News Articles – 1904

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch, Wilmington Messenger

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


January 9, 1904
Capt. J.W. Harper, after realizing that the handsome and comfortable pavilion erected last Spring was inadequate to accommodate the thousands of visitors (43,000 last Summer), now planned for the New Hanover Transit Company to erect an annex of considerable proportions, adjoining the pavilion of the south side.

The foundations had already been laid and the new structure was to be completed in 60 days under the supervision of Mr. Thomas McGee. The new structure was to be 30 by 60 feet and two stories high. It was to contain 20 rooms, 10 on the first floor and 10 on the second. Piazzas 8 feet wide were to run around the building on both stories.

Mr. Charles Anderson, who formerly conducted the ‘Only Restaurant’, had leased the pavilion restaurant for the coming season and he was to operate it on the European plan. Capt. Harper was also having the bath houses greatly enlarged. There were to be 80 bath rooms with fresh water sprinklers.   (Star, 1-10-1904;  Dispatch, 1-9-1904)


April 23, 1904
Real Estate Transfer:

  • Marion F. Schroeder transferred to Brooks & Taylor, for $75, tract of land containing 50 acres, more or less, in Federal Point Township, beginning at a point known as the Old Newton Landing.   (Star, 4-23-1904)


April 28, 1904
Members of the Hanover Seaside Club enjoyed a delightful oyster roast at Carolina Beach, a party of some 25 or 30 having gone down on the steamer WILMINGTON. Among those present were members of the newly elected Executive Committee as follows: Messrs. C.F. Von Kampen, M.G. Tinecken, J.G.L. Gleschen, Martin Rathjen, J.W. Duls, P. Mohr and F.W. Ortmann. The Executive Committee elected Mrs. Chris Eilers stewardess for the coming season and the new House Committee included Messrs. William Tienken, William Mahler and E. Poezolt.   (Star, 4-29-1904)


May 10, 1904
The Tenth of May Celebration at Carolina Beach was in charge of the Delgado Band who furnished first class entertainment for all who will become their guests for the occasion.   (Star, 5-10-1904)


June 2, 1904
Messrs. W.E. Yopp, R.H. Beery and Roger Moore, worthy disciples of Isaak Walton, went to Carolina Beach for a day‘s sport. They fished from the “old wreck” and caught a fine assortment of pigfish, blackfish and one or two of the “sailor‘s choice.” Affidavits as to the number will be forthcoming at the proper time.   (Star, 6-3-1904)


June 8, 1904
The first mid-week dance of the season was given at Carolina Beach. Music was furnished by the Fort Caswell Orchestra. A large number of young people enjoyed the event greatly.   (Star, 6-9-1904)


June 15, 1904
The members of the Wilmington Police force took their annual outing on Carolina Beach. The policemen are the guests of Capt. John W. Harper. Three boats carried down the big crowds and many more were to go down at night for music and dancing. Among the events there was target shooting, 100-yard dash, blindfold chicken contest, jumping contest, etc. The judges of the contest were Major C. H. White, Chief John J. Furlong, and Alderman J. A. Kerr. The prizes included a fine hat, boxes of cigars, North Carolina ham, fine Douglass shoes, handsome hammock, etc.   (Dispatch, 6-15-1904)


June 19, 1904
It was reported that plans for an electric car line from Wilmington to Carolina Beach and the other beaches down that way, which project had been considered for the past several months, were now taking definite shape.   (Dispatch, 6-19-1904)


June 20, 1904
The Carolina Beach Amusement Company had added many new amusements for old and young of both sexes. They included punching bags, boxing gloves, bowling alleys, shooting gallery and swings.   (Dispatch, 6-20-1904)


July 24, 1903
Today the Carolina Beach railroad ran over a cow about 100 yards from the beach. Three railroad cars were thrown off the track. The train was running slow and nobody was hurt. The cars were crowded with women and children, who were badly frightened for a few minutes. About 200 people were on the train. They were members of the Second Advent Sunday School excursion party from Wilmington. The train was running backward to the Beach, with the engine at the end next to the river. A cow of Mr. H.A. Kure started to cross the track and the first car knocked her down and passed over her, but it remained on the track. The three following cars were derailed, but remained on the cross ties. It was several hours before the cars were put back on the track.   (Dispatch, 7-24-1903)

About two months later, Mrs. Sallie J. Bryan and Mr. S. J. Bryan, her husband, brought suit for damages against the New Hanover Transit Company. Mrs. Bryan claimed she was injured by the slight wreck of the train in July. The amount of damages was not yet known.   (Dispatch, 9-19-1903;  Dispatch, 6-20-1904;  Star, 6-9-1904)


July 4, 1904
“Free Concerts at Carolina Beach”. Mr. B.F. Reaves will give a concert at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. with his large Victor Graphophone. Over 100 records of the latest and most-to-date pieces.  (Dispatch, 7-2-1904)


July 21, 1904
Real Estate Transfer:

  • New Hanover Transit Company to Ellen Kure, two lots of land on Carolina Beach adjoining lands of W.L. Smith, J.J. Fowler and others.   (Star, 7-22-1904)


July 24, 1904
The Delgado Cornet Band presented a select programme of music at the Carolina Beach pavilion under the direction of Prof. J. T. Martin, the leader.

The programme was a follows:
SNAP SHOT; overture, by Snyed.
AMERICA FOREVER; march, by Miller.
SYMPHIA; waltz, by Holzmann.
BATTLESHIP ALABAMA; march, by Miller.
SWEET DREAS; waltz, by Barnhouse.
DIXIE and HOME SWEET HOME; medley, by J. T. Martin.   (Star, 7-22-1904)


July 31, 1904
The Delgado Concert Band gave a delightful concert at Carolina Beach. The program included:

IDOWILD; march, by Miller.
NUGGED NELL; overture.
IDEAL; march
PEACE FOREVER; march, by Mills.
ON DUTY; march.
SOUTHERN MELODY – SOME SWEET HOME; overture.  (Dispatch, 7-29-1904)


August 1, 1904
A license to retail liquor was granted to the Carolina Beach Pleasure Club.  (Star, 8-2-1904)


August 5, 1904
Christopher Eilers, after a drunken spree in Wilmington for several days, returned to Carolina Beach and renewed a quarrel with his wife, Mrs. Rebecca Eilers, and in a few minutes sent a ball crashing into her head from a 32-calibre pistol which he took from his pocket. Then he turned the revolver upon himself and he sent another ball into his own person. The wound of Mrs. Eilers was serious but later proved not to be life-threatening. Mr. Eilers‘ wound was about the throat but was not serious. Mrs. Eilers was treated at the James Walker Memorial Hospital by Dr. Andrew H. Harriss, after going down to the beach to attend to her. Mr. Eilers was taken into custody by Constable W.B. Savage.

Mrs. Eilers was the stewardess of the Hanover Seaside Club on Carolina Beach, and with her husband, two daughters and one son, and they all lived during the summer in the club building. Mrs. Eilers had been independent of the husband and father for her livelihood though he continued to live with them.

Mr. Eilers was a boiler maker by trade and had been living at 414 Castle Street, Wilmington. Evidence proved that Mr. Eilers arrived at the beach in a very nervous state of mind, and he went to the club house where Mrs. Eilers was preparing supper for the family and he renewed his ill treatment of her. Before shooting, he ran his wife around the building several times, finally catching her near the bowling alley.

The shooting took place on the board walk, between the club house entrance and the railroad track, a distance of less than a hundred yards. The bullet lodged near the base of the brain and was later extracted the Drs. Harriss and Caldwell. On August 11th the newspaper reported that both Mr. and Mrs. Eilers were improving at the hospital and were now out of danger unless unforeseen complications set in.   (Star, 8-6-1904; 8-7-1904; 8-9-1904; 8-11-1904;  Dispatch, 8-8-1904; 8-17-1904)


August 23, 1904
The Seashore Pleasure Club gave a dance at Carolina Beach. The committee of arrangements included Messrs. W.B. Savage, John W. Capps, James Holton, G.R. Holt and David Willis. The music and dancing was to continue all day until the departure of the late boat at night.   (Star, 8-18-1904)


September 1, 1904
Mr. Duncan McEachern returned to the city from Carolina Beach where he has been resting since his return from the North where he went for his health. He has resumed his duties as chairman of the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners. He is also connected with the Holmes Grocery Company.   (Star, 9-2-1904)


September 5, 1904
Mondays during the summer season were set apart by Capt. J.W. Harper, of the steamer WILMINGTON, as the excursion days for the colored population of Wilmington.

They always made good use of it and every Monday a large crowd went down to Carolina Beach. On this day about 400 colored excursionists took the trip to the beach and two incidents occurred which marred the pleasure of the day. A colored man named Ennett who had been drinking too much, was drowned in the surf. He was about 26 years of age and was married.

The second incident was as the steamer was to leave for the city at 7:30 p.m. a drunken colored man name Joe Thomas, very belligerent in his manner, attacked Dan Smith, the colored chief deck hand on the steamer who had been with Capt. Harper 18 years, and severely shot him in the right arm close to the shoulder, which caused a serious fracture. Another colored man, Caleb Howe, was also shot through the right leg and the bullet lodged in the knee of left leg.

An ambulance met the steamer WILMINGTON at the wharf in Wilmington and both wounded men were taken to the hospital, where their wounds were dressed. Joe Thomas, the assailant, was overpowered and arrested for the shooting with the assistance of Messrs. J.E. Stroupe, first mate of the steamer, R.C. Banks, Mark Winner and Capt Hans A. Kure. He was then sent to the jail in the police patrol wagon.   (Star, 9-6-1904)


November 8 1904
The polling place for the general election today was at Capps‘ Store, Federal Point Township, and the registrar was F.D. Capps.  (Messenger, 10-7-1904)


December 14, 1904
A marriage license was granted to Mr. J.B. Palmer and Miss Julia Bonham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bonham, of Federal Point.   (Messenger, 12-15-1904)


December 18, 1904
Mr. Hans A. Kure, proprietor of the amusement pavilion at Carolina Beach, purchased the riding gallery or “hobby horses” that had been operating at 6th and Campbell Streets in Wilmington. He planned to take the outfit down to the beach next summer for the entertainment of seaside visitors.   (Star, 12-18-1904)


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994