News Articles – 1938

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


January 4, 1938
Bids on contracts to construct a school at Carolina Beach were opened by the New Hanover County Board of Education. The building proposed was to include four classrooms and an auditorium and it was to be of brick construction.

W.A. Simon, Wilmington contractor, won the general contract with a base bid of $14,666. W.W. Way & Son, Wilmington, was awarded the plumbing contract on a bid of $1,150. Ideal Plumbing Company was awarded the heating contract on a bid of $2,375. The electrical wiring job went to A.B. Blake, Wilmington, whose bid was $335. The school board architect was R.C. McCarl.

The elementary and grammar grade school established at Carolina Beach last fall is housed in a building supplied by the Town of Carolina Beach. The school was established for 70 pupils.

The new building was to be completed in ample time for opening next fall.  (Wilm News, 1-3-1938;  1-4-1938)

The new school was being erected on a campus the size of a city block, located west of the fresh water lake. The building will be situated ‘approximately in the same spot’ as was the large hotel which burned several years ago.  (Wilm News, 1-7-1938)


January 20, 1938
Hugh Scarlett, Durham, N.C. attorney, and Mrs. Scarlett went on trial on charges of arson in a beach fire. The charges, contained in a grand jury indictment, came after fire had swept the interior of a two-story frame dwelling at Carolina Beach owned by W.J. Smith chief of the resort town‘s fire and police dept. The flames spread to a nearby one-story cottage owned by Chief Smith but were checked after a 20-minute battle which Smith himself directed.

Smith himself said that he rented the two-story, eight room dwelling to the Scarletts for $500 for the 1937 season. The fire occurred on Sept. 18 and their lease did not expire until October 1.

The State is attempting to show that the fire was deliberately set in order that the Scarletts might collect $1,500 insurance they carried on furniture and personal belongings.  (Wilm News, 1-20-1938)


January 23, 1938
The Carolina Beach Choral Club was organized at a meeting held at the Carolina Beach church. Officers elected were Mrs. Nelson Page, president; Mrs. Connie Murray, vice-president; E.A. Bender, secretary; Mrs. Mary Powell, treasurer; Mrs. Jessie Batson and Mrs. Thomas, pianists. The chorus was to be under the direction of Miss Julia Post and the next meeting of the club was to be at the home of Mrs. Page at Carolina Beach.   (Wilm News, 1-25-1938)


February 3, 1938
Dwight Peay, a Carolina Beach barber, was appointed to the Carolina Beach police force to succeed Woody Hall, who recently resigned.   (Wilm Star, 2-4-1938)


February 17, 1938
Six hundred persons, many from adjoining counties, were guests at a dinner, floor show and dance which was given as a benefit for the Carolina Beach volunteer fireman‘s club house fund. The volunteer firemen were seeking to equip their new station and clubhouse. After dinner, the Belcher Studio of Wilmington presented a floor show of song and dance numbers, there was a square dance and ball room dancing until late in the evening.   (Wilm Star, 2-19-1938)


February 18, 1938
Carolina Beach Chief of Police Joseph C. Rourk suspended a radio motorcycle officer, for complaints that the had acted “in a fashion unbecoming an officer” after a social function at the resort. The complaints were made by several persons, including Mayor R.C. Fergus. The suspension was for an indefinite period.   (Wilm Star, 2-19-1938)


March 30, 1938
The aldermen of Carolina Beach let the contract for the drilling of a standby well at the popular seaside resort. The well, when completed was to produce 150 gallons a minute and was to be used to supplement the 150 gallons per minute now taken from the present well.

The aldermen remarked that the second well would increase fire protection not afforded residents and visitors at the beach, as well as making more water available for domestic use.   (Wilm News, 3-31-1938)


April 1, 1938
A contract for drilling a standby well at Carolina Beach was let. The well, when completed was to produce 150 gallons a minute and was to be used to supplement the 150 gallons per minute now taken from the present well at the beach resort. This standby well will increase a fire protection now afforded resident and visitors at the beach as well as making more water available for domestic use.  (Wilm Star, 4-1-1938)

April 3, 1938
Dr. J.M. Hall, Wilmington druggist, announced that he planned to open a modern drug store at Carolina Beach about May 15th. Dr. Hall said that a physician also planned to open an office in the drug store building.  (Wilm Star, 4-4-1938)


April 3, 1938
The family of A.W. Hewett gave the Federal Point Methodist Church a silver communion service in his memory. (Wilm Star,  4-7-1938; 4-8-1938)


April 5, 1938
Carolina Beach‘s new auxiliary water supply was tapped when drillers brought in a vein of water from a new well at 195 feet. The new well was located between the highway and the lake at the southern end of the town. In could produce 200 gallons per minute through an 8-inch flow. The water was to be pumped by electric power but an auxiliary gasoline engine was to be installed for emergencies. When the vein was tapped, water from the well rose to within 4 to 5 feet of the surface.  (Wilm Star, 4-6-1938)


April 12, 1938
The final inspection of the new Carolina Beach school building before acceptance as a completed contract was held. The school was constructed by W. A. Simon, Wilmington contractor. The cost, including site and equipment, was approximately $21,000. The Carolina Beach pupils were temporarily housed in a building furnished by Carolina Beach board of aldermen.  (Wilm Star, 4-11,1938; 4-12-1938)


April 13, 1938
Supt. Of Schools H.M. Roland announced the formal acceptance of the new Carolina Beach school building by the county board of education. The board‘s opinion was that it was “a beautiful job.” Beautification of the school grounds was to start immediately. The planting of shrubs was to be done by members of the P.T.A.   (Wilm Star, 4-14-1938)


April 13, 1938
The New Hanover County Board of Elections discussed plans to move the Federal Point polling place from Robinson‘s Store on the Carolina Beach Road to the new school house at Carolina Beach. It was determined that 70 per cent of the voters now lived south of the inland waterway.   (Wilm Star, 4-12-1938)


April 25, 1938
The Carolina Club Casino, at Carolina Beach, was leased by W.R. Peele, of Clayton, N.C., in Johnston County, and was to be operated by him this season. The building was leased from A.L. Mansfield, of Carolina Beach, the owner.

Peele announced plans for extensive repairing and redecorating of the casino prior to the opening in June. He announced that he was going to conduct the Carolina Beach entertainment spot after the manner of a modern northern night club and he hoped to engage one of the better known swing bands for the season.   (Wilm Star, 4-26-1938)


May 5, 1938
The Palais Royal Hotel and Restaurant, of Carolina Beach, held its official opening for the 1938 season. The owners had enlarged their kitchen facilities, installed hot and cold showers in the hotel and had generally improved the hotel. At the opening, a floor show was presented by the Belcher Studio. Dancing was to be enjoyed during the evening and flowers will be distributed to all. Henry Omirly and John Kalagis were the owners of the hotel.   (Wilm News, 5-4-1938)


May 12, 1938
The Ethyl-Dow Chemical Company has purchased an additional tract of 75 acres just south of the Kure Beach bromine extraction plant. Included in the expansion program of the company is the construction of an additional unit along side of the existing plant. Cost of the work just started will total $2,500,000. according to an announcement made in Cleveland yesterday by the Austin Company, industrial engineers and builders.   (Wilm Star, 5-12-1938)


May 17, 1938
The Carolina Club at Carolina Beach was being expanded and redecorated for their official opening on June 4th. The club was being expanded by 400 square feet of floor space and was being redecorated to fit the new plan of night club entertainment to be offered this season. Newell Campbell and his Orchestra, one of the most popular of southern dance bands, was to furnish the music this season. Major W.R. Peele, of Clayton, N.C., was the manager.   (Wilm News, 5-17-1938)


May 24, 1938
Miss Annie Mae Bannerman was crowned Queen of the Carolina Beach May Festival. A free dance followed the coronation on the roof garden of the Greystone Inn.   (Wilm News, 5-23-1938)


June 1, 1938
Mayor R.C. Fergus, of Carolina Beach, proclaimed a state of festival for the opening days of the 1938 ocean resort season, June 3rd and 4th. He said, “The holiday spirit must prevail on these days to insure an enjoyable program.”  (Wilm Star, 6-2-1938)


June 1, 1938
Carolina Beach was booming! Since June 1, 1937 there had been 90 new residences, 25 additions made to residences, a new school, four garages and four stores erected. The total cost of the construction in the resort town in the past 12 months was estimated at close to $150,000. Since 1935, the tax valuation of the resort town had tripled.

It had been a natural growth without a real estate promotion being responsible. One of the most interesting aspects of the building was that it was the permanent type of home being constructed. Many of the new buildings were of brick or block, instead of frame. Mr. George Goodson, town clerk, was responsible for the statistics, keeping building permits.  (Wilm Star, 6-5-1938)


June 4, 1938
The Carolina Club Casino, Carolina Beach‘s night club and social center, held its gala opening. The cabaret style dance spot featured the excellent dance music of Teddy Brewer and his Orchestra.

During the spring the new management of the club had increased the dancing floor space by 400 square feet and renovated and modernized the building in which it was housed. Beneath the dance floor was located an excellent bath house from which bathers could base their operations during the day. W.R. Peele, of Clayton, N.C., leased the Carolina Club Casino from A.L. Mansfield, of Carolina Beach, the owner.  (Wilm Star, 6-5-1938; 6-3-1938; 4-26-1938)


June 4, 1938
Teddy Brewer and his Columbia Broadcasting System Orchestra furnished music for the formal opening of the Carolina Club Casino. Mr. Brewer organized his orchestra in New York City and for one year played over an entire coast-to-coast hook-up. During that time he was voted the most popular maestro by the University of New York City class of 1932. He was also admitted to the Academy of Radio Arts and held the distinction of being the youngest band leader to play a long engagement on Broadway.  (Wilm Star, 6-2-1938; 6-3- 1938)


June 4, 1938
Carolina Beach, which was rapidly changing from a town to a city, now had a modern drug store. A gala opening was held at the new drug store operated by ‘Mike’ Hall, who had long operated a drug store in Wilmington at the corner of 5th and Castle Streets. He was to carry a complete stock of medicines and other merchandise of the type usually found in modern drug stores.   (Wilm Star, 6-5-1938)


June 5, 1938
For the first time this season direct telephone service, via a dial system, was available at Carolina Beach. During the past few months the Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company had completed the installation of a dial telephone system that provided the resort town with its first real wire communications system. In order to make the operation of the telephone system satisfactory in the salt breezes, the telephone company constructed a modern, brick, air-tight building in which it housed the delicate mechanisms which control the dialing of a telephone number. A large number of telephones had already been installed at the resort town and others were being placed rapidly as the residents learned of the convenience afforded by the new system.   (Wilm Star, 6-5-1938)


June 5, 1938
The New Hanover County Board of Education was boasting over the fine school that had been built at Carolina Beach during the past year. It was a well constructed brick school house, costing approximately $23,000. The building had four class rooms and an assembly hall seating between 250 and 300. It was located near the fresh water lake to the south of the resort town.   (Wilm Star, 6-5-1938)


June 5, 1938
The Carolina Beach Theatre was open for its second year and it was a popular attraction at the beach. The theatre was built of brick and cinder block and was equipped with modern picture equipment, including Simplex machines and an RCA sound system. There were seats for 600 people.   (Wilm Star, 6-5-1938)


June 5, 1938
The Carolina Beach Chamber of Commerce, in its second year, were planning bigger and better things for the resort it seeks to boost. Officers of the organization were: Cliff Lewis, president; A.L. Mansfield, vice president; J.C. Killman, secretary, and James Walsh, treasurer.   (Wilm Star, 6-5-1938)


June 5, 1938
Now in its third season, the Royal Palm Hotel at Carolina Beach was receiving a greater patronage than in any of its two previous years. The Royal Palm was a 60-room, brick, fire-proof hotel, with running water in every room, private baths and showers. The rooms were nicely equipped with poster beds and modern furnishing and they were airy and cool. The guests of the hotel were provided with free parking space. W.G. Fountain, owner of the hotel, predicted it would have its greatest, popularity this year.   (Wilm Star, 6-5-1938)


June 18, 1938
Work was begun by WPA forces on the Carolina Beach street paving program.   (Wilm News, 6-18-1938)


June 20, 1938
Carolina Beach was to receive increased mail service. Due to the growth of the beach resort, the Post Office Department ordered that the town shall have fourteen deliveries per week from Wilmington until Sept. 15th, and the deliveries shall be made on a more speedy schedule. C.M. Murrin was the acting postmaster at Carolina Beach.   (Wilm Star, 6-19-1938)


June 29, 1938
Today marked the opening of the official summer season of the Greystone Roof Garden at Carolina Beach. The entire roof garden had been remodeled and repainted for the 1938 season.

The well known Charlie Fulcher and his Orchestra who had played for several seasons at the Greystone was to be featured again this year. Charlie now featured the modern version of the popular swing music. Miss Ellen Ball, radio singer from radio station KDKA, Pittsburgh, was the featured vocalist. One of the opening night‘s featured novelty numbers will be Fulcher‘s latest song hit ‘Rabbit‘s Foot.’   (Wilm Star, 6-26-1938)


August 3, 1938
Catherine Elmore Johnson died. She left to a relative, Margaret Johnston Plummer, formerly Margaret Hawes Johnston, Lot 6 in Block 6, Carolina Beach, valued at $3,500.   (Wilm Star, 10-28-1938)


August 26, 1938
The board of aldermen of the Town of Carolina Beach announced that the tax rate for the year 1938 will be $1.20 per hundred dollars valuation. This was an increase of 10 cents over last year‘s tax rate. The board explained that the increase was necessary in order to provide for additional equipment for the town, especially in the fire department. The town had recently entered into a rental agreement for the purchase of a modern piece of fire fighting apparatus, the cost of which was $900 per year for the next three years.

The assessed valuation of the Town of Carolina Beach for the year slightly exceeds $1 million. Each member of the board received a salary of $75 per year, or a total of $375 for actual administrative expenses. At the present time the beach had something around 600 cottages.   (Wilm News, 8-16-1938)


September 2, 1938
The town of Carolina Beach made an application to the Public Works Administration for a loan and grant of approximately $165,000 to provide the resort town with a sanitary sewer system. The town had asked for a grant of 45% of the estimated cost of the project and for a loan of 55% to be secured with self-liquidating bonds. The proposed sewerage system was to serve the entire town from its northernmost to it southernmost. Sewerage was to be disposed of in the Cape Fear River, according to the plans. Carolina Beach at present had no sewerage disposal system other than septic tanks.   (Wilm Star, 9-3-1938)


September 12, 1938
J.C. Kolman was appointed temporary postmaster at Carolina Beach. He succeeded Ed Murrin who had been serving as acting postmaster. Kolman, who had the highest score in the examinations recently given for this position, was ready to take charge as soon as his appointment was officially confirmed in Washington, D.C.   (Wilm News, 9-12-1938)


September 23, 1938
H.M. Roland, supt. of schools, indicated by the enrollment figures at the Carolina Beach school that the resort town had enjoyed a large influx of resident families during the past four months. The school opened with an enrollment of 105 students as compared with 75 enrolled at the close of school last year.   (Wilm Star, 9-24-1938)


October 17, 1938
A 4-H Club was organized at Carolina Beach, with 35 girls enrolling. Officers elected for the new organization were: Floria Nichols, president; Betty Hickman, vice president; Mable Pate, secretary, and Jeanette Bame, reported. Miss Ann Mason, home demonstration agent, assisted in the organization.   (Wilm Star, 10-19-1938)


November 8, 1938
An increase in attendance at the special evangelistic services held in the Carolina Beach Community Church was reported. The services were held every evening at 7:30 p.m. and they continued for a week. One of the preachers was Rev. john Cline.   (Wilm Star, 11-9-1938)


December 1, 1938
Eighteen young people organized a Christian Endeavor Society at Carolina Beach Recently. The officers were: President, Bennie F. Mallard; Vice-President, Miss Taylor; Recording Secretary, Miss Shirley Russ; Corresponding Secretary, Miss Lillie Harrell; Treasurer Miss Dorothy Lewis, and Pianist, Miss Gloria Rice. They were to meet every Sunday afternoon at 6:30 p.m. and one business meeting to beheld each month.   (Wilm News, 12-1-1938)

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994