From the President – March, 2014

Barry Nelder

Barry Nelder

President’s Message:

How time flies!Federal Point History Center

It’s time to make our requests for financial support to the towns of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach for the fiscal year 2014/2015!

Demetria and Darlene are busy getting our applications prepared and turned in on time – but WE NEED YOU to support our applications by speaking to, or writing, or emailing, our local town officials.

They need to hear from their constituents just how important the Federal Point History Center is to our community and what their support enables us to accomplish.

Remember, we are asking for funds to keep the History Center open to the general public – not for money for the operation the Society.


From the Editor:

Thanks to Tony Phillips for taking the time and effort to correspond with our local Town Councils – reminding them of the role that the Federal Point History Center serves in our community.

Tony’s letter to Carolina Beach Town Council.

His letter to the Kure Beach Town Council.

Please consider using his example (and emails) in requesting the town’s financial support for the History Center.