News Articles – 1935

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


February 9, 1935 …. Federal Point
S. F. Craig, 75, died in Charleston, S.C. He was a native of the Fort Fisher area of Federal Point. He died of a heart attack while sitting on a bench against the bandstand in Hampton Park in Charleston. Craig was a daily visitor to the park. Mr. Craig was the retired president of the Cape Fear Towing & Transportation Company of Wilmington and Southport. He was a Mason and a member of the Methodist church.

He was born in Federal Point township, on May 13, 1859, the son of Charles W. and Mary R. Craig. He was a former pilot on the Cape Fear River, and later a merchant in Wilmington. He is survived by his wife, the former Rebecca B. Swain; one daughter and two sons. Funeral services were held in Charleston and in Wilmington, where the remains were interred.


August 1, 1935
Rabies vaccination for dogs in Federal Point Township were begun. On Saturday they were to be given at George Goodson‘s filling station; On Monday at Freeman‘s filling station; On Tuesday at Robinson‘s store. Dog owners in Federal Point Township were supposed to carry their dogs to one of the designated places, according to an act of the last legislature, making the inoculation of all dogs in the state mandatory. WILM.STAR, 8-2- 1935.


August 1, 1935
Aldermen of the Town of Carolina Beach have adopted a tentative budget for the fiscal year 1935-36, providing $22,000 for general purposes, including $5,000 for the water works fund. The tax rate was to remain at $1.00. It is set at that amount in the town‘s charger. WILM.STAR, 8-2-1935.


August 1, 1935
A fourth class post office will be established at Carolina Beach this fall, it was announced by Postmaster W.R. Dosher of Wilmington. The Office has been sought for some time and a petition, bearing about 150 names, was sent to the proper authorities in Washington some time ago. The move to obtain it, led by Postmaster Dosher, also received the endorsement of the management of the Ethyl-Dow chemical plant, at Kure‘s Beach. Many employees of the company reside in that section of the county.

The location of the office will also be decided by Washington postal officials. Establishment of the office will change the service at the resort from the rural sub-station to an independent office. WILM.STAR, 8-2-1935.


August 2, 1935
The aldermen of the Town of Carolina Beach have decided on a survey to determine the feasibility of dredging a canal to connect the resort town with the inland waterway.

The main purpose is to determine the cost of the job. If it is found reasonable, then the beach hopes to apply to the Works Progress (WPA) Administration for the project.

The proposed canal would be about 1 1⁄2 miles in length and would extend south from the turn in the inland waterway at Myrtle Sound. Its construction would permit a yacht basin at the resort and its advantages are many from both commercial and pleasure standpoints. The depth of the inland waterway is 12 feet and the proposed waterway would allow yachts and other craft. WILM.STAR, 8-2-1935.


August 3, 1935
The first sales of legal liquor in New Hanover County were conducted from the stores at Wrightsville and Carolina Beaches. This first sale netted a gross of nearly $1300 for the slightly more than six hours they were open today (Saturday). It is believed that this large amount of income was due to the novelty of the situation. WILM.STAR, 8-5-1935.


August 19, 1935
The War Department decided to prepare an application for a beach erosion control project at Fort Fisher, historic site of the concluding naval engagement of the Civil War. The Army Corps of Engineers reported that further data was needed on the Fort Fisher Erosion Project in order to determine whether it is eligible for inclusion in the federal government‘s emergency relief program., WILM.STAR, 8-20-1935.


August 29, 1935
Torrential rains washed out a number of roads in New Hanover county and sent the fresh water lake at Carolina Beach out of its bounds to flood nearby houses. The rain storm was the greatest in the 64-year history of the local weather station, with 5.97 inches of rain recorded during the 28 hour period between 4 p.m. Thursday and 8 p.m. last night.

The waters of the fresh water lake, just 100 yards from the Atlantic ocean at Carolina Beach were receding slowly and water was still standing in a number of cottages. In addition, a half mile section of state highway No.40 beside the lake was under water and traffic to Wilmington was diverted over the old route via the Ethyl- Dow Chemical Company plant and Kure‘s Beach.

A culvert and a network of drainage ditches were the only outlets for the lake and Mayor R.C. Fergus of the resort Town said that barring additional rainfall the lake should be back within its within its normal bounds in a day or two. WILM.STAR, 8-31-1935.


September 12, 1935  ….  Federal Point
(advertisement) A one-acre piece of the Keys family tract of land, conveyed to L.B. Rogers, Jr., by Gore Estate Corporation and by L.B. Rogers, Jr., to Oliver R. Craig, by deed recorded in Book 218 at page 38, was to be auctioned for re-sale at the Court house door in Wilmington, N.C. today. WILM.STAR, 8-28-1935


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994