News Articles – 1895

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch, Wilmington Messenger

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March 26, 1895
There was to be no reopening of Carolina Beach to the public, “and the sad sea waves” will be the only disturbers of the “quiet that now reigns all around” that once popular resort. (Star, 3-26-1895)


May 18, 1895
Carolina Beach was to be opened again. For nearly two years it had been in the hands of Junius Davis, Esq., receiver of the Bank of New Hanover, who bid on the property at the foreclosure sale. Capt. S.W. Skinner purchased Carolina Beach at private sale from Receiver Davis.

The purchase included the entire property, including the river pier, the railway, the locomotive, the cars, the hotel and cottages of the company, the pavilions, the bar-room, the bath houses, the lands on the beach front, the rights and franchises and all property belonging to the Carolina Beach Company and lately owned by the suspended Bank of New Hanover.

The sale was outright but the terms were private. Capt. Skinner announced that the beach was to be opened this season. He was to get busy repairing and renovating in preparation for crowds of visitors again. (Messenger, 5-19-1895)


May 31, 1895
A wharf was to be erected at the “Rocks” in place of the old one which was carried away in a recent storm. (Star, 5-31-1895)


May 31, 1895
It was announced that a new wharf was to be erected at the “Rocks” in place of the old one that was carried away. The wharf was needed by the steamer WILMINGTON to land fishing parties and to facilitate the government work on that part of the river. (Star, 5-31-1895)


June 1, 1895
The cottagers at Carolina Beach are busy getting their cottages in order and a number of whom will move down next week. Major O’Connor rented a cottage recently to Dr. Lee, of Missouri, and he will soon occupy it with his family. The hotel and bath houses were being put in readiness. (Messenger, 6-1-1895)


June 2, 1895
(advertisement) Mr. and Mrs. Hans A. Kure were now to be found at their “Big Cottage on the Beach”, with a first-class boarding house at Carolina Beach. Meals and lunch could be had at all hours. Rooms were for rent, furnished or unfurnished, by day, week or season. Mr. Kure was to have charge of the Carolina Beach Club, about two squares from the Cottage. (Star, 6-2-1895)


June 3, 1895
The steamer WILMINGTON commenced her regular trips to Carolina Beach. The cottagers were busy getting their cottages in order and a number of them were ready to move down. Major O’Connor rented a cottage to Dr. Lee, of Missouri, who was to occupy it with his family. The railroad track and the cars had been put in order for the season, and the hotel and bath houses were being put in readiness. (Messenger, 6-1-1895)


June 4, 1895
Capt. John L. Boatwright had leased the Hotel Oceanic, at Carolina Beach, and was to open it for the season soon. He was to have an experienced manager at the hotel. The tables will be supplied with “the delicacies of the sea’ and the best that Wilmington markets afforded. (Messenger, 6-4-1895)


June 13, 1895
The Sunday school of the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, on 6th and Queen Streets, held a picnic at Carolina Beach. About 200 attended. (Messenger, 6-15-1895)


June 14, 1895
A grand excursion was given to Carolina Beacon, Southport and out to sea on the steamer WILMINGTON under the auspices of the Knights of Pythias Drum Corps. The fare was 50 cents for adults and 25 cents for children, and refreshments were served at city prices. There was music for dancing. The proceeds from the excursion were to be used for the uniform fund of the Drum Corps. The committee of arrangements consisted of Messr. E.C. Warren, F.P. Turrentine, H.G. Springer, W.P. Platt and James H. Cowen. (Messenger, 6-13-1895)


June 14, 1895
The families of Mr. H.L. Cook and Mr. Walter Watson, of Fayetteville, were planning to spend the season at Carolina Beach. (Messenger, 6-14-1895)


June 18, 1895
Capt. S.W. Skinner, who recently purchased the Carolina Beach resort, organized a joint stock company which was named THE CAROLINA BEACH COMPANY. The following officers were appointed: S.W. Skinner, President; D. O’Connor, Vice President; J.C Stevenson, Secretary and Treasurer; Louis H. Skinner, General Manager; J.C. Stevenson, S.W. Skinner, D. O’Connor, L.H. Skinner and H.C. McQueen, Directors.

The company had arranged for the steamers WILMINGTON and ITALIAN to make regular trips to the Beach. (Messenger, 6-25-1895)


June 18, 1895
Mr. Fred Bolles took charge of the bath houses at Carolina Beach and was to keep them open for the remainder of the summer. (Star, 6-18-1895)


June 19, 1895
The Cedar Hill Dairy of 160l Market Street was advertising and promising the morning’s milk delivered to parties at Carolina Beach at Wilmington prices, namely 14 quarts or 27 pints for $1.00.  (Messenger, 6-19-1895)


June 19, l895
The hotel and cottages at Carolina Beach were filling up rapidly, and there were now eleven excursions booked and more expected. Capt. S.W. Skinner, the proprietor of the beach, had bought the steamer ITALIAN and he was to begin a daily schedule with this boat on or about June 20th. The steamer WILMINGTON was to continue her regular schedule, thus giving Carolina Beach three boats daily each way. (Star, 6-19-1895)


June 20, 1895
About 350 persons went to Carolina Beach on the excursion of the Bladen Street M.E. Church on the steamer WILMINGTON. The Sunday School of Grace M.E. Church held their excursion on the next day. (Messenger, 6-21-1895)


June 24, 1895
The Charlotte NEWS reported that there was a general exodus for Carolina Beach, which seemed to be the favorite point this season with Charlotte folks. Mr. J.C. Burroughs and family, and Dr. M.A. Bland and daughter left on June 26th. Mrs. W.R. Taliaferro and children and Mrs. T.S. Clakson were preparing to leave for the beach soon. (Messenger, 6-26-1895)


July 4, 1895
A large number of people visited Carolina Beach and spent a quiet, pleasant day. There was music for dancing all day, which was taken advantage of by a large number. Several fishing parties went out in the afternoon. the surf bathers were on hand in large numbers. Mrs. Mayo and Mrs. Kure had all they could do serving guests with sea delicacies. The last boat to Wilmington returned at 9:30 p.m. and the ride on the river was delightful. (Star, 7-6-1895)


July 4, 1895
The Carolina Beach Company planned to have a game of baseball played on their diamond on the Fourth of July by the younger set. The teams were the “Athletics, “Capt. C.P. Lockey, Jr. and the “Little Giants,” Capt. R. Sellers.

The players on the “Athletics” team were: Farrow, catch; Zellers, pitch; Fales, first base; Mann, second base; Grant, third base; Parker, short stop; Lockey, left field; Pitman, centre field; Ramsey, right field.

The players on the “Little Giants” team were: Ellis, catch; Litjen, pitch; Barlow, first base; Kure, second base; Smith, third base; Motte, short stop; Sellars, left field; Capps, centre field; Batson, right field. (Star, 7-2-1895)


August 2, 1895
St. Paul’s Lutheran Sunday School held their excursion to Carolina Beach. (Messenger, 7-31-1895)


November 21, 1895
Mr. James Nolan, of Wilmington, died in Baltimore, Md. He was 63 years of age and had resided in Wilmington since his boyhood. He was for several years superintendent of the Carolina Beach Railway, and he was its builder. The funeral was held at St. Thomas’ Catholic Church, of which he was a member. The internment was in Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington. (Messenger, 11-22-1895)


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994