Federal Point Chronology 1725 – 1994

Compiled By Bill Reaves

Published by:

New Hanover Public Library &

Federal Point Historic Preservation Society

Wilmington, NC


Bill Reaves - Carolina Beach 1946

Carolina Beach, 1946 — Courtesy, New Hanover County Public Library

The chronology was originally compiled by Bill Reaves (1934 – 2000) who typed it on index cards. Upon his death, the collection was given to the North Carolina Room of the New Hanover County Public Library.

The library shared the typed index cards with the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society whose volunteers typed the 285 page manuscript. Ann Hewlett Hutteman prepared the index for the Federal Point Chronilogy.

The cover photo (below) depicts Carolina Beach in 1897. It is taken from a pamphlet published by The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce entitled New Hanover County, The Sub-Tropical Region of the Old North State (New Hanover County Public Library, Special Collection #92).

The information was gathered from many sources; however the majority of it was taken from Mr. Reaves’ vast newspaper collection.

The entire PDF file (3.8 Mb), the “Bill Reaves – Federal Point Chronology” downloadable here: Bill Reaves – Federal Point Chronology 1728-1994.pdf   The file is presented in chronological order starting in 1728.

If you download the file, using tools such as Adobe Reader or Apple Preview, the large Chronology PDF file can be keyword searchable.

About this web-based version of the Chronology:
The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society used the entire contents of the original 2011 Federal Point Chronology PDF file – breaking the PDF document into pages based on year.  All pages and all articles of the original PDF are included in this web version of the Federal Point Chronology.

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Bill Reaves - Cover - CB 1897

Carolina Beach in 1897 — (Click to enlarge)