Become a FPHPS Member



The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society operates as a federal and state non-profit organization.

The Society works to preserve, document and educate the public through the:

  • Development and support of the Federal Point History Center
  • Monthly newsletter
  • FPHPS Website and Facebook presence
  • Monthly meetings with educational programs
  • Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places
  • Historic Newton Cemetery preservation
  • Educational brochures, pamphlets and flyers on prominent historic features
  • Historic structures plaque program
  • Research library
  • Establishment and maintenance of the General Beauregard Shipwreck
  • Oral history program
  • Youth essay competition
  • Historic publications of the surrounding region
  • Our Postcard Collection


Membership in the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society

$ 20.00 –  Basic Individual
$ 25.00 – Basic Family
$ 40.00 – Basic Business
$ 40.00 – Benefactor
$ 60.00 – Sponsor
$ 80.00 – Patron

$ 150.00 – Individual Lifetime
$ 200.00 – Family Lifetime
$ 500.00 – Business Lifetime

Annual membership includes twelve issues of our monthly Newsletter and 10 monthly programs at the History Center, as well as June and December socials.  It’s a great place to meet and get to know others interested in our rich local history.

Download and print a PDF Membership Application

Please consider receiving your monthly Newsletter via email.  This saves expenses for paper, printing, and postage.