News Articles – 1927

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington News Dispatch

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January 4, 1927
Real Estate Transfer

  • J.W. Efird and wife to P.B. Harrah, lots 7, 14, 15, 16 in block 45; lots 3,8,10, and 12 in block 162; lots 8 and 9 in block 64, and lots 5, 9, and 18 in block 63, plan of Carolina Beach.  WILM.STAR, 1-5-1927


May 10, 1927
T.O. Norris, of Miami, Fla., a successful and wealthy realtor and hotel operator, had leased Greystone Inn at Carolina Beach. The new lessee expected to open the hotel within three weeks. WILM.STAR, 5-10-1927


May 11, 1927
John W. Plummer was elected mayor of the town of Carolina Beach at a meeting of the citizens of that resort town. J. Edwin Bunting was elected commissioner of finance, and L.T. Landen commissioner of public works. More than 100 citizens of the town attended the meeting. WILM.STAR, 5-12-1927


May 26, 1927
The Carolina Beach Hotel, all of its furnishing and its furnishings and 755 lots, a considerable portion of the holdings of the Carolina Beach Corporation, were sold to John R. Baker, of Winston-Salem. WILM.STAR, 5-27-1927


June 9, 1927
Members of the Immanuel Presbyterian Church Sunday School in Wilmington enjoyed their annual picnic at Carolina Beach, making the trip down by automobiles. Three hundred and fifty members of the school made the trip. The arrangements were in charge of I.J. Scott, G.C. King and D.H. Williams. H.T. Williams was superintendent of the school. WILM.STAR, 6-10-1927


June 11, 1927 …. Federal Point
Through the courtesy of the Boys‘ Brigade the Y.W.C.A. of Wilmington was to conduct a camp at Camp Kenan, Federal Point from June 11-18. The program was to be largely recreational, and there was to be able directors in charge of all activities. One of the most attractive features was to be swimming under the supervision of experienced life guards, and team games were to be played in the afternoon. WILM.STAR, 6-5-1927


June 11, 1927
The Carolina Beach Pavilion and Casino opened this evening. The dance season will also begin at the beach, under the management of Dr. S.C. Ogburn, Jr., who was spending the summer at the beach with his family. The Casino was to be one of the most colorful spots on the South Atlantic coast.

Mr. Ogburn was a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, was a young man with charming manners and pleasing personality. The music this year was to be furnished by their Carolina Aces, a local orchestra of much more than ordinary ability. The leader of the orchestra was ‘Happy’ Lane, and he was very capable of dispensing the type of jazz that sets one‘s feet moving unconsciously. Dancing will be enjoyed at night and there were to be formal concerts on Sunday afternoons and evenings. WILM.STAR, 6-11-1927


June 18, 1927
The handsome Carolina Beach Hotel, overlooking the fresh water lake, was formally opened at dinner this evening. (later location of the Carolina Beach Elementary School)

J.T. Webb, general manager of the Southern and Southwestern Hotels Company anticipated one of the most successful seasons at this beach. The management of th hotel was in the hands of W.A. Buckley, for many years connected with the William Foor organization, and now with the O. Henry Hotel in Greensboro.
Mr. Webb‘s company operated a number of successful hotels in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

He expected to make this hotel one of the company‘s leading resort hotels on the coast. The Carolina Aces Orchestra was to give a concert during the dinner tonight. WILM.STAR, 6-18-1927


June 27, 1927
L.C. Godfrey, one of the best known café men in the city, recently leased the Sea Food Café at Carolina Beach and was now open for business. The building was thoroughly renovated and redecorated, was tightly screened, offering the public an ideal place to enjoy sea food properly cooked. WILM.STAR, 6-27-1927


June 27, 1927
A 300-pound alligator, the last of its tribe to haunt the cooling depths of the fresh water lake that lies between Carolina Beach Hotel and the ocean was killed by Capt. Charles H. Burnett. Capt. Burnett got him with an army rifle. The big fellow sank when fired at, remaining down a day and a half. He then came to the surface and was dragged out. WILM.STAR, 6-27-1927


June 30, 1927
Miss Nellie MacDonald and Bill Beals won first place in the foxtrot contest at Carolina Beach Casino and in two weeks they were to go into the finals for the grand prize.

Miss Lillian Cumbee dancing with Leroy Jacobi were an easy second place winners while third place was taken by Miss Frances Jones and John Curtis. Music was provided by the jazzy airs of ‘Happy’ Lane‘s Carolina Aces. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 7-2-1927


July, 1927
Joe Pelus, of Wilmington, swam from Fort Fisher to Wrightsville Beach. His record prior to this was an a 18-mile swim on the Hudson River, from Newburg to West Point. His future plans were to swim from Wilmington to Southport on the Cape Fear River. WILM.NEWS, DISPATCH, 9-10-1927


July 7, 1927
A rural sub-station, a post office in fact, was established at Carolina Beach with Mrs. John W. Plummer, the postmistress, in charge. The post office was to be served by the rural free delivery carrier on route 2 and the mail was to arrive at the beach about 2 p.m. The beach mail will be delivered from the sub-station. The service become effective this morning. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 7-8-1927


July 12, 1927
The beach‘s season‘s first Charleston contest was conducted at the Carolina Beach Casino. This contest also inaugurated the Casino‘s new three feature night a week policy. These night to be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Thursday nights the finals of the dance contests held recently at the beach were to be conducted. ‘The Carolina Aces’ furnished the music. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 7-12-1927


July 25, 1927
The Carolina Beach Hotel, popular resort center, was sold by John R. Baker, of Winston-Salem, N.C., to Sam Jackson, of Mecklenburg County, and then sold again to the Highway Park West, Inc., of Greensboro. The bill of sale was filed in the New Hanover County register of deeds office.

The former owner, Mr. Baker, acquired the hotel from the Carolina Beach Corporation along with 700 choice lots. The hotel had previously been operated under lease.

John T. Webb, the present lessee, will continue operation for the remainder of the present year. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 7-26-1927


July 25, 1927 …. Fort Fisher
Seventy-five acres at Fort Fisher Sea Beach was transferred to Joseph H. Hinton by the Kure Land and Development Company. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 7-26-1927


July 28, 1927
It was announced today that the Carolina Beach Hotel, sold recently by J.R. Baker, of Winston-Salem, to a Greensboro concern, for a sum of $125,000, was to be operated in the future as a year-round resort hotel. Manager Webb, of the hotel, was now making plans for the operation of the hotel all year. Negotiations for the above sale was handled by Cap. C.H. Burnett, local real estate operator. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 7-28-1927


August 8, 1927
R.L. Braswell, an employee of a Wilmington bottling works, and John Lewis, both beach residents, saved three Asheville women from probable drowning in the surf. Braswell saw a woman in difficulty and without waiting to remove his clothes plunged into the surf. Meantime, the woman‘s sister and a friend had gone to her in an attempt to rescue her and these women got into trouble also. Braswell reached the young woman who was in the most dangerous situation and brought her to shore, while Lewis went to the rescue of the other two women. They were brought to safety by him. There was much admiration of the two men by Carolina Beach visitors and residents. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 8-9-1927


August 27, 1927
The Carolina Beach Casino‘s last dance and concert will officially close the season at the beach for 1927. ‘The Carolina Aces’ were prepared to offer a lively program of music for one of the largest dances of the season. Dr. S.C. Ogburn, manager of the Casino, was returning to his duties as head of the chemical engineering department of Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. WILM,NEWS DISPATCH, 8-24-1927; 8-27-1927


September 13, 1927
While the charred ruins of the Carolina Beach Hotel were still smoldering, attorneys for H.T. Ireland, of Greensboro, one of the owners of the hotel, were busy with an investigation, which they admitted might result in the indictment of one or more persons on charges of arson with a possibility of other warrants being drawn. Capt. W.A. Scott, deputy attached to the office of Stacy W. Wade, fire insurance commissioner, arrived in Wilmington and went immediately into conference with Mr. Ireland and his attorneys.

In the hotel at the time of the fire were Mr. Ireland and J.L. Byrd, both of Greensboro, and their escape from the burning structure was miraculous. The men were at the hotel making an inventory of the hotel‘s property, and were planning to open soon for the winter season. The loss was estimated at $150,000. WILM.STAR, 9-14-1927


October 19, 1927 …. Federal Point
The State Highway Commissioners took over the road from Wilmington to Carolina Beach, 17 miles which was added to the State Highway system. WILM.STAR, 10-20-1927


October 20, 1927 …. Federal Point
W.A. McGirt, district highway commissioner, upon his return from Raleigh, said that he will recommend that the road to Carolina Beach be numbered 40, which would be an extension of the already famous route 40 which extended from the Virginia line to Wilmington. The road was to be put under the state maintenance when the county commissioners signed the usual agreement for adding the road to the state system.  WILM.STAR, 10-21-1927


October 26, 1927 …. Federal Point
E. A. Brewer, while driving from Carolina Beach to Wilmington, ran over and killed a handsome fox. The shy animals could be found in the Federal Point area in abundance. Brewer stopped and picked up the dead animal and brought it to the city to be skinned and prepared to use the fur for a coat collar. Brewer suggested that dogs were unnecessary for hunting fox any longer, that all one needs is an automobile. WILM.STAR, 10-27-1927


November 18, 1927
H.T. Ireland and J.L. Byrd, prominent Greensboro real estate men, were arrested in Greensboro under capias issued after the New Hanover County grand jury had returned indictments for house burning against them in connection with the destruction by fire of the Carolina Beach Hotel on the morning of September 13.

Each man gave bond of $5,000 for appearance at the January criminal term of the New Hanover County superior court. The indictments were returned following an exhaustive investigation by W.A. Scott, and inspector of the N.C. Insurance Department, who came to the hotel site after he was informed of the fire. He was accompanied by an inspector from the National Board of Fire Underwriters who assisted in assembling data and delving deep into the facts surrounding the hotel. Ireland and Byrd were the only occupants of the hotel on the night of the fire. They were rescued from the roof on the building on the night of the fire. WILM.STAR, 11- 19-1927


December 28, 1927
Wilmington City Commissioners, by a two to one vote, agreed to sign the ―waiver‖ contact whereby the State Highway Commission was to take over and maintain the Carolina Beach road, relieving the county authorities of and annual maintenance cost of $10,000 or more. Motion to this effect was offered by Commissioner J.E.L. Wade and seconded by Commissioner J.E. Thompson. Mayor Blair had voted ‘No’ but signed the contract under protest. WILM.STAR, 12-29-1927


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994