News Articles – 1865 – 1870

Federal Point, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher
– from the Wilmington Star, Wilmington News, Wilmington Post, Wilmington Dispatch, Wilmington Messenger, The Daily Journal, Wilmington, N C.

Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994


February 15, 1865
Two divisions of Union General Schofield‘s army were ferried across the Cape Fear River from Federal Point to Smithville, and there they were joined by an additional brigade, all under the command of Major General Jacob D. Cox. The plan was for a combined army-navy attack on Fort Anderson. Vol.1


February 17, 1865
Major General Cox‘s troops marched out of Smithville. About 3 miles outside of the town, Confederate pickets started a running skirmish and continued until Major Cox‘s force was within 2 miles of Fort Anderson. Here Cox opened communications with Admiral Porter‘s force on the river.


July 28, 1865
Sterling L. Newton died. Born April 1, 1865. Internment was on Federal Point. Vol. 1


October 12, 1865
John W. Newton died. Born April 10, 1860. Internment on Federal Point. Vol.1.


November 1, 1865
A deed was made transferring property from Charles W. Craig to Henry Howard…for the sum of $200…situated on the Cape Fear River in Federal Point District, beginning at the river at Jesse Craig Sr.‘s south line and running in an easterly direction to the sea at low water mark…containing 82 acres…


Cape Fear (Bald Head) Lighthouse was extinguished because a new lighthouse had been erected on Federal Point.


July 23, 1866
A deed was made transferring property from Jesse Craig to Charles W. Craig…for the sum of $100…situated on the Cape Fear River in Federal Point District, to John H. Burriss‘s south line…50 acres more or less… (NEW HANOVER COUNTY DEED BOOK TT, page 376, registered July 30, 1866)


September 25, 1866
Mrs. Elizabeth Newton, 81, died.


February 9, 1867
We are informed on reliable authority that there is now in possession of Mr. E.A. Grissom, a gentleman residing in the vicinity of Fort Fisher, a young cow – for cow she must be, although little more than a calf – that was born in April 1865, was nurtured by its mother until July 1866 and gave birth to a calf in the month of September of the same year. This we consider one of the most remarkable incidents of the character on record and are informed that the facts we have related are undoubtedly correct.  (The Daily Journal, 2-9-1867)


December 13, 1868
James Newton, an old and highly respectable pilot, who was born and raised, lived and died, at Federal Point, told a member of a river improvement committee, a short time before his death a few years ago, that he well remembered the first breaking out of New Inlet during the prevalence of a long and terrific northeast gale, in the month of September, 1781; that prior to that time he had frequently walked and ridden to Bald Head beach, now Smith‘s Island. (Star, 12-13-1868)


December, 1869
The steamship “Lucille,” went aground near Zeke‘s Island. More than half her cargo was removed from the vessel and carried to Smithville. In drifting, part of her keel was knocked off, causing her to leak considerably.


A study was begun to close the “New Inlet.” An open space of two miles between Federal Point and Smith Island beach where the beach was wearing away and where navigation was almost destroyed was given a great deal of attention. (Star 8-25-1877)


January 20, 1870
A report was made of the soundings on New Inlet Bar:
South slue on Bar – 9 1⁄2 Feet.
North slue on Bar – 8 feet
On Rip – 9 1⁄2 feet. (Star, 1-23-1870)


October 3, 1870
The fish oil works began operations at Fort Fisher as a sufficient number of little fatbacks had been obtained. The plant is operated by the Navassa Guano Company. About eighty barrels of the little fish were caught at one haul, and this was enough to yield six barrels of oil. Another haul was expected soon. (Star 10-5-1870)


Anthony A. Hawes © offered his resignation as a member of the School Committee for Federal Point Township, which was accepted, and R.B. Freeman © was appointed in his place. (Star, 12-7-1870)


Bill Reaves files: Federal Point/Carolina Beach/Kure Beach/Fort Fisher 1725-1994