deanlambeth@townofkurebeach.org

Subject: Support of FPHPS
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 16:34:41 -0400

This letter is for the Kure Beach Town Council.
First let me say that I am very pleased and impressed with the work that has been done by the Town Council these past few years in Kure Beach. The new park and especially the new street lights and sidewalks are fantastic! It has to be a difficult task to keep a small town progressive all the while preserving it’s wonderful past, but you folks sure do try and succeed.
I love Kure Beach and this island as a whole! Last year, I discovered the Federal Point Historical Preservation Society and joined immediately. I have so much enthusiasm for this organization because I am a direct recipient of all the good work it does just like being a citizen of Kure Beach under your guidance. All work done is done for the good of all.
I know that the Town of Kure Beach has in the past supported the FPHPS and you have been mentioned with applauses in our meetings. Please consider once again supporting us this year as we endeavor to locate, mark, and preserve the valuable history that we are all so very lucky to find all around us.
Thank you for all the things you do for us and for taking time out today to read this letter!!

Tony Phillips
109 Ocean View Ave (Kure Beach)
Carolina Beach, NC 28428