Fort Fisher Reenactment – January, 2019

Thanks to all the volunteers! 

This year we made $705.35 after expenses at the Fort Fisher Reenactment on January 12. 

Reenactment Day Crew: Leslie Bright, Darlene Bright, Steve Arthur, Jay Winner, Jim Dugan, Mary Ann Targonski, Susan Foy, Linda Kuharcik, Jim Kohler, Cheri McNeill, Don Snook, and Sylvia Snook.

Cookie Bakers: Doris Bame, Juanita Winner, Mary Ann Targonski, Cheri McNeill, Pam Capel, Elaine Henson, Nancy Gadzuk, Brenda Coffey, Ramona Hovey, Sylvia Snook, Steve Arthur, Beth Ann Burns, and Darlene Bright.

And, a HUGE thanks to Darlene Bright, Cheri McNeill, and Steve Arthur for spending so much time getting all the supplies and equipment ready for the sale.

Thanks to John Moseley and the staff of the Fort Fisher State Historic Site for continuing to support us by allowing us to conduct this most important fundraiser.  Thanks, also, to A & G Barbeque and Chicken for donating the slaw for our condiment bar.