News Articles – 1916

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


January 17, 1916
The Kure Land & Development Co., Wilmington Beach Corporation, and the New Hanover Transit Company deposited $9,300, being the balance of their one-half of the money to build the automobile highway to Carolina Beach. This made a total of $16,800 paid by the beach interests. The work on the Carolina Beach road was being done by private contractors, at a cost of $4,500 a mile. C.R.Humphreys & Co. had the contract which had been sub-let to Austin & Bennett, of Baltimore.
This road had the unique distinction of being the only automobile highway in North Carolina leading directly to the ocean. WILM.DISPATCH, 1-18-1916.


January 28, 1916
The Carolina Beach Public School, which was opened this week by Miss Annie W. Herring of Pender County, was progressing nicely. Twelve students were enrolled in the temporary cottage that was being used until a building was erected to take the place of the burned structure. WILM.DISPATCH, 1-28-1916.


February 8, 1916
A $10,000 cement block hotel within 300 feet of the surf was one of the improvements at Carolina Beach to be noted by visitors to that resort this summer. (Later to be called the Greystone Inn.)

Mr. A.W. Pate, a member of the Hanover Transit Company, was to own the hotel privately. The hotel is to have about 30 rooms, with a provision to make extensions necessary for the future.

The hotel was to be located on the main boulevard, just west of the pavilion. A wide veranda, with an entrance to a lobby of 30 X 30 feet, adjoing a dining room of the same size will compose the front of the hotel. To the rear will be the two-story bedroom division, with a 10 foot hall running back the entire distance.

In the lobby will be a large old-fashioned fireplace. The interior will be plastered. It will be so constructed that in summer all the breeze of the ocean can enter, while in the winter the rooms will be as close and convenient as necessary. The blocks used in the construction will be composed of Carolina Beach sand, which will make a block almost like white stone. WILM.DISPATCH, 2-9-1916.


February 16, 1916
Papers of application for a second drainage district in New Hanover County were filed. The district was to be located in the vicinity of Carolina and Wilmington beaches. Those behind the movement were the Wilmington Beach Corporation and the New Hanover Transit Company.

By the many miles of drainage canals to be dug, it was proposed to eliminate all swampy conditions in that section, making all land between the river and the ocean on Federal Point available for any purpose desired, and incidentally removing all breeding places for mosquitoes. WILM.DISPATCH, 2-16-1916.


April 9, 1916
When the steamer WLMINGTON comes off the ways with a new coat of paint and minor repairs completed and looking prettier than ever, this is the forerunner of the approaching summer at Carolina Beach.

Announcement has already been made that there will be many improvements at Carolina beach this season. The chief of these is a 30-room hotel for which material is being taken almost daily to be used in its construction, which is now in progress.

The hotel will greatly increase the popularity of the beach as it will meet a demand from many who have wanted accommodations at this resort that would enable them to remain as long as they wish. WILM.STAR, 4-9-1916.


April 11, 1916
Carolina Beach was now the scene of much building activity preparatory to the opening. A hotel was now under construction and several cottages had recently been completed and more were to be started in the near future. The foundation for a new concrete block hotel which was being built by Mr. A.W. Pate, president of the New Hanover Transit Company, was being laid.

A pretty all-the-year-around bungalow was being built for Mr. J.J, Loughlin, secretary and treasurer of the New Hanover Transit Company, who expected to live at the resort the year around after the completion of the Carolina Beach road.

Work on improving the Carolina Beach pier (on the Cape Fear River) had started by the Diamond Steamboat & Wrecking Company and was to be ready for the summer months. It was being greatly strengthened by additional timers and new piling. Mr. W.L.Kure had been awarded the contract to complete the fishing pier at Carolina which was only partly finished. WILM.DISPATCH, 4-11-1916.


June 1, 1916
Many new cottages had been erected at Carolina Beach. The residents down there expressed themselves as being confident that it was becoming more popular each season. The newly completed hard surfaced road to the beach made a trip by automobile a very pleasant jaunt. WILM.STAR, 6-1-1916.


June 1, 1916
The county commissioners in special session accepted from the contractor, Mr. Raymond Humphrey, the Carolina Beach road, which extended for nearly 7 miles from the ‘loop’ road, south, and it thus because a part of the county‘s fine system of highways.

The road was constructed for a part of the way of Lillington gravel, and the remainder of New Hanover shell rock. It was to be given a top dressing of oil and it would then be one of the most permanent and handsome stretches of road in the county.

Accepting the road for the beach development interests, who bore a part of the expense, were Messrs. C.C.Chadbourn, L.W. Davis, J.H. Hinton, A.W. Pate and L.C. Kure.

The permanent road committee was empowered to investigate the best oils which could be used on the road as a binder. WILM.DISPATCH, 6-1-1916.


June 4, 1916
Carolina Beach had been experiencing a building boom during the past several months. At least $20,000 worth of new buildings are under construction, a part of which are handsome summer cottages added o the colony. The auto road had been completed. WILM.DISPATCH, 6-4-1916.


June 4, 1916
The New Hanover Transit Company, Developers, 200 Princess Street, ran a full-page advertisement promoting Carolina Beach:
‘The Safest Summer Resort On the Coast – Come Here and Be Contented’ and ‘Only Beach on the Coast Insured Against Loss from Storms and Tornadoes.’ ‘Carolina Beach has $20,000 worth of new buildings under actual construction.’ ‘Our  Railroad Pier at River terminal has just been rebuilt by the Diamond Steamboat & Wrecking Company.’

We are pleased to announce through the enterprising efforts of Messrs. James & James, that all buildings at Carolina Beach may now be insured against loss from Tornado or wind storm. Carolina Beach is the only Ocean Resort on the Coast entitled to this protection.

We still have some choice building lots for sale at prices fair and terms you own. Remember – We have Pure Water, Electric Lights and Sanitary Sewage conveniences at Carolina Beach. A goodly number of Wilmington‘s most prominent professional and business men now live at Carolina Beach. 30 minutes from Wilmington by auto. THE SUNDAY DISPATCH, 6-4-1916.


June 7, 1916
Mr. and Mrs. B.T.Hopkins and family have moved to their cottage for the summer season. Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Loughlin and family were now occupying their cottage on the Beach. Mr A.W. Pate and family moved to their cottage on the Beach.

Last Sunday there were about 50 machines (automobiles) visiting the Beach, coming down the excellent new Carolina Beach road. When the Boulevard at Carolina Beach is completed in the near future this will be one of the prettiest drives in the county.

The construction of the hew hotel was progressing rapidly. There are a number of new bungalows nearing completion at Carolina Beach, including this of Mr. W. Yopp, F.B. LeGwin, Charles.E. Bethea, J.J. Loughlin and Mr. H.A. Lewis of Marion, S.C.

The veteran fisherman, Mr. J.C. Herring, who is an original booster of Carolina Beach, caught a 6-foot shark. The deliciousness of shark was discovered by last year‘s beach residents. Many were under the impression they were eating drum steak. WILM.DISPATCH, 6-7-1916.


June 8, 1916
The new pier at the river that was partially destroyed by fire last Wednesday will be rebuilt at once. It has been temporarily repaired and is now perfectly safe. Mr. and Mrs. Loughlin have moved into their new bungalow on the corner of Cape Fear and Lake Park Boulevards.

The New Hanover Transit Company is now opening Lake Park Boulevard to the south, which will take care of the increasing traffic. Last Sunday 67 automobiles visited the beach during the day. WILM.DISPATCH, 6-8-1916.


June 14, 1916
Fire partially destroyed the Carolina Beach pier, that had recently been repaired at a cost of several thousand dollars about 4 o‘clock. The blaze was extinguished by the crew of the steamer WILMINGTON that put in en-route to the city from Southport.

It was stated that the regular trips of the steamer to the pier would not be interfered with and the New Hanover Transit Company, owners of the pier, would soon have the damage repaired. WILM.DISPATCH, 6-15-1916; WILM.STAR, 6-15-1916.


June 26, 1916
A 16 passenger motor bus, one of the latest enclosed types of construction, made by the Studebaker manufacturers, was received at the garage of the Lassiter-McDuffie Company, on Second Street, Wilmington. It was to be delivered today to Mr. J.G. Ittner, the owner, who was to put it in commission at once in carrying passengers to and from Carolina Beach.

It was to be operated on a regular schedule over the new Federal Point Road and a fare of 25 cents each way would be charged. The residents were to get their mail more promptly by this motor line. The bus was fitted with a pay-as-you-enter deposit box and was fitted with 35×5 air cushion tires with a heavy spring suspension and comfortable seats for passengers. Others were to be added to the line if the patronage justified it. WILM.STAR, 6-27-1916.


July 2, 1916
An up-to-date bus service between Wilmington and the Beach was now in operation. The line is operated by Mr. J.G. Ittner and he was making four round trips a day.

  • Mrs. T.E. Cooper had as house guests during the week, Miss Sue Brinkley, Rosa Bell Kirkham, Mary Arch Toomer, Marie Morrison, Katie Foard and Agnes Hayden.
  • Miss Eleanor Robinson was a guest of Dr. C,P.Bolles, at his cottage on the Beach.
  • Last Sunday an inter-denomination Sunday School was organized at the Pavilion by many Beach residents. Mr. B.T. Hopkins was elected superintendent. Mr. Henry Burnett, asst., superintendent, and Mrs. S.E.Koonce, secretary and treasurer. There were 38 present at the meeting. The hour for services was 9:15 a.m.
  • Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Bethen moved into the Rourk cottage for the month of.July. They will occupy their cottage as soon as it is completed.
  • Mr. John P. Cooper, of Mullins, S.C., spent a few days with his brother, Mr. T.E. Cooper.
  • Two of Wilmington‘s ‘finest,’ Sgts. Lane and Gray, spent a week‘s vacation at the Biddle Annex recently. They had good luck when they discovered 116 eggs in a turtle‘s nest on the beach.
  • Commissioner and Mrs. W.E. Yopp and family moved into their new bungalow this week.
  • Mrs. D. McEachern and daughter, Mrs. Frank Bagg, were occupying the Vollers cottage.
  • Mrs. John French and Mr. and Mrs. Marshall French had moved into their cottage on the ocean front.
  • Mrs. Hans Kure, Sr., was spending the summer at their cottage.
  • Mrs. W.W. Koch‘s new bungalow was to be occupied shortly as it was nearing completion.
  • The New Hanover Transit Company had a force of hands laying boardwalks on several streets. This added a great deal to the comfort of motorists who now can park their machines further back on the Boulevard. The company had also laid over a mile of water mains this summer. WILM.DISPATCH, 7-2-1916.


July 18, 1916
The Carolina Beach Gun Club held its initial shoot and had as its guests about 30 members of the Southport and New Hanover Gun Clubs. The club had only been recently formed but already had 15 members. A fine log cabin club house is already in the process of construction, just south of the hotel. The visitors were very impressed with the fine grounds which had been laid out. The high man of the day‘s shoot was Mr. George S. Boylan, followed by Dr. J.H. Dreher and Mr. L.B. Pearce of Southport, and Col. Walker Taylor and Messrs. Lawrence Sprunt, F.W. Dick and L. Clayton Grant , all of Wilmington. WILM.STAR, 7-29-1916.


July 21, 1916
The Greystone Inn is the name of the new first class Hotel just completed at Carolina Beach which was thrown open to the public today. The Owner, Mr. A.W. Pate, had spared no expense in the construction, and all modern conveniences have been installed including phones to each room, electric lights, steam heat, etc. The hotel was to be operated both winter and summer. For winter visitors there was an open fireplace in the lobby where at all time a fire of oak logs would be burning. WILM.DISPATCH, 7-21-1916


July 23, 1916

  • The Onotola group of Camp Fire Girls finished a two weeks stay at Carolina Beach, much to the regret of the beach residents.
  • Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Stallings and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Daniels and families were spending the remainder of the season in the Blake cottage.
  • Mr. and Mrs. HA. Lewis and children of Marion, S.C., have moved into their new bungalow on the southern end of the beach. Mr. Lewis was the cashier of the Palmetto Bank of Marion.
  • Mr. A.O. McEachern‘s new home is about completed at Carolina Beach and he will move into it soon.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brittain have bought Mr. C.E. Bertha‘s new cottage and moved into it for the season.
  • Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Dudley and children have moved to the beach for the remainder of the summer.
  • The Greystone Inn, the first real hotel on Carolina Beach, opened this week. Mr. Frank Montgomery was the clerk and the ‘Inner Man dept.’ was in the hands of Mr. R.C. Norman.
  • Mr. Henderson Cole and family were occupying the Pate cottage for the season.
  • Mr. W.W. Koch has just completed a pretty new bungalow on Harper Avenue and will soon move into it.
  • Work was started this week on a new bungalow for Mr. I.W. Cooper which when completed will make the twelfth one finished at the Beach this season. WILM.DISPATCH, 7-23-1916.


July 23, 1916
The Whitlock-West Band and Orchestra gave two concerts at Carolina Beach, one at 4 p.m. and another at 8 p.m. WILM.STAR, 7-23-1916.


July 27, 1916
Messrs. J.W. Blake, W.E. Yopp, R.L. Judson and Jack Hart, of Wilmington, had some very fine sport fishing from the old wreck of the VENUS at Carolina Beach. The party landed 35 fine sheephead, 40 or more pig fish and a number of black drum. “They were much pleased with the day‘s sport and will go again.” WILM.STAR, 7-29-1916.


July 23, 1916
Mr. A.G. McEachern‘s new home at Carolina Beach is about completed and his family will move into it in the near future. WILM.DISPATCH, 7-23-1916.


August 2, 1916
County Commissioner Walter E. Yopp witnessed the grandest and most spectacular sight in the form of a great waterspout two miles north of Carolina Beach, as it swept westward from across the Atlantic Ocean towards land, raising a tall swirling, towering, funnel-shaped mass of water from the sea 300 feet or more to a cloud.

The waterspout was viewed from Carolina Beach by several hundred people who had gone to the beach to attend a truckers‘ picnic. Waterspouts in this area were not uncommon and, in fact, several had been seen during this summer, but they were not usually so large as this one. WILM.STAR, 8-4-1916.


August 20, 1916
Carolina Beach was now boasting 60 houses, all of which were occupied. A well-known resident attributed the growth of the beach to the fact that it was now easily accessible by automobiles at all times, while it was also reached regularly by boat, making it an ideal summer resort.

In addition to the fine new club house for the Beach Gun Club, another improvement was the extension of the pier to the wreck of the old blockade runner BEAUREGARD. Piling was being hauled for a 150 foot extension of the pier. The extension will be tied into the wreck, which will give the pier great stability against the wash of waves. As the wreck was also a great loafing place for sheephead and other members of the finny tribe, the completion of the pier will be a great boon to local fishermen. WILM.STAR. 8-20-1916.


August 25, 1916
A hearing, conducted by Capt. C.S. Ridley, U.S. Engineer in charge of the Wilmington District office, was held in the Chamber of Commerce building in regard to the proposed deepening of the channel leading into Carolina Beach pier. The channel leading to the pier was barely deep enough to admit excursion steamers to navigate it in extremely low water. Groundings were not unusual. WILM.DISPATCH, 8-24-1916.


August 25, 1916
Mr. J.J. Loughlin, of the New Hanover Transit Company, which is concerned with developing Carolina Beach, appeared at a hearing held by Capt. C.S, Ridley, engineer in charge of the local district office of the U.S. Corps of Engineers.

He was requesting the cutting of an adequate channel to the Carolina Beach Pier on the Cape Fear River so as to admit the safe navigation of freight and passenger steamers. He was told by Captain Ridley to submit a map showing exactly what size and depth channel he thought was needed. This would be forwarded to the War Department with recommendations. WILM.DISPATCH, 8-2-1916.


August 25, 1916
Dr. J. H. Dreher, of Wilmington, won the shoot held under the auspices of the Carolina Beach Gun Club at Carolina Beach. He was awarded a handsome silver watch charm. Other top scorers were Messrs. A.W. Pate, of Carolina Beach, and Lawrence Childs, of Wilmington. About 30 shooters were in attendance, including members of the New Hanover and Southport Gun Clubs. On behalf of the Southport Gun Club, Col Robert Stride presented the Carolina Beach club with a number of handsome shooting scenes which were to be hung on the walls of the new log club house which had been built near the beach hotel. WILM.STAR, 8-26-1916.


September 26, 1916
For the second time within a year, the Carolina Beach school house was destroyed by fire. The last building burned was formerly used as a residence and was owned by the Wilmington Beach Corporation.

This burning was being furnished the county until a school building could be built. The cause of the fire was unknown. The burning now leaves that section without any place for a school, and it is expected that the Board of Education will immediately take steps to provide them with school facilities. WILM.STAR.9-29-1916; WILM.DISPATCH, 9-29-1916.


October 17, 1916
Members of the Board of Education held a conference at Carolina Beach at which the subject of providing a school for the children in the lower part of the district was discussed. The removal of the school to a better location was also discussed.

As there were only five children of school age in the lower part of the county (Fort Fisher), it was suggested that it might be possible to transfer them to the Carolina Beach school. Mr. J.J. Loughlin in behalf of the people of the community asked that a new building be erected, on the grounds that the building now in use is badly located and not suited to school purposes. WILM.STAR,10-16-1916


October 24, 1916
The County Board of Education decided to improve a building at Carolina Beach as a school for that district. The six children at Fort Fisher will be transported to the school in a cart, but will have to walk the three miles home in the afternoon. WILM.DISPATCH, 10-25-1916


January – December, 1916
Real Estate Transfers:

  • The Wilmington Beach Corporation to D.A. Cameron, Lot No. 1 in Block 8 and Lot No. 1 in Block 24, Wilmington Beach. WILM.DISPATCH, 2-10-1916.
  • New Hanover Transit Company to B.S.Reynolds and G.M.Willette of Selma, N.C., Lots 2 and 3, Block 30, and Lots 1 and 2, Block 44, Carolina Beach. WILM.DISPATCH, 2-7-1916.
  • Kure Land and Development Company to Dallas Walton Newsom of Durham, N.C., Lot 2 in Block 10, Fort Fisher Sea Beach. WILM.DISPATCH, 2-7-1916.
  • A.W. Pate to J.F. Rulfs, for $10 and other considerations, lot at Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 6-6-1916.
  • New Hanover Transit Company to J.F. Somers, of Salisbury, N.C., for $100 and other considerations, lot at Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 7-2-1916.July 2, 1916.
  • New Hanover Transit Company to Minnie F McEachern, for $1 and other considerations, lot at Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 7-9-1916.
  • New Hanover Transit Company to G. L. Richardson, for $10 and other considerations, lot at Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 7-11-1916.
  • The New Hanover Transit Company sold a lot at Carolina Beach to Minnie F. McEachern, for $1 and other considerations. WILM.STAR, 7-19-1916.
  • F.W. Pierce and wife to R.P. McClammy, for $10 and other considerations, lot at Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 7-21-1916.
  • Ellen A. Kure to Rebecca A. Heide, for $1 and other consideration, five lots in the village of St. Joseph, near Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 9-19-1916.
  • New Hanover Transit Company to John W. Harper, for $10 and other considerations, a lot at Carolina Beach. WLM.STAR, 9-19-1916.
  • William Otersen to Ellen Kure, for $10 and other considerations, lot at Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 9-29-1916.
  • New Hanover Transit Company to John H. Berry and wife, for $10 and other considerations, lot at Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR. 10-12-1916.
  • New Hanover Transit Company to Mr. B.T. Hopkins and wife, $10.00 and other considerations, property at Carolina Beach.WILM.STAR, 11-3-1916
  • Ellen Kure to Betha (note: this was the spelling –not Bertha J. Winner) McCoy, for $10.00 and other considerations, property at Carolina Beach. WILM.STAR, 12-2-1916
  • New Hanover Transit Company to Carlotta M. Lynch, et al, for $100.00 and other considerations, lands at Carolina Beach. WILMSTAR, 12-10-1916


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994