News Articles – 1915

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


March 8, 1915
Real Estate Transfer:
Marion L. Winner and wife to A.W. Pate and J.J. Loughlin, for $100 and other considerations, 21 3⁄4 acres of land at Carolina Beach. WILM.DISPATCH, 3-8-1915.


March 16, 1915
The contractor had his convicts at work on the new road at Carolina Beach, the 7 1⁄2 miles between the ‘Loop’ road and the beach.

From a historical standpoint this stretch of road south of the ‘Loop’ was one of the most interesting in the county. By the roadside could be seen the famous double breastworks used by the Confederates to defend this section from invasion, while at intervals could be seen long avenues, leading to the sound from the river. These roads were hundreds of years old and were used until later years in the salt making industry, which was of quite large proportions here at one time.

A short distance further to the right going down to the beach, was Sedgely Abbey, the historical old ruins spoken of in Mr. James Sprunt‘s new book, ‘Chronicles of the Cape Fear.’ This old mansion was connected with the sound by means of a perfectly straight avenue which could still be dimly seen.

Further down on the river side half miles from the road, was the site of the famous old Gander Hall, whose colonial owner made himself a joke forever in this community by going into the business of raising geese. Preferring to raise the large white ones exclusively, he purchased scores of that kind, with the result that he had a farm full of ganders and not a lady goose in the bunch.

It was also interesting to notice the red cedar telephone poles which line the roadside. These were used by the government during the Spanish-American War to connect Wilmington by telegraph with a signal station shortly this side of the beach in order that Wilmington might be warned of the approach of the anticipated Spanish fleet. Later the poles were sold to a telephone company when all danger was past. WILM.DISPATCH, 3-15-1915.


March 28, 1915
Work was started on a fine bungalow to be erected for General Frank A. Bond, of Buies, NC, on his property at Fort Fisher Sea Beach. Mr. J.F.Leitner was the architect and Mr. J.J, Crews was the builder, both of Wilm. WILM.STAR, 3-28-1915.


June 6, 1915
The preliminary work was underway for a 600-foot fishing pier extending out from a 30-room club house to and beyond the famous old blockade runner BEAUREGARD wreck 500 yards south of the Carolina Beach pavilion. A company had been formed and a charter applied for. The steel piling for the pier had been cast and was ready to be shipped. The project was to cost about $5,000, to be divided evenly between the pier and the club house. The incorporators were Messrs. W.E. Yopp, J.C.Herring, W.W Pate and J.J. Loughlin. WILM.DISPATCH, 6-8-1915.


June 8, 1915
A fishing pier was to be built and located over one of the old wrecks at Carolina Beach, where the fishing has always been exceptionally good. WILM.STAR, 6-8-1915.


June 24, 1915
Material for the construction of the fishing pier at Carolina Beach was being assembled on the ground and work was to begin at once. WILM.STAR, 6-24-1915.


June 27, 1915
Two automobiles made the trip from Carolina Beach to Wrightsville Beach and return. Their route was along the sand banks between the two beaches. The new inlet just north of Carolina Beach had entirely filled in and there was now an unbroken beach all the way from the pavilion at Carolina Beach to Masonboro Inlet, which is at the lower end of Wrightsville Beach. That inlet was also filling in and was now very shallow at low tide and it could be waded and was not very wide.

The distance between the two beaches was 12 miles and the two automobiles made it in 28 minutes. They left Carolina Beach at 12:30 and arrived on return at 3 p.m. In one car was Mr. Joseph J. Loughlin, one of the owners of Carolina Beach; Woodus Kellam, Esq., and Mr. D.L.T. Capps. In the other car were Mr. J.W. Blake and family and his father-in-law, Mr. George Barnes.

The party started out primarily for the purpose of hunting for turtles and did find a turtle nest. A turtle weighing 200 pounds was captured at the beach and it was later liberated at the urgent request of a large number of visitors, who were moved to sympathy by the turtle‘s tears. WILM.DUSPATCH, 6-28-1915.


June 27, 1915
There was a lot of activity at Carolina Beach now.

  • Actual work had started on the fishing pier and club house.
  • The restaurant, formerly the old pavilion, was conducted by Biddle Brothers. The restaurant formerly conducted by a colored man had been discontinued.
  • Mr. R. A. Burnett and family had moved down to the beach for the summer.
  • Capt. John W. Harper and family were spending the summer at the beach. He was making arrangements for enlarging his cottage.
  • Dr. S. E. Koonce and Mr. R.A. Montgomery were building cottages on the beach which were to be ready soon.
  • Mr. J. Davis was building two concrete houses, one for himself and the other for Mr A.W. Pate, who owns half interest in the resort.
  • Mr. Joseph J. Loughlin was having an 8-room bungalow which would be ready for occupancy before the end of the season.
  • Dr. Chas. P. Bolles and family had moved down for the summer.
  • Mr. Thomas E. Cooper and family expected to move to their cottage for the summer soon. WILM.dispatch, 6-28-1915.


July 7, 1915
Mr. J.C. Herring was building a fishing pier at Carolina Beach and it had already been completed for 100 feet in the ocean. He had already caught a fine large drum from his pier. WILM.DISPATCH, 7-7-1915.


July 12, 1915
A charter was granted by the Secretary of State to the Carolina Beach Pier Company, with a capital stock of $25,000, to begin business when $400 is paid in. The incorporators were W.A. McGowan, Wilmington; J.W. Blake, Wilmington; J.C. Herring, Wilmington. WILM.DISPATCH, 7-12-1915.


July 14, 1915
The 17th annual outing of the Wilmington Police Department at Carolina Beach was held. A special program had been arranged which included a tug of war, target shooting, foot racing, chicken striking contest and a dressing race. There were addresses by Mayor Moore and Councilman Hall. The music and dancing was in charge of Mr. Rivenbark, the sports by Mr. Huggins, and the refreshments by Messrs. Moore, Thompson and Bullard. The Committee of Arrangements included Messrs. W.R. Applebury, J.S. Lane, W.C. Moore, M.C. Huggins, R.J. Thompson, W.H.  Rivenbark and H.G. Bullard. WILM.DISPATCH, 7-12-1915.


August 2, 1915
Carolina Beach Notes:

  • Mr. R.A. Montgomery and family are now occupying their new cottage.
  • Mr. B.T. Hopkins has just completed a cottage on the Sound side of the Beach and has moved his family down for the summer.
  • Mr. H.L. Vollers is having his cottage repaired and remodeled.
  • Repairs are also being made to Mr. J. LeRoy Croom‘s cottage.
  • Dr. S.E. Koonce and family moved down last week to spend the remaining weeks of the season. Dr. Koonce has just completed a very attractive cottage.

A turtle weighing about 200 pounds was captured at Carolina Beach Saturday night at 11 p.m. in front of Mr. Thomas E. Cooper‘s cottage. The turtle had come ashore to build a nest. An examination of the nest a few minutes later revealed 98 eggs. Mr. Joseph J. Loughlin summoned because of his experience with turtles. The turtle did not give much resistance and was turned over on his back. Biddle Brothers, who conducted a restaurant, was to use the turtle in making soup. WILM.DISPATCH, 8-2-1915.


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994