News Articles – 1907

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch, Wilmington Messenger

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March 26, 1907
Members of the Board of County Commissioners went down into Federal Point and Masonboro Townships to confer with committees of citizens representing rival delegations urging the permanent improvement of one of the county roads leading into that section. The Commissioners are at sea as to which of two routes to adopt, the people of the townships differing upon which is best.

Messrs. Melvin Horne, Owen Martindale and Horton Freeman urged the adoption of the old Federal Point Road, and Messrs. G.W. Trask, George W. Rogers and D.J. Fergus urged the adoption of the ‘Masonboro route.’ A decision was postponed until the next meeting. WILM.STAR, 3-28-1907.


May 7, 1907
The application of Hans A. Kure to retail liquor at Carolina Beach was referred to the proper authority with power to act. WILM.STAR, 5-7-1907; WILM.MESSENGER, 5-7-1907.


May 10, 1907
The labor unions of Wilmington gave an excursion to Carolina Beach and it was a decided success in every way. Large crowds went to the beach on every boat and a delightful day was spent at that popular resort. There was dancing all day in the pavilion, music having been furnished by a fine orchestra of eight pieces. WILM.MESSENGER, 5-11-1907.


May 10, 1907
(advertisement) Go With The Trades Unionists Today On Their Excursion to Carolina Beach. Good Music for Dancing ALL Day Led by Mr. Sousa, Late of New York. Refreshments of All Kinds. Good Order All Day. WILMINGTON STAR, 5-10-1907.

Friday, the 10th of May, was observed by all organized bodies of laboring men in Wilmington with an all-day excursion and basket picnic at Carolina Beach. The committee of arrangements, operating under the auspices of the Central Labor Union of Wilmington, was composed of M. M. Parker, Jr., Lem King, W. G. Hatch, J.S. Bryan, J.H. Curtis, C.H. Huband, J.S. King, W.L. Riddle, J.J. Bell, B.J. Bryan, Jr., J. Ward, C.H. Bonham, Chas. Capps. Mr. C.G. Hatch acted as master of ceremonies, assisted by Mr. C.H. Huband. WILM.STAR, 5-11-1907.


May 16, 1907
It was announced that a citizen of Wilmington, aided by other citizens, had secured a cottage at Carolina Beach to be used during the summer season as a home for children of needy parents. It was to be different from the home that had been provided for sick children on Wrightsville Beach, in that it was to be used to furnish an outing for well children, who otherwise would be deprived of any recreation at the seashore. The cottage was to be opened about June 1st, and the children would be given a week‘s outing at a time. WILM.MESSENGER, 5-16-1907.


May 18, 1907
Mrs. J.W. Baskin was to conduct the restaurant at the large pavilion at Carolina Beach during the coming season. She promised the best of the ‘sea delicacies.’ Mrs. Baskin was also to have charge of the sleeping quarters of the pavilion. WILM.DISP, 5-18-1907; WILM.MESSENGER, 5-19-1907.


June 3, 1907
A license was granted to H.A. Kure, of Carolina Beach, to run a saloon in connection with his establishment. WILM.DISPATCH, 6-4-1907.


June 9, 1907
A sacred concert was held at Carolina Beach with Prof. J.J. Atkins, violinist and director, and Mr. E.H. Munson, pianist. A new concert piano from the house of Ludden & Bates, Wilmington, had just been installed in the large pavilion. It was of a fine tone and was manufactured for just such work as this concert. Professor Atkins‘ Orchestra was also to furnish the music for the mid-week dances every Wednesday night at the beach. WILM.DISP, 6-8-1907.


June 11, 1907
The ‘Rest Home’ on Carolina Beach, recently placed at the disposal of those persons who are needful of the ocean atmosphere and were not able to take an outing, was to be opened at Carolina Beach soon. It promised to result in much good and it was to be encouraged by the more fortunate in every way.
WILM.STAR, 6-11-1907; WILM.DISP, 6-10-1907.


June 14, 1907
The committee in charge of the ‘Rest Home’ at Carolina Beach decided on account of the cool weather to postpone the opening for a few days longer and in the meantime try to obtain 12 more cots with which to furnish the cottage. The plan is to accommodate ten boys one week and ten girls the next and so on through the summer. Mr. William Hall and family were to have charge of the cottage for the committee and the charity was to be dispensed interdenominationally. WILM.STAR, 6-14-1907.


June 16, 1907
The Adkins‘ Orchestra rendered the following programme at Carolina Beach today:

GLORY OF JAMESTOWN by the orchestra.
FAIRY TALE; overture, by Laurendeaun.
HERMIT MEDITATION (L‘Ermite) by Guenswold.
IF YOU LOVE BUT ME (From The Red Mill), by Victor Herbert.
STAR SPANGLED BANNER, by the orchestra.  WILM.STAR, 6-15-1907.


June 21, 1907
Mr. W. N. Harriss was placed in charge of the ‘Children‘s Rescue Home’ at Carolina Beach and he was accepting applications for admission to the home at his office and home in Wilmington. WILM.DISP, 6-21-1907.


June 27, 1907
The most successful Policeman‘s Excursion to Carolina Beach ever given was run yesterday. The steamer WILMINGTON made four trips to and from the beach. The excursion was free of charge, given by Capt. J.W. Harper and his steamer. The policemen and their special guests were guests of honor at one of the finest seashore dinners ever served. The menu included clam fritters, fried crabs, deviled crabs, oysters, clam chowder, fried trout, shrimp, black fish with green peas, cucumbers and tomatoes, coffee, cake and ice cream.

After dinner cigars were passed out and former Mayor Waddell expressed appreciation for everything on behalf of all present. There was dancing in the pavilion for several hours, and the last boat reached Wilmington at midnight.

During the day the committee of arrangements had prepared many contests with handsome prizes for the best and next best. The prizes included a pair of shoes, a rocking chair, a set of knives and forks, one dozen photographs, a layer cake, an umbrella, a safety razor, a handsome hat, a sweater, a gold scarf pin, and a box of cigars. The winners in the many contests included Sgt. C.W. Woolard, Policemen D.W. Colemen, Policeman Alex Wells, Sgt. C.S. Burnett, Policeman E.R. Chadwick, Policeman W.R. Smith, Policeman E. Piner, Police Chief N.J. Williams, Policeman M.P. Newton, Policeman Leon George, Pvt. Joseph Lane, Mr. J.H. Dew.
The judges were Alderman W.A. French, Jr., Capt. Thos. D. Meares and Col. C.H. White.

The Committee of Arrangements included Capt. Geo. W. Smith, Sgts. B.R. King and C.W. Woolard; Officers R.L. Truelove, J.J. Moore, D.W. Coleman, W.C. Moore, E.R. Chadwick, E.H. Dement and T.G. Evans. At the dance, the floor managers were Sgt. E.J. Grimsley and Pvt. W.R. Applebury. WILM.DISP, 5-23-1907, 6-24-1907; WILM.MESSENGER, 6-26-1907; 6-28-1907.


July 17, 1907
Messrs. W.E. Yopp and J.W. Fleet arrived back in Wilmington after two days of fishing on the wreck of the LYNX, at Carolina Beach. They caught a quantity of sheephead, pig fish and other varieties. In fact, they had the luck of their lives. The catch made an interesting exhibit for their friends in the city.
WILM.STAR, 7-19-1907.


August 24, 1907
Mr. Hans A. Kure, proprietor of the amusement pavilion at Carolina Beach, was offering cash prizes of $10 each in a bowling tournament and in a trap shoot on the traps at the beach, running for 10 days and beginning today. Parties could go down any day of the ten and take a trial for either or both of the prizes.
WILM.STAR, 8-24-1907.


September 1, 1907
The ‘Rest House’ at Carolina Beach closed for the season. The home was a success in every way, bringing sunshine and health to many boys and girls of Wilmington. It was well managed and the custodian, Mr. W.R. Hall, was kind and skillful in his duties. Capt. John W. Harper also greatly contributed as the boys and girls, stores and baggage, were transported to the beach free at all times.

The home opened on June 9th. During June, 55 boys and girls were entertained, being also furnished with bath suits. In July the number reached 96 and bath suits were furnished to 40, while in August the number was 81 boys and girls and 15 ladies, with forty more bathing suits furnished. WILM.DISP, 8-14-1907.


September 6, 1907
The fishing off Carolina Beach was reported to be exceptionally fine. Mr. Hans A. Kure and a party of ten persons went out in a steam yawl, about 2 1⁄2 miles off sore, and caught 300 of as fine sheephead, pig fish, trout and other varieties as were ever seen at the beach. They expected to return soon while the run was so good. WILM.STAR, 9-7-1907.


September 10, 1907
The season at Carolina Beach came to a close with the excursion of Bladen Street M.E. Church to that delightful resort. With the close of the season the steamer WILMINGTON changed her schedule to make trips to Southport only.

Capt. Harper reported that the season at Carolina Beach had been a very successful one from a financial pint of view. Large crowds had been handled and no accidents of a serious character had occurred. Capt. Harper had given his personal attention to the welfare and pleasure of all his guests.

For a short time longer the steamer WILMINGTON will make trips to Carolina Beach on Sundays, when oyster roasts will be served, but there will be no weekday schedule.

The excursion by Bladen Street Church was a very successful one. It was regretted that the exhibition of deep sea fishing by Capt. Burriss, off the pavilion, could not take place. Capt. Burriss was on hand, but for some reason, his crew failed to show up and the exhibition could not be given. WILMI.STAR, 9-11-1907.


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994