News Articles – 1917

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


January 25, 1917
Captain C.S. Ridley, U.S. Chief of Engineers, disapproved the deepening and widening of the channel at Carolina Beach Pier (on the Cape Fear River). It was not approved on the ground that only 1,435 tons of freight and 33,500 passengers were handled to Carolina Beach during 1915, and only private corporations would be the chief beneficiaries of government expenditure of money. The government had been asked to dredge through the sand bar near the landing at Carolina Beach so that boats of the larger type would be able to land at that point. (Star, 1-27-1917)


February 22, 1917
The honor roll for the past school month of Carolina Beach School included:

  • First grade – Bernard Winner;
  • Second grade –  Elliott Laughlin, Frances Fisher, Catherine Fisher, Fred Winner, Hudson Winner;
  • Third grade – Margaret Pate, John Thomas Nelson;
  • Fourth grade – Waddell Pate, Joseph Laughlin, Edith Ludwick;
  • Fifth grade – Ola Nelson, Ione Winner;
  • Sixth grade – John Lewis, William Lewis, Foard Lewis;
  • Eighth and ninth grade – Elsie Henneker.   (Star, 2-22-1917)


May 11, 1917
Mr. W.E. Price, general manager of the Wilmington Beach Corporation, announced that work was to be started immediately upon a pavilion and bath house at Wilmington Beach, in the southern section of the county, which, when the road leading from Fort Fisher Highway is complete, will formally be opened.

The following officers and directors of the Wilmington Beach Corporation were elected: President, C.C. Chadbourn; vice president, Dr. E. Cooper Pearson, of Goldsboro; secretary-treasurer, D.N. Chadwick, Jr., general manager, W.E. Price; directors, C.C. Chadbourn, L.W. Davis, D.N. Chadwick, Jr , Col.B.H. Tyson, W.E. Price, Dr. E. Cooper Pearson.   (Dispatch, 5-14-1917)


June 3, 1917
The 1917 season at Carolina Beach officially opened today. Several new cottages had been built. New public bath houses have been built. The large pavilion had been improved for modern dancing now in vogue. The old pavilion had been renovated to be used only for square dances.

The steamer WILMINGTON was making two trips daily. The bus line was making two trips every afternoon. The river pier had been completely rebuilt and the railroad was in good condition. Graystone Inn was now open under the old management and was specializing on Sunday dinners for parties.   (Dispatch, 6-3-1917)


June 17, 1917
The new Methodist Church at Federal Point, which had just been completed, was dedicated at 3:30 in the afternoon. Rev. J.H. Shore, presiding elder of the Wilmington District of the N.C. Conference, delivered the sermon. It was said at the time “This church will stand as a fitting tribute to the memory of the handful of loyal Methodists who live in this section of the county. Although the country in this vicinity is very sparsely settled, the people have erected a church that is a distinct credit to their community.”  (Star, 6-19-1917)


June 27, 1917
Councilman James M. Hall and his little son, Thomas Gray Hall, were attached by an enraged bull as they made their way to ‘The Rocks at the lower end of Federal Point. The Wilmington Councilman was on his way to visit a party of campers at ‘The Rocks,’ when at a point below Carolina Beach a herd of cattle was encountered and a bull was enraged by the sight of the automobile. Councilman Hall opened the Throttle and soon left the mad animal behind.   (Dispatch, 6-28-1917)


July 17, 1917
The North Carolina State Gun Tournament was held at Carolina Beach. The visitors, who not only included the expert shots from North Carolina towns, but from a number of other southern states. Their headquarters was at the Greystone Inn and in the evening a dance was given in their honor, the music being furnished by the West-Whitlock Band. The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce made an appropriation to help defray the expenses of entertainment and the New Hanover Gun club played the role of host.   (Dispatch, 7-17-1917)


September 5, 1917
‘Drum Night’ was observed at Carolina Beach. The only music heard was the pounding of the hearts of the fortunate fishermen and fisherwomen.


September 18, 1917
Captain John W. Harper, of the steamer Wilmington, as thousands knew him, passed away yesterday morning at the James Walker Memorial Hospital, where he had gone for treatment. It is hard to realize that the big-hearted, generous, jovial and popular Captain John Harper is dead and that death has closed a warm personal friendship that has never been varied for nearly thirty years. Yet it is even longer than that since he has been the friend of people in Wilmington from his boyhood days up to now. He counted his warm friends by the thousands, and they are to be found all over North Carolina and far beyond the confines of his own State.  (Wilmington Star, Sept. 19, 1917)   [Added to the Bill Reaves Files content by FPHPS Editor]


January – June, 1917
Real Estate Transfers:

  • Edwin W. Fuller, of Mecklenburg County, to Emma T. Fuller, two lots at Carolina Beach.  (Dispatch, 1-3-1917)
  • J. F. Somers and wife to G. G. Meyers and B. J. Weisner, for $250.00 and other considerations, at Carolina Beach.   (Star, 1-10-1917)
  • Hanover Transit Company to D.C. Fussell, two lots at Carolina Beach   (Dispatch, 1-15-1917)
  • New Hanover Transit Company to Marvin Wade, lot at Carolina Beach   (Dispatch, 1-15-1917)
  • Ellen Kure to Charles Batson, lot at Carolina beach, $600   (Dispatch, 1-26-1917)
  • New Hanover Transit Company to S.B. Hunter, lot at Carolina Beach.   (Dispatch, 2-7-1917)
  • C.C. Laughlin to New Hanover Transit Company, lot at Carolina Beach, $100 and other considerations.   (Dispatch, 2-26-1917)
  • New Hanover Transit Company to Mrs. Tabitha C. Hutaff, for $1 and other considerations, lot at Carolina Beach.   (Star, 3-14-1917)
  • New Hanover Transit Company to Mrs. Lettie T. Koonce, lot at Carolina Beach.   (Dispatch, 4-16-1917)
  • New Hanover Transit Company to Mrs. Lettie T. Koonce, for $10 and other considerations, lot at Carolina Beach.   (Star, 4-17-1917)
  • New Hanover Transit Company to J.M. Conelly, of Marlett, for $1 and other considerations, lot at Carolina Beach.   (Star, 5-4-1917)
  • New Hanover Transit Company to J.H. Harriss, for $100 and other considerations, lot on east side of Carolina Beach Avenue, 53 feet north of Sixth Avenue, 50 X 125 feet in size, at Carolina Beach.   (Star, 6-20-1917)
  • New Hanover Transit Company to J.W. Lewis and wife, for $100 and other considerations, lands at Carolina Beach.   (Star, 6-27-1917)


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994