Coming Soon! ‘Local Flavor’ Cookbook

Coming! Coming! Coming soon!

After two years of toil and struggle “The Cookbook” is finished and on its way to China to be printed. We hope to have it available for sale by the beginning of June (yes, 2014).

Cookbook - Local FlavorHere’s a recipe from our “Oral History Section.

Oyster Roast

For 3 or 4 people catch 3 or 4 bushels oysters in the marsh. Wash mud off oysters in bay water. Get 2 green poles. Stack oysters in a row about a yard high – no more than 2 or 3 deep or won’t cook. Stack bushes on the windward side so fire blows through the oysters. When burns down, brush debris away. Open with oyster knife and a rag to hold the hot shell. Eat as is. Serve with butter or hot sauce.

Contributed by: Jack Lewis
(Federal Point History Center – Oral History Files)