News Articles – 1940

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


New Construction at Carolina Beach was estimated at about $50,000. Twenty-eight new buildings had been erected, of which 26 were residences. The others were a hotel addition and a small store.


February 4, 1940
The honor roll for the third term at the Carolina Beach School was as follows:

  • First grade, B: Wanda Aman, Vernell Lewis, Connie Mungord, Peggy warren, Betty Schley, Betty Bucholder, Charles Lane Cline and Steve Kelley.
  • Second grade, A: Mary Ann Elkins, Fay Farmer, Fay Oldham, Scott Strickland and Levern Puckett.
  • Third grade, B: Helen Dickinson, Mary Glenn Manning and Carl Warren.
  • Fourth grade, A: Patsy Ann Cole, Caroline Oldham and Arlene Blohm; B, Frances Smith and Paul Bowen.
  • Fifth grade, A: Gene Warren and Bobbie Westbrook; B, John Kogas, and Mozelle McPherson, and Albert Bowen.
  • Sixth grade, A: Bobbie Strickland and Martin Fields; B., Robert Watters and Harriet Grey. WILM.STAR, 2-4-1940


February 3, 1940
Real Estate Transfer: Nick Paulos to L.C. Kure, lots 9,10,11, Block H., Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 2-4-1940.


March 20, 1940
The cottage owned by Joseph C. Rourk, chief of police in Wilmington, was destroyed by fire, and a nearby cottage was damaged which was owned by Mrs. Carl Powers. Cause of the fire was being investigated. WILM.STAR, 3-21-1940.


June 8, 1940
Today was the formal opening of Carolina Beach, Saturday, June 8th. There was a parade featuring babies, pets and hobbies, and the parade was open only to children between 2 and 14 years of age. There were eighteen young people in colorful tableaus, and 24 boys and girls took part in the Swedish folk dance done in professional style. Jimmie Woodard and his orchestra had been booked for the free street dance and the opening day ball on Saturday night. There were also to be fireworks on Saturday night. The managers of the rides and concessions reported that everything was ready to roll. WILM.STAR, 6-5.1940.


April 22, 1940
A small frame cottage at Carolina Beach belonging to A.M. Atkins, or Clinton, was completely destroyed by fire. It was believed that the fire occurred because a fire was left in the house by weekend occupants. The house was situated on the extreme northern extension of the resort. WILM.NEWS, 4-22-1940.


April 19, 1940
The first anniversary celebration was held by the Carolina Beach Civitan Club. It was celebrated in the form of a Ladies‘ Night program at the Royal Palm Hotel. Arthur Cundy, of Birmingham, Ala., was the principal speaker. Representatives from other Civitan clubs in the area also attended. C.G. VanLandingham was president of the Beach Club. WILM.NEWS, 4-19-1940;4-18-1940.


April 8, 1940
The Carolina Beach Civitan Club discussed plans for the sponsorship of a Boy Scout troop at Carolina Beach. The committee for this project included J.M. Thomas, chairman, J.J. Batson and Cameron Sinclair. WILM.NEWS, 4-9-1940


March 20, 1940
J.N.V. Crawford died. Born 5-23-1860. Interment in Federal Point Cemetery.


March 30, 1940
John Monel Versailes Crawford, 81, died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Henniker, near Carolina Beach. He was born in West Virginia and had been a teacher in Virginia and North Carolina most of his life. He had no survivors. The funeral was held from the Federal Point Methodist Episcopal Church and interment was in the church cemetery.  WILM,STAR, 3-31-1940.


July 26, 1940
The Carolina Beach Life Guards Association sponsored a dance at the Greystone Inn from 9 to 1 o‘clock, with music by Jack Wardlaw & His orchestra. A floor show featured singers and exhibition dance teams. A black tap dancer also performed. The proceeds from this dance was to go towards buying equipment and uniforms for the life guard service. WILM.STAR, 7-26-1940


August 2, 1940
The bids for the construction of a new city hall and the laying of a sewer system were opened by the Town of Carolina Beach. A composite bid of $47,225 was received on the sewer system and a composite estimate of $12,718.55 was made on the municipal building. These bids were for material only, as the labor for the project was to be furnished by the federal government. Work was scheduled to begin by September 1st and was to be completed by the beginning of the 1941 season. WILM.STAR, 8-4-1940


August 2, 1940
Walter Blair, formerly mayor of Wilmington, now a resident of Carolina Beach, had been named acting postmaster of Carolina Beach. He took over his new duties today. WILM.STAR, 8-3-1940.


August 2, 1940
A four-bout amateur boxing card was to be presented at the Carolina Club on the boardwalk at Carolina Beach. The main match was between Tiny Taylor, 218 pounds of Wilmington, Golden Gloves champion of southeastern United States, and Huck Liles, the ‘Pride of Raleigh’. In the semi-finals engagement, John Johnson, 185 pounds, of Raleigh, will battle Fred Barnhill, of Wilmington, the local Golden Gloves light-heavyweight champion. E.E. Taylor was the promoter of the card. WILM.STAR, 8-2-1940.


August 28, 1940
The preliminary work on laying Carolina Beach‘s $184,000 sewerage system was started by a small WPA force of about 20 men. Following a clarification of the town‘s dealing with the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC), the work force will then be increased to 60 or 80 men and the work was to be completed in nine months. Work was being done on clearing the rights-of-way where the lines are to be run. The system, when completed, was to supply service within the entire city limits of the Town of Carolina Beach. They extend from the last house at the northern end of the beach to approx. one mile south of the center of the resort‘s amusement center. WILM.STAR, 8-29-1940.


September 25, 1940
Samuel M. Frisbee withdrew from a partnership with Guy O. Tripp, who were operating the ‘Seashore Drugs’ at Carolina Beach. Tripp was to continue the business. WILM.STAR, 10-2-1940.



September 30, 1940
Plans for rebuilding the Bame Hotel, destroyed in a recent fire which swept the business district of Carolina Beach, was announced by George R. Bame at a meeting of the Board of Aldermen.

Henry Omirly, one of the owners of the Palais Royal hotel, planned also to rebuild. His new hotel and restaurant was to be larger than the old one.

A.P. Peay and son, Dwight M. Peay, owners of lots along Cape Fear Boulevard extension and along the ocean front boardwalk reported that they were rebuilding.

Cliff Lewis, real estate representative of Dr. H.C. Carr, owner of the A&P store and the theater, announced their plans for rebuilding. Another property owner, Sam Wright, said he was going to rebuild finer and more enduring stores.

All of the 14 property owners touched by the destruction fire, spoke glowingly of their rebuilding plans. Only the reconstruction of the Batson property remained in doubt.

A new ordinance on new buildings to be constructed was passed unanimously by the aldermen. It called for 8-inch mason walls; 4-inch veneer walls; 1 1⁄2 inch stucco or asbestos shingles when fire-proof plaster is used for sheathing on interior walls and ceilings.

The members of the board voting were W.B. Fountain, C.G. VanLandingham and Roscoe Griffin. Mayor R.C. Fegus presided. A large part of the council meeting was devoted to insurance business with Sam H. Hill, insurance broker with Foster-Hill Realty Company, defining laws and regulations. J.L. Waldin, a representative of an automatic sprinkler company, was present to assist those planning to rebuild at the beach. WILM.NEWS, 10-1-1940.


October 7, 1940
Charles P. Creech, 67, retired building contractor, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.H. Peterson, of Carolina Beach. Also survived by two sons, both of Angier, NC. Interment near Smithfield, N.C.


October 7, 1940
Harry m. Solomon, a Wilmington wholesale merchant, was appointed to fill the unexpired term on Malcolm Hall on the Carolina Beach Board of Aldermen. Hall resigned when he was called for a year‘s service with the National Guard in the regular army. WILM.NEWS, 10-8-1940)


October 8, 1940
Harry M. Solomon, Wilmington wholesale merchant, was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Malcolm hall on the Carolina Beach board of aldermen. Hall resigned when he was called for a year‘s service with the National Guard in the Regular Army. Mayor R.C. Fergus said that he felt that Solomon would be of great value to the town in his new capacity. WILM.NEWS, 10-9-1940.


December 13, 1940
Mrs. Laura C. Ludwig, 79, died at her home at Carolina Beach after a long illness. The funeral was held from the Federal Point Church and interment was in the church cemetery. She was survived by her husband, J.O. Ludwig, six daughters and three sons. Her maiden name was Fisher. WILM.STAR, 12-15-1940.


December 13, 1940
L.C. Ludwig died. Born March 31, 1861. Interment in Federal Point Cemetery.


December 22, 1940
A. Abrams, of Wilmington, was advertising his ocean-front beach cottage for sale. It was located on the corner of Northern Extension and Fifth Avenue. It contained 13 rooms divided into 3 apartments; electric refrigerator in each apartment. The cottage had one bath with tub and three shower rooms, and four toilet rooms. There was an extra servants‘ room. The house was paneled throughout with veneer. Priced low for cash. WILM.STAR, 12-22-1940

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994