News Articles – 1946

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


February 12, 1946
The observance of Boy Scout Week was continued with a parent‘s night program at the Carolina Beach Community Church. It was attended by Approximately 150 persons. Awards were given to Jason Brown, Billy Siler, Richard Rhodes, Phil Harrell, Benny Shumate, Jaimy Thomas, Wallace Aman, Donald Williams, Clarence Borrell, Phil Harrell. WILM.NEWS, 2-12-1946


February 14, 1946
Kenneth L. Hunn was to serve as the first commander of the newly organized American Legion post at Carolina Beach, following the initial meeting of that group.  The meeting was held in the Beach community hall with a charter membership of 16 members attending. The post now has a total membership of 56.
Hunn was a veteran of both world wars and was now a resident of Kure Beach for the past four years. Elected to serve with Hunn were Percy R. Morton, adjutant ; George W. Troy, post historian, and Oscar Zuker, chaplain. Judge John J. Burney delivered the organization address. WILM.NEWS, 2-15-1946.


February 22, 1946
Fifteen girls were honored at an investiture ceremony of Brownie Troop No.22 in the Carolina Beach Town Hall recently. They were as follows: Joyce Watson, Marilyn Tritt, Judy Ford, Carolyn Cole, Holland Johnson, Norma Sue Davis, Maribeth Bunch, Nancy Kelly, Betsy Tanner, Janie Lee Bartlett, Irene Borell, Barbara Raines, Helen Randall, Glen Ellen Martin and Marian Leiner. Mrs. J.E. Carter was the leader of the newly-organized troop, and assisted by Mrs. J.A. Knox.

The troop committee included Mrs. E.J. Roseman, Mrs. Frank Martin, Mrs. Fred Cameron, Mrs. Ray Franklin and Mrs. J.C. Bame. WILM.NEWS, 2-22-1946.


February 26, 1946
Real Estate Transfer:
Roscoe T. Griffin, ex., to Katie L. Loury, lots 6 and 7-E, Carolina Beach.
William S. Hood, ex., to B.W. Nash, ex., 215, Carolina Beach
E.H. Welliford, ex., to Annie Done Handley, 9-32, Carolina Beach. WILM.NEWS, 2-27-1946


February 28, 1946
The sale of over $20,000 in property along the Carolina Beach boardwalk by A.P. Peay to A.B.N. Spencer was recorded. The lots involved were 5-6/”I”. WILM.NEWS, 2-28-1945.


March 26, 1946
Construction at Carolina and Wrightsville Beaches was abruptly halted on this date when new building priorities were established under the Civilian Production Administration (CPA). Few building permits were issued after March 26th, and most of the later construction work was on buildings which were begun prior to the government stoppage orders. The stringent priority system limited construction or repair costs on private or commercial buildings to $400 to $1,000. WILM.NEWS, 5-6-1946.


April 2, 1946
Four lots at Carolina Beach involving approximately $25,000 were sold today. A. H. Hudley and wife sold the property, lots 23, 24, 25 and 26 of the Kure division, to J.W. Blackwell and wife. WILM.POST, 4-2-1946.


April 10, 1946
Plans were being made by the newly organized American Legion post at Carolina Beach to have its own club building just as soon as possible. Kenneth L. Huhn was the post commander.
The Board of Aldermen of the town of Carolina Beach had leased a site for the new Legion Home at the beach, just a block from the bus station and easy walking distance from the boardwalk.
The new post planned on securing a building from the Army’s dismantled Fort Fisher, or from Bluethenthal Airfield military post. W.G. Fountain, mayor of Carolina Beach, reported that the motion leasing the town owned site to the Legion Post had been carried unanimously by the Board of Aldermen. WILM.STAR, 4-10-1946.


April 20, 1946
Carolina Beach Business advertising in the WILMINGTON EVENING POST newspaper were:

  • Carolina Beach Drug Store – “Everything For You!”
  • Ideal Novelty Shop – Shell Novelties of ALL kinds –Mrs.W.F.Posey, owner
  • Mills Pure Oil Service Station – Ned and Mack Mills, World War II Vets.
  • D.E. Jones Grocery – At The First Stop Light – “A store down by the sea”
  • Ocean Plaza Club and Restaurant – Mr. and Mrs. Gene Reynolds, managers.
  • Seashore Amusements – For the Finest Rides and Good Times.
  • Shopping Center, Groceries (Formerly S. and S. Grocery)
  • The Wave Theatre
  • The Greystone Hotel – “A Pate Hotel” – Opening Soon for 30th year.
  • S. & S. Bingo
  • The Land Mark – “14 Years in the Same Location” – Cliff Smith Sr. & Jr.
  • Peay‘s Café – Oldest American Café on Carolina Beach.
  • Uncle Jim‘s – 15th Year.
  • Mack‘s 5¢, 10¢ and 25¢ – Everything for the Cottage and Family – On the Boardwalk.
  • Royal Palm Hotel and Fountain Apartments
  • Tucker Real Estate Co. – “Honesty Pays” Sales & Rentals.
  • Carolina Beach Restaurant – “Try Our Food.” No Beer. WILM.EVENING POST, 4-20-1946.


April 21, 1946
The 4th annual Easter Sunrise Service was held at Carolina Beach. The service began at sunrise, 5:30 A.M. The sponsoring churches were Carolina Beach Baptist Church, St. Paul‘s Methodist Church, Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church, Federal Point Methodist Church, All-Saints-By-The-Sea (Episcopal), Church of the Immaculate Conception (Catholic), and the Community Church. WILM.EVENING POST, 4-20-1946.


April 21, 1946
Residents and visitors to Carolina Beach gathered on the boardwalk for the annual Easter Sunrise service. Strong winds made the usual floral decorations impossible, however a large number was on hand to participate in the services which featured choral singing. WILM.STAR, 4-22-1946.


April 22, 1946
Assistant Police Chief A.W. Cox, 22, of Carolina Beach, died suddenly from a heart attack at the resort‘s police headquarters, 20 minutes after he had ended his tour of duty. Police Chief E. V. Leonard paid high tribute to the late assistant chief who declared that he was a very promising young man.

Cox was a native of Salisbury, N.C., and more recently a resident of Winston-Salem, and had resided at Carolina Beach for the past five years. He joined the police department in July, 1945 and he proved so efficient that he was promoted to the rank of assistant chief. He was married just two months ago, and was survived by his wife, Mrs. Helen Thompson Cox. He was also survived by his father, who resided in Weaversville, N.C. WILM.STAR, 4-22-1946.


April 12, 1946
B.D. Mixon was elected president of the Carolina Beach Chamber of Commerce in the beach town hall. David Jones was elected vice president, Mrs. Mabel Posey secretary, and David Blackman, treasurer.

Jones urged “the fullest attendance by cottage and hotel operators on the beach at the next meeting as matters of considerable importance to them will be discussed.” WILM.STAR, 4-24-1946.


April 26, 1946
Mary Frances Little was named to represent Carolina Beach in the Strawberry Festival beauty contest at Wallace, N.C. Other contestants included Pat Morton, Ruth Wolf, Homer Wysong and Janice Harvell. WILM.STAR, 4-27-1946 (2)


May 17, 1946
The Carolina Beach Jaycees presented Jimmy St. Clair and his Orchestra for a dance at the Carolina Beach Auditorium. The orchestra was coming direct from Baltimore and the Wallace Strawberry Festival. Lovely Anna Frank was the featured vocalist. Tickets were $1.55 per person, tax included. Proceeds from the dance were to go to the Carolina Beach Life Guards. WILM.STAR, 5-14-1946.


May 17, 1946
The Carolina Beach Jaycees presented Jimmy St. Clair and his Orchestra direct from Baltimore, Maryland, featuring the lovely Anna Frank, for one night only at the Beach Auditorium, and the proceeds were to benefit the Carolina Beach life guards. The dance was from 9 P.M. to 1 A.M., $1.55 per person tax included. WILM.NEWS, 5-16-1946.


May 20, 1946
The Harrill House at Carolina Beach, a furnished apartment house opposite the town hall, 10 Canal Drive, owned by Bob Harrill, was offered for immediate sale. It had 14 rooms, 4 baths, 4 kitchens, year-round construction. Instantly convertible to rooms or apartments. Central location. WILM.NEWS, 5-21-1946.


May 21, 1946
Mrs. Helen Thompson Cox, widow of a former assistant chief of police at Carolina Beach, received a check for $700 from the North Carolina Law Enforcement Officer‘s benefit and Retirement Fund. The check was presented to Mrs. Cox at her home by Sheriff C. David Jones.

The couple had been married only two months when Cox died. He was not a member of the retirement plan but Mrs. Cox received the check because any officer who dies due to service–connected injuries their heirs are paid the above amount. The check included $200 for burial and $500 for widow‘s benefits. WILM.NEWS, 5-22-1946.


May 30, 1946
With the opening of Liles Grocery in the Risley Building, in the heart of Carolina Beach, a fully supplied shopping center will meet any need of the housewife in search of essentials for dinner, supper, breakfast, or snacks. It is located in the store formerly known as Curries. George Liles established the grocery dedicated to the needs of all visitors and ‘regulars’ and residents of the beach. Fresh produce and fresh meats were offered. WILM.POST, 5-30-1946.


May 31, 1946
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Reynolds, owners and operators, announced the grand opening of the new Ocean Plaza Club on the Carolina Beach boardwalk. WILM.NEWS, 5-30-1946.


June 1, 1946
The police force of Carolina Beach included Chief Edward Lennon, T.C. Faircloth, Drew Long, J.W. Milliner and William Easterling. WILM.POST, 6-1-1946


June 1-2, 1946
More than 15,000 visitors jammed the colorful business district and bathing strand to inaugurate the formal opening of Carolina Beach for its first war-free season in five years.

A beauty contest, staged under the auspices of the Jaycees, was held. Janice Harvell, 16 year old high school girl and turned up in last year‘s beauty parade, was crowned ‘Miss Carolina Beach’ by vote of judges and by popular acclaim.

Mrs. and Mrs. C.A. Elliot, of Dayton, Ohio, were awarded prizes for being the oldest couple registered at the resort, they gave their ages as 60 and 56. There was also a castle building contest on the beach during the morning and affair was a huge success. WILM.POST, 6-3-1946.


June 3, 1946
Bill Grassick and his Orchestra were appearing every night for dancing in a cabaret atmosphere at the new Ocean Plaza on the boardwalk at Carolina Beach. Charming Betty McHugh was the songstress. This group was to be followed by The Carolinians. WILM.NEWS, 6-3-1946; 6-12-1946.


June 10, 1946
Real Estate Transfer – W.A. Simmons to E.A. Bordeaux, Jr., lots 6,7,8,9,10, 56 and 14,15,16,57, Carolina Beach. WILM.NEWS, 6-11-1946.


June 14, 1946
Jimmy Marshall and his Carolinians, direct from the University of North Carolina were appearing nightly at the Ocean Plaza at Carolina Beach. WILM.NEWS, 6-14-1946.


June 16, 1946
Morrison Rankin Caruthers of Carolina Beach took upon himself a bride named Jane LeGrand, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Pleasant LeGrand. The wedding ceremony was held in the Presbyterian church at Mebane, N.C. The bride was a graduate of Burlington Business College and for the past five years she had worked in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Alamance County.
The couple would make their home at Carolina Beach. WILM.NEWS, 6-24-1946.


June 18, 1946
The Ocean Plaza brought direct from the University of North Carolina, Jimmy Marshall and His Carolinians. Dancing Every Night including Sunday Nights. ―Remember University of N.C. produced such bands as Kay Kyser, Hal Kemp, Skinny Ennis and now ‘The Carolinians.’ WILM.POST, 6-18-1946.


June 24, 1946
Mrs. Bertha Philligin Darden, 31, of Carolina Beach, died in Bulluck Hospital in Wilmington. Survived by her husband, Charles Darden, Carolina Beach, also her parents, two brothers, all of Wilson, N.C., and one sister in Norfolk, Va. Funeral was conducted in Wilson, N.C. WILM.POST, 6-25-1946.


June, 1946
Real Estate Transfer – K.H. Stein to Harvey L. Stevens, Lot7-7, Carolina Beach. WILM.NEWS, 6-26-1946.


June 25, 1946
Martin Winner and Hudson Winner was operating a sport fishing cruiser called the ‘Mildred M,’ out of Carolina Beach. WILM.POST. 6-26-1946


July 12, 1946
The partnership existing between C.D. Moss and W.H. Weeks, under the firm name and style of ‘Carolina Beach Ice and Fuel Company’ whose main office was in the town of Carolina Beach, was dissolved. WILM.NEWS, 8-20-1946.


July 14, 1946
The second annual homecoming celebration of the Carolina Beach Community Church had represented twenty-three towns and cities according to Rev. James B. McQuere, minister. The guest minister for the celebration was Tommy Steele, director of a daily devotion program on the radio called ‘Your Daily Devotional.’

The acquisition of additional church property was announced. The church was non-denominational, wholly independent of other organizations and self-governing. It was founded about 15 years earlier by the late Mrs. S.C. Ogburn, of Winston-Salem who began conducting a Sunday School for her grandchildren and a few friends at her beach cottage. It was organized as a church in 1942. WILM.STAR, 7-16-1946.


July 14, 1946
The second annual homecoming day of the Carolina Beach Community Church was held. Rev. James B. McQuere was the pastor. The main speaker will be Tommy Steele, director of ‘Your Daily Devotional’ program on WPTF, Raleigh. A basket lunch was served on the lawn. The non-denominational church was founded about 15 years earlier when Mrs. S. C. Ogburn of Winston-Salem began holding Sunday School for her grandchildren and a few friends at her beach home. Later, a lot was acquired and a small chapel constructed. During the past year the church had been improved by the application of asbestos shingles and installation of plumbing. WILM.STAR, 7-7-1946.


July 25, 1946
Formal installation ceremonies were held at Carolina Beach as new officers for the American Legion Post No. 272 were sworn in. Judge John J. Burney of Wilmington delivered the principal address.
Among the new officers were: Fred Platt, chaplain; C.L. Merritt, service officer; A.A.Willett, second vice- commander; Wm. M. Matthews, commander; W.L. Farmer, first vice-commander; Percy Morton, adjutant, and E.F. Currie, finance officer. WILM.STAR, 7-27-1946


July 29, 1946
Bill Grassick and His Continental Orchestra, featuring the lovely vocalist Betty McHugh, opened at the Ocean Plaza, Carolina Beach. Dancing Nightly from 9 til 1 am. WILM.STAR, 7-28-1946
(advt) There was a nightly floor show, featuring black light and florescence that was out of this world!


August 1, 1946
Fifty heroes of Bataan, Corregidor, the Western Front and other battles of World War II, were feted at Carolina Beach. The soldiers were being treated at Fort Bragg‘s hospital in preparation for reassignments to foreign duty, were casualties of the war, convalescing from minor physical ailments. The Wilmington Canteen Corps were to feed the men after their arrival.

The soldiers would go directly to the Ocean Plaza bath house where they would be guests of that establishment for their bathing facilities. Later the men were to be honored with a banquet at the Carolina Beach city hall. The city had gone all out for their entertainment with special swimming partners provided and a full staff of life guards arrainged for their safety while they were in swimming. Amusement places on the boardwalk offered their facilities also. WILM.STAR, 7-31-1946.


August 1, 1946
The Carolina Beach Jaycees received their charter in ceremonies held in a local club ballroom. Quillen Ward of Rocky Mount presented the Jaycess with their national charter, and Odell Lambeth, of Raleigh, presented their state charter. The club was organized about six months earlier at the beach with Ben Mallard as the president. Present at the ceremonies as guests were the Wilmington Jaycess and the 22 winners of recent Jaycee beauty contests held through the state. WILM.STAR, 8-2-1946


August 1, 1945
An estimated 250 persons witnessed the presentation of the national and state charters to the Carolina Beach Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce) during a dinner dance in honor of 22 North Carolina queens who have been the guests of the beach organization.

The state charger was presented by Odell Lambeth, president of the N.C. Jaycess, during a broadcast of the proceedings over station WMFD. Following the presentation, the girls were introduced over the air, and identified with the city that each would represent in the future. The national charger was presented by Quillen Ward, of Rocky Mount, national director of the U.S. Jr. Chamber of Commerce.
Receiving both charters for the beach group which was organized only six months ago was Ben Mallard, president of the group. The ceremony took place in the Ocean Plaza ballroom. WILM.NEWS, 8-1-1946, 8-2-1946.


August 4, 1946
Lt. Richard A. Jackson and 23 enlisted men were entertained at Carolina Beach after they were officially welcomed to the resort by the town officials. The Wilmington chapter of the American Red Cross was host to the convalescent service men. A picnic lunch was served in the Town Hall. After luncheon, the servicemen enjoyed free amusement rides and bath house privileges. WILM.NEWS, 8-4-1945.


August 7, 1946
Mayor W.G. Fountain, members of the board of aldermen and the personnel of the Police department of Carolina Beach were entertained at a steak supper at the Warren Cafeteria last night. Mayor Fountain, who presided as toastmaster, was one of the principal speakers. Alderman Thomas A. (Tom) Croom opened the program and praised the Carolina Beach police force for its loyal and effective work throughout the summer. Other speakers included Police Chief E.V. Leonard and Alderman Donald Rick, Bert Jewell and E.A. Reynolds. Among those attending the dinner were Mayor Fountain, the board of aldermen, Chief Leonard, Asst. Chief Drew Long, and Officers J.W. Millinor, L.W. Huggins and E.W. Sanford. WILM.NEWS, 8-8-46


August 9, 1946
Champion Greyhounds were racing at Carolina Beach Dog Race Track, one mile north of the Inland Waterway Bridge. Five races were held lasting for two hours. Track time was 8:15 p.m. and admission was 50 cents plus tax. WILM.NEWS, 8-9-1946; 8-30-1946.


August 9, 1946
Three-year-old Jimmy Forsyth toppled from the third story window ledge of the Royal Palm Hotel at Carolina Beach. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. James F. Forsyth of Greensboro. The child landed on soft ground and when the tot was picked up he was unconscious. The child was rushed immediately to the Babies‘ Hospital at Wrightsville. The child gained consciousness one hour later and had good chances of recovery. No fractures had been found. WILM.NEWS, 8-9-1946.


August 9, 1946
The Carolina Beach Dog Race Track, one mile north of the inland waterway bridge was offering two hours of top entertainment. There five races every night, Wednesday thru Saturday with champion greyhounds competing. The track time was 8:15 p.m. and the admission was 50¢ plus tax.
WILM.NEWS, 8-9-1946.


August 11, 1946
Officials of the Woodmen of the World met at Carolina Beach.


August 18, 1946
Under the leadership of the Rev. Ben B. Ussery, pastor, the Carolina Beach Baptist Church began a campaign to retire the $16,000 mortgage on the church property. The Rev. Ussery assumed his duties at the beach on August 4th. With his wife, the former Elizabeth Howell, of Suffolk, Va., Rev. Ussery came to the Carolina Beach church from the Highland Baptist church, Louisville, Ky., where he served as asst. pastor. A graduate of Wake Forest College, he was a native of Rockingham, N.C. WILM.STAR, 8-18-1946.


August 18, 1946
Under the leadership of the Rev. Ben Ussery, pastor, the Carolina Beach Baptist Church will begin a campaign to retire the $16,000 mortgage on the church property. The Rev. Mr. Ussery assumed his duties here on August 4. He came to this church from the Highland Baptist Church, Louisville, Ky. where he served as assistant pastor. WILM.NEWS, 8-18-1946.


August 20, 1946
James Longworth, publicity director for Carolina Beach, announced that he was receiving a large amount of inquiries and requests for boat charter and accommodations, from those persons wanting to compete in the South Eastern North Carolina Beach Association‘s Fish Rodeo, August 30th to September 30th.  WILM.NEWS, 8-20-1946.


August 25, 1946
The members of the Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church dedicated their new $13,000 structure at ceremonies featured by the burning of the church‘s fully-met note pf indebtedness. The pastor of the church was Rev. John D. McLeod. The church was organized in 1943 to serve defense workers living at Carolina Beach and the military personnel of Fort Fisher. The new church, was of masonry construction, and had been used for services since March, 1946. Contributions from the Wilmington Presbytery aided in its financing. H. Mc. Biddle served as chairman of the building committee, with Ira Hines, beach contractor, supervising construction. The new building is one of six churches now located at Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 8-24-1946;8-22-1946.


August 25, 1946
The Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church was dedicated with appropriate ceremonies. The cornerstone for the building was laid in December, 1945, with Dr. William Crowe, Jr., pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, officiating. The church was opened to the public in March, 1946.

The cost of the building was $13,000. With the help of the Home Missions Committee of the Wilmington Presbytery and interested friends around the state, the total indebtedness had been paid. WILM.NEWS, 8-21-1946.


August 30, 1946
City and county law enforcement officers were loath to discuss the ruling issued on the 29th by the State Attorney General to the effect that the playing of bingo constitutes a violation of the state anti-gambling laws.

The bingo games were reported continuing operations at the nearby resorts, and there was no indication that the boards of aldermen of Carolina and Wrightsville Beaches planned any move to halt these commercially conducted contests.

E.V. Leonard, Carolina Beach police chief, said that he will await orders from the resort‘s board of aldermen before taking any action. WILM.NEWS, 8-30-1946.


August 29, 1946
A ruling by the state attorney general that the playing of bingo was in violation of North Carolina gambling laws, even when conducted in the form of a church benefit, caused considerable comment in Wilmington and at the beaches and it left the city and county law enforcement officials in a quandary as to their duties on the matter. WILM.NEWS, 8-29-1946.


September 3, 1946
The BONITO, a party craft owned by John T. Marshall, of Carolina Beach, was pulled up on dry land in the yacht basin at the resort after sinking in the Inland Waterway. The boat had hit a shoal and her propeller was damaged, and later while being towed to the basin, the craft struck a piling, causing her to sink. WILM.NEWS, 9-3-1946


November 16, 1946
Twelve apartment buildings located on Lake Park Boulevard, Carolina Beach, were sold for $47,000, and will soon be opened for rental purposes. The one-story frame structures each contain five rooms and are completely furnished.

The property is a court of buildings covering a block approx. 75 by 100 feet, border on one side by Lake Park Blvd. and on the other by Fayetteville, Street. They were formerly known as the Viverette Cottages and were owned by Blanche W. Viverette, of Raleigh, who sold them to Joe Ross and his wife Clara Lee Ross, of Monroe, N.C. Ross was a Monroe business man and the new name of the court will be Ross‘ Cottages. WILM.STAR, 11-17-1946.


November 30, 1946
A building permit was issued to Guy Tripp to construct an $8,000 cottage at Carolina Beach. The house was to be built on Canal Drive. Tripp was a Navy veteran. WILM.STAR, 11-30-1946.


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994