News Articles – 1919

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


June 12, 1919 …. Wilmington Beach
Eleven additional cottages, costing from $1,500 to $2,000 each, will be erected at Wilmington Beach this season. This represented only part of the development which was started three or four years ago.

W.E. Price general manager of the Wilmington Beach Corporation, announced that the work on the large pavilion which was started last year will be pushed to completion at once. The building was to be 100 feet square and in addition the dancing pavilion will contain bath houses, dining room and recreation floor.

Plans were about complete for a club house which was to be erected by several Wilmington men. Wilmington Beach was supplied with water from a well 182 feet deep, bored last Fall. The Fairbanks-Morse system of plumbing is used. Electricity for lighting purposes was generated there. A portion of the street lights have already been installed.

The eleven new cottages which had been contracted for where to be built by people from up-state. Alonzo Parrish, of Benson, N.C., will build four cottages, and the following will build one cottage: S.C. Bryan, of Clayton; Miss Daisye Bryant, of Wilson; R.B. Brady, of Benson; D.T. Edwards, of Kinston; J.B Brooks, of Goldsboro; Miss Chrissie Gridwood, of Rocky Mount; Miss Beatie Hubbard, of Mount Olive.

Free tent sites were offered those who desired to camp out during the summer months, while water and electrical current could be obtained at nominal figure. WIILM.DISPATCH, 6-12-1919.


July 4, 1919
Carolina Beach passengers aboard the steamer WILMINGTON were disappointed when they landed at the pier down the river and learned that they could not get across to the beach unless they walked.

The locomotive used to pull the cars over the 4-mile stretch of track between the beach and the river had been put out of commission by the bursting of the main drive pipe. While a few of the picnickers walked across to the beach, most of the crowd chose to pass the time stranded on the bank of the Cape Fear River until the steamer WILMINGTON arrived on her return trip from Southport.

A.W. Pate, manager of Carolina Beach, informed the crowd that the trouble was unavoidable and all seemed to take the incident good naturedly. Those who finally reached the beach were sent back to the city late in the day by automobile without charge. WILM.DISAPTCH, 7-5-1919


July 7, 1919
Sale of Land at Auction – A mortgage executed to H.W. Lewis on February 25, 1918, by L.A. Randolph, registered in Book No. 95, Page 235, New Hanover County….conditions of said mortgage not complied with …sale at public auction, for cash, to the highest …bidder…Lot 8 in Block 48, central sections of Carolina Beach. WILM-DISPATCH, 5-30-1919


August 3, 1919
Fire partially destroyed Carolina Beach pier, 12 miles below the city on the Cape Fear River. The fire was caused by sparks from the locomotive used to pull the trains from the pier across to the beach. The damage was estimated at $500.

As a result of the fire, Capt. O.D. Burris, assistant to A.W. Pate, general manager of the New Hanover Transit Company. Owners of the resort, announced that service to the beach by the steamer WILMINGTON would be discontinued until further notice. The fire was extinguished by a bucket brigade led by Capt. Burris. By the efforts of the fire fighters, the landing part of the pier was saved. For those wanting to visit the beach there was now a modern highway between Wilmington and the resort. WILM.STAR, 8-4-1919


August 7, 1919
Service was resumed over the Carolina Beach pier which had been partially destroyed by fire on August 3rd. The pier was not damaged as badly as first thought. Passengers are now being transferred over the burned-out section.; WILM.STAR, 8-7-1919; WILM..DIASPATCH, 8-7-1919


August 12, 1919
A charter was issued by the N.C. Secretary of State in Raleigh to a company of local businesses and professional men to build and operate a trolley line between Wilmington and Carolina Beach, 13 miles below the city. The incorporators were P.Q. Moore, E.T. Burton, T.D. Love, A.W. Pate, John D. Bellamy Jr., Percy W. Wells, of Wilmington and John R. Hood of Goldsboro, and J.A.. Schachner of Charlotte, N.C.

Authorized capital was said to be $1 million with $10,000 paid in by the incorporators. Plans of the company were as yet in the formative state, but it was the intention of the promoters to have a line of trolley cars in operation to this popular resort by the opening of next season. The line contemplated was from Greenfield Lake to the beach. No survey of the proposed route has yet been made. WILM.STAR, 8-13-1919; WILM.DISPATCH, 8-12-1919


August 19, 1919
Two wandering cows brought grief to the Carolina Beach train. There was no collision with the bovines, but the engineer reversed the engine so quickly that it caused the engine and two cars to go off the track. There was a lot of confusion among the passengers but all escaped injury and were none the worse for their accident, save the necessity of walking the rest of the distance to the river. WILM.STAR, 8-21-1919


September 30, 1919
CAROLINA BEACH FORECLOSURE SALE – A certain deed of trust, made by F.M. Abeel and wife Bessie T. Abeel, to L. Clayton Grant and J.J. Loughlin, trustees, and the American Bank and Trust Company and duly registered in Book 96, Page 14, Registry of New Hanover County…default having been made in the payment of same…sale at public auction, for cash, to the highest bidder…Lot 2 in Block 48, Carolina Beach. WILM.DISPATCH, 8-31-1919


January – July, 1919
Real Estate Transfers:

  • New Hanover Transit Company to Z.R. Spence, for $100 and other considerations, a lot on Hamlet Avenue, Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 1-25-1919
  • New Hanover Transit Company transferred to D.R. Huffines, of Greensboro, N.C. a lot at Carolina Beach, for $100 and other considerations. WILM.DISPATCH, 2-16-1919
  • New Hanover Trust Company, to J.W. Griffin, of Evergreen, N.C., for $1 and other considerations, lot on south side of Fayetteville Avenue, 125 feet west of Lake Park Boulevard, 50 X 125 feet in size, Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 3-6-1919
  • New Hanover Transit Company to E.V. Plunkett, for $100 and other considerations, a lot on the west side of Carolina Beach Avenue, 50 feet north of Sumpter Avenue. WILM.STAR, 3-26-1919
  • New Hanover Transit Company to L Duffy, for $100 and other considerations, lot on the west side of Fifth Street, 100 feet north of Atlanta Ave. WILM.STAR, 3-26-1919
  • H.A. Lewis and wife, of Marion S.C., sold to L.A. Randolph, for #100 and other considerations, Lot 8 in Block 48 Carolina Beach. WILM.DISPATCH, 4-27-1919
  • Government Heights Corporation to Lene Rackley, for $500 and other considerations, lot at Carolina Beach WILM.STAR, 7-1-1919
  • New Hanover Transit Company to F.J. Forbes, for $100 and other considerations, lot on east side of Carolina Beach Avenue, 100 feet north of Sumter Avenue. WILM.STAR, 7-9-1919
  • New Hanover Transit Company to A.O. Trust, for $100 and other considerations, lot 200 x 100 feet at Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 7-11-1919


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994