News Articles – 1905

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch, Wilmington Messenger

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May 26, 1905
The Wilmington Lodge of the Buffaloes held their excursion to the beach aboard the steamer WILMINGTON. The cost was 25 cents round-trip. At the beach, there was surf-bathing, music and dancing, and plenty of refreshments. This was the first large excursion of the new season. SEMI-WEEKLY WILM.MESS, 5-26-1905.


July 2, 1905
The Wilmington Symphony Club provided the music at Carolina Beach. A concert was given at the Pavilion in the afternoon.

The program was as follows:
March, NEW COLONIAL – Hall.
Medley Overture, DOWN ON THE FARM – Von Tilzer.
Caprice, LOVE AND KISSES – Harris.

March, JERSEY CARNIVAL, Lerberfield.
Medley Overture, GLEAMS OF HEAVEN – Harris.
March, UNCLE SAMMY – Holzeman.
Professor Lassiter, Director.  WILM.MESS, 7-2-1905.


July 14, 1905
Peterson & Rulfs, of Wilmington, were advertising “Get a Pair of Walkover Oxfords for $3.50 and A Free Trip to Carolina Beach.” WILM.MESS, 7-14-1905.


July 16, 1905
The Delgado Band provided music at Carolina Beach.

The program was as follows:
March, THE NEW CENTURY – Miller.
Medley Overture, A GLEAM OF HEAVEN – Harris.
Baritone Solo by Willard, CROWN JEWEL – Southwell.
March, NEW COLONIAL – Hall.
Overture, GOLDEN CRESCENT – Miller.
March, SALUTE TO THE WEST – – Miller.  WILM.MESS, 7-15-1905.


July 17, 1905
Editor Wade H. Harris, of the CHARLOTTE CHRONICLE:
John W. Harper, and his steamboat, the WILMINGTON, and none who visit Wilmington after which the boat was named fails to take a ride down the river to Carolina Beach. The master of the boat is one of the best fellows in the world and his personality impresses all alike – they all want to repeat the trip on Capt. Harper‘s boat. Harper‘s friends are scattered all over the entire state and it will gratify them to learn of the additional improvements which are to be made at Carolina Beach – his pride.

The chief is the erection of a fine hotel, which has been the one great need of that resort, and another is the adding of a sister ship to the WILMINGTON, so that boats will be constantly going to and coming from the beach. Carolina Beach is one of the prettiest spots on the Atlantic coast, and the surf bathing there is not only splendid, but safe. ― WILM.MESS, 7-19-1905.


July 23, 1905
The Delgado Cornet Band provided the music at Carolina Beach for a large crowd.

The program included:
March, SALUTE TO THE WEST – Miller.
Overture, DOWN ON THE FARM – Von Tilzer.
Caprice, LOVE AND KISSES – Harris.
March – Selected.
Medley Overture, BLUE BELLS – Chataway.
Medley, PLANTATION SONGS – Conterno.  WILM.MESS, 7-23-1905.


August 6, 1905
About 800 people visited Carolina Beach and enjoyed the excellent music, surf bathing and a fine breeze. The large crowd enjoyed themselves immensely. WILM.MESS, 8-8-1905.


August 12, 1905
R.H. Pickett and Roger Moore laid claim to 20 acres of vacant and unappropriated land in Federal Point Township, known as Zekes Island, which land was bounded by the water of the Cape Fear River and New Inlet. Entered in the office of the Register of Deeds of New Hanover County, Entry No. 1901. WILM.MESS, 8-13-1905.


August 22, 1905
There was displayed in Wilmington a pass issued by the Provost Marshal of the City of Wilmington on May 6th, 1865. The pass read: “Guards and patrols will pass Benj. Horn and wife to Federal Point and return. This pass good for May 8th, 1865. Will be taken up by guards at expiration.” WILM.MESS, 8-23-1905.


August 24, 1905
The labor unions of Wilmington will celebrate Labor Day, Monday, September 4th, on Carolina Beach. The steamer WILMINGTON had been leased for the day and will make five trips. Two bands had been engaged and there was to be music and dancing during the entire day. There was also to be a bowling contest and prizes given. Both pavilions had been engaged for the special celebration. WILM.MESS, 8-24-1905.


August 28,1905
Through his attorneys, Messrs. Davis & Davis, Capt. J. Alvin Walker made a formal protest against Messrs. Pickett and Moore who were claiming Zeke‘s Island property. The property was claimed by the Walker heirs and they resisted the occupation of the island by Messrs. Pickett & Moore. WILM.STAR, 8-29-1905.


March 28, 1906
The entry of Zeke‘s Island by Messrs. Roger Moore and R. H. Pickett, of Wilmington, was upset at a hearing in Brunswick County Superior Court in behalf of the Walker heirs, the original claimants.


August 30, 1905
By far the largest crowd of the season attended the mid-week dance at Carolina Beach and the evening was spent most enjoyably. The dances at the beach are pleasant evenings during the summer months to the young people. Tonight concluded the mid-week dances at the beach for the season. WILM.MESS, 8-31-1905.


September 6, 1905
Capt. Harper arranged for a dance on this date at Southport, his boat leaving Wilmington at 5 p.m. and returning after the dance. Music was furnished by Professor Culbert‘s orchestra containing eight pieces. WILM.MESS, 8-31-1905.


September 26, 1905
Captain John W. Harper purchased the steamer LILLIE, an oyster patrol boat, from Governor Glenn, and he planned to have her completely refitted and placed on the run between Wilmington and Carolina Beach by another season. The boat was 85 feet long, 16 feet in beam and would carry 200 passengers. It was Capt. Harper‘s intention to put two boats on the run to Carolina Beach next summer. WILM.MESS, 9-26-1905.


September 28, 1905
At a meeting of the stockholders of the New Hanover Transit Company held on board the steamer WILMINGTON, a deal was consummated by which Captain J.W. Harper became the principal owner of the property on Carolina Beach where is located the pavilion and other buildings; also the railroad from the river pier to the beach including all rolling stock. The consideration was $12,000.

The New Hanover Transit Company was organized some years ago with Mr. H.C. McQueen as president. It was Captain Harper‘s intention to make Carolina Beach one of the best known resorts along the Atlantic Coast. WILM.MESS, 9-29-1905.


October 17, 1905
Prof. Washington Catlett, Supt. of county schools, and a number of interested persons held a conference and it was decided to establish a white school in Federal Point Township, it being shown that there were 14 white families and 38 white children of a school age within a radius of attendance. WILM.STAR, 10-18-1905.


October 19, 1905
It was decided to establish a school in Federal Point Township. WILM.MESS 10-19-1905


November, 17, 1905
Real Estate Transfer:

  • Ed Taylor and wife and John W. Brooks and wife to Samuel A. Lewis, of Shallotte, Brunswick County, for $95, a tract of land containing 50 acres and situated on the eastern side of the Cape Fear River near the old Newton Landing. WILM.MESS, 11-18-1905.


November 27, 1905
The new school house on the boundary line between Federal point and Masonboro Townships opened. Miss Mary Moore, of Burgaw, was to be the teacher assigned to that school. A good attendance was expected and those living in the vicinity of the school were greatly pleased at the action of the board of education in cooperating with them so readily. WILM.MESS, 11-25-1905.


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994