News Articles – 1896

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch, Wilmington Messenger

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March 3, 1896
The appropriation for a public road in Federal and Masonboro Townships was reconsidered, and on motion $500 was appropriated for the road known as the “New Federal Point and Masonboro Road.” W.D. Rhodes was appointed to supervise work on the new road. (Dispatch, 3-3-1896)


March 29, 1896
Carolina Beach was not to be open as a public resort during the present year. Whether or not any of those who own cottages will spend the summer there has not yet transpired, but it hardly seemed likely that they will, as there will be no railroad communication between the pier and the beach, and it is a long drive from Wilmington over the county road.

Capt. S.W. Skinner is now sole owner of all that part of Carolina Beach heretofore used as a public resort, including the railroad and pier. It was hoped by many that the popular seaside retreat will be reopened next year. (Star, 3-29-1896)


May, 1896
About 50 feet of sand at the upper end of the breakwater dam closing New Inlet had washed out. The break was being repaired by filling in with bags of sand. VOL II


May 5, 1896 …. Federal Point
New Hanover County Commissioner Montford, who had been appointed to examine the work done on the new public road called the “New Federal Point Road”, reported that the work had been done well under the supervision of Mr. D.S. Rhodes. Seven miles of the road had been beautifully graded and only about a mile remains to be completed. (Messenger, 5-5-1896)


May 14, 1896
Capt. S.W. Skinner gave notice at the office of Messrs. Cronly & Morris, auctioneers, 120 Princess Street, that he will sell the property and effects, real and personal of the New Hanover Transit Company, including the railroad, cars, engine, wharf, hotel, buildings, lands, etc. subject to a mortgage to Junius Davis, receiver of the Bank of New Hanover. (Messenger, 5-14-1896)


May 14, 1896
The property and franchise of the New Hanover Transit Company, including Carolina Beach, the railroad, cars, engine, pier, hotel, etc. During the auction, the property was knocked down to Major D. O’Connor, who purchased it for himself, Capt. John W. Harper, and other associates at a bid of $3,600. A company is to be organized and the resort will remain open as heretofore. (Messenger, 5-15-1896)


May 17, 1896
(advertisement) For Rent – At Carolina Beach, a cottage, known as Kure’s Cottage, and also the Store with Bar and Fixtures, Ten Pin Alley, Billiard Room attached and base Ball Grand Stand. (Messenger, 5-19-1896)


May 24, 1896
It is now assured that Carolina Beach will be operated this year, and it is very gratifying to know that it will be a permanent enterprise. All financial arrangements are made and everything looks bright for this popular resort.

It would have been a great loss to Wilmington had this place been abandoned. The trip there is one of the best and cheapest rides I know of. Just think. You can ride 26 miles on a nice boat, 6 miles by rail, and use a bath house, all for 25 cents. (Star, 5-24-1896)


May 28, 1896
The Hibernian Benevolent Society had its 31st annual family excursion to Carolina Beach on the steamer WILMINGTON. The boat made three trips. A large crowd went down on each trip. On arriving at the Beach the Committee of Arrangements, Dr. T.B. Carroll (chairman), Thomas Torpy, Jr., Willie P. Torpy, Willie J. Furlong, Timothy Donlan, James Madden, Wm. Sheehan, Jr., F.P. Donlan, Frank Eagen, John Furlong, and Martin O”Brien, president of the society, secured the use of the hotel, where they, assisted by the ladies, served a regular old fashioned Hibernian dinner and other refreshments, which were highly enjoyed.

On the spacious veranda of the hotel the Foster String Band offered sweet music for the dance, which was continued until the whistle blew at 11 p.m. for the return to Wilmington by the light of the moon.

During their stay on the beach some were fishing, some bathing, some spinning yarns, some dancing, some promenading the beach, and everybody having a good time generally. Of course, nothing was expected on a Hibernian family excursion but a good time, and this, possibly, was the most enjoyable they have ever had.
A special feature of this occasion was the kindness of Capt. Harper in opening the hotel, bath house, dining rooms, dancing hall, etc. to the free use and full enjoyment of the excursionists. (Star, 5-29-1896)


June 4, 1896
The Sunday School children of the First Baptist Church, Wilmington, had their annual excursion and picnic at Carolina Beach. The steamer WILMINGTON made two trips – at 9:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. The musical programme was in charge of Miss Henrietta Shepard with mandolin, as leader, assisted by Miss Nora Foster, violin; Mr. W.J. Taylor, violin; Miss Louise Corbett, violin; Miss Mary Shepard, guitar; Miss Bessie Burt, guitar; and Mr. Robert D. Wescott, guitar. The performances by this string band were excellent.

Capt. John W. Harper opened the hotel for the use of the excursionists where they passed the day happily with the children playing blind-fold, Chase the Duck, and other amusing plays. The Rev. Will B. Oliver shared the fun with the children.

At dinner time, the baskets were opened and the refreshments spread upon the tables in the spacious dining room of the hotel. Mr. G.E. Leftwich, the Sunday School Superintendent, with his corps of teachers dished out lemonade to everybody free of charge. After dinner the children resumed their playing, while the old people looked on with joy.

The day was so inclement and the old ocean so boisterous until there could be but little bathing or outdoor sports. At 5:30 p.m. the train left for home. The boat reached Wilmington at 7 p.m. and discharged the passengers amid the applause of all on board for Capt. Harper and Carolina Beach. (Star, 6-5-1896)


June 8, 1896
The Kure Restaurant, known as the “Club House” at Carolina Beach was now under the proprietorship of W.D. Rhodes. The patronage of the public was respectfully solicited. (Dispatch, 6-7-1896)


June 11, 1896
Professor Cammeiro’s Italian Band was to furnish the music on the steamer WILMINGTON and at Carolina Beach every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. (Star, 6-11-1896)


June 16, 1896
The opening ball at the Hotel Oceanic, at Carolina Beach was held and it attracted a large number of people to that delightful resort. The steamer WILMINGTON made two trips down last evening. Mr. R.A. Jenkins, the clever proprietor of the hotel, served a very special supper. Later in the evening there was music and dancing, surf-bathing and beach promenading, and the time was spent most enjoyably by all who went down. . . The last boat left the beach at 11 p.m. (Messenger, 6-17-1896)


June 22, 1896
Mr. McSween, engineer on the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, caught a large turtle near the hotel and presented it to the guests of the Hotel Oceanic. The turtle weighed about 400 pounds and measured 5 feet by 3 1/2 feet. It was to be served on Friday at 5 p.m. (Messenger, 6-24-1896)


June 23, 1896
The John L. Boatwright Company has opened a grocery store at Kure’s old stand on Carolina Beach. This company will inaugurate a delivery system on the beach which will prove of vast convenience to the cottagers. (Dispatch, 6-23-1896)


June 24, 1896
The John L. Boatwright Company, of Wilmington, advertised that they had opened a Grocery Store at Kure’s old stand at Carolina Beach. They were to have a full line of choice groceries there, and they promised to furnish the residents at city prices. They promised to call at each cottage every morning and make prompt delivery of every order they receive. They could also furnish ice and bread. (Messenger, 6-24-1896)


July 4, 1896
The Wilmington baseball team took on the Southport Team on the Fourth of July at Carolina Beach. It was a fine game. (Messenger, 6-26-1896.; 6-24-1896)



July 19, 1896
Rev. F.S. Stickney, rector of the Monumental Episcopal Church of Richmond, Va., held services at the Hotel Oceanic at 11 a.m. today. He was sending a few days with his family at Carolina Beach. (Star, 7-18-1896.


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994