News Articles – 1875

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch, Wilmington Messenger

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


1875 …. Federal Point Township
We learn that Balaam Wade, colored Constable for Federal Point Township, gave bond and qualified on Saturday last. (Star, 8-19-1875)


January 8, 1875
Ann M Craig, wife of Joseph Craig, died. Born June 16, 1807. Interment on Federal Point. Vol I


June 23, 1875 …. Federal Point
Colonel Craighill, U.S. Army Engineers, opened proposals for the extension of the Federal Point jetty at the New Inlet. This is an important work, being to close New Inlet by artificial means, and thus increase the depth of the river to the harbor of Wilmington, so as to admit the passage of large vessels. New Inlet was defended by the Confederate Fort Fisher during the late war.

Old records show that this inlet has been in existence for somewhat over a century, and that its origin was due as much (if not more) to the action of the wind upon the dry sand of the beach as to the tendency of the river currents to seek that outlet to the sea. Up to the summer of 1873 no steeps were ever taken to contract the area of outflow at New Inlet, although several breaks which had from time to time occurred below New Inlet had been successfully closed.

On July 1, 1873, the work for closing the space between Smith‘s Island and Zeke‘s Island had just been completed, and New Inlet remained the only passage to the sea except the mouth of the river. In July, 1873, the present Federal Point jetty was extended to 500 feet in length. The object of this work was primarily to serve as a deflector to the inlet currents, and not necessarily to form an integral part of any closing work which might afterwards be undertaken, the direction given it served to diminish the distance across the Inlet by only about 400 feet—thus leaving the distance across, from end of jetty to Zeke‘s Island , about 3,800 Feet. One of the results of this work has been the growth of Federal Point. (Star, 6-24-1875)


August 6, 1875
Col. Craighill, of the Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, in his Baltimore office, opened the proposals for certain work at New Inlet, the ultimate purpose was the entire closing of the same. (Star, 8-10-1875)


August 14, 1875
Anthony Hawes, colored, resigned his newly acquired position of Magistrate in Federal Point Township. Thomas M Gardner, of Wilmington, was appointed to act in his stead. (Star, 8-14-1875)


August 15, 1875
Jacob Horne, the Magistrate in Federal Point Township, was planning to remove his office to Wilmington at an early date. (Star, 8-15-1875)


August 24, 1875
It was reported that the contract for closing New Inlet Bar, below Wilmington, had been awarded by the government to Messrs. Bangs & Dolby, of Manlius, N.Y. at the following figures: For an apron, $20,00; for closing New Inlet to the low water mark, $188,000. The object was that of stopping the outflow to the ocean at New Inlet of the water of the Cape Fear River, and thus turn the entire volume out of the main bar or original mouth of the river, thus assisting in deepening it. (Star, 8-24-1875)


September 4, 1875
The Board of Trustees of Federal Point Township met and organized by electing T.M. Gardner, Esq., as chairman. The school committee for the township were(sic) duly qualified as was also the Constable, Balaam Wade, who gave a bond of $500 as a renewal of his former bond, he having been re-elected. The Clerk was granted further time in which to prepare his bond. (Star, 9-10-1875)


September 4, 1875
Balaam Wade, colored, Constable for Federal Point Township. Gave bond and qualified. (Star, 8-19-1875)


September 24, 1875 …. Federal Point
It was learned that Messrs. Bangs & Dolby were not going to close New Inlet but were to form the base for the accomplishment of that undertaking. Their contract was for the construction of a carpet or apron, which was to be built to stone four feet deep and from forty to seventy feet wide in the center of the current. The final closing of the inlet will require a further appropriation by the government. (Star, 9-24-1875)


September 25, 1875 …. Federal Point
Several large government flatboats were being constructed in Wilmington for use at the bar and river works at New Inlet in conveying stone to the scene of operations. (Star, 9-25-1875


October 3, 1875 …. Federal Point
A large lighter or scow was being built at Messrs. Cassidey & Ross‘ shipyard for Messrs. Bangs & Dolby, who had the contract for constructing the stone “carpet” or “apron” at New Inlet. It was to be 100 feet long, 6 feet deep and 20 feet width of beam. (Star, 10-3-1875)


December 26, 1875
William Grissom died. Born March 9, 1807. Internment on Federal Point. VOL.I


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994