Oral History – Mike Robertson – Part 2 “Kure Beach Pier”

Interview by Jeannie and John Gordon

Kure Beach Fishing PierDad bought Kure Pier in ’52, he had a man there at Kure Beach, his name was Marshall Lowder. He ran a tackle shop. And if you’ll look at some of the pictures, you’ll see Bill Robertson’s Pier, and Lowder’s Tackle Shop in them. On some of the other pictures, downtown where Freddie’s is now, there’s a picture that I’ve seen that says Lowder’s Tackle Shop.

So Dad got Marshall to run the pier and he and Punky played. And he and Punky went SCUBA diving, Punky taught him how to fish, course this was not every day, but they messed around a lot.

He knew that what he had to do was sell Bill Robertson and sell Kure Beach and sell Kure Pier. Then he got into real estate because he figured that if, which has happened, that someone would buy a home, then they would rent it out for the other weeks that they weren’t going to be here and that would help make the mortgage here. And it pretty much worked. I mean he sold a bunch of property, my grandfather, too.

During the War there were a lot of barracks down at the base. They took all those buildings and brought them up this way. I can’t remember, I want to say it was $500 to buy a house. I want to say it was $200 for the lot and $250 for the house and $50 to have it moved and ….. They housed 40,000 people down there (Ft. Fisher), so there was a lot of barracks! read more

Oral History – Mike Robertson – Part 1: ‘Family’

Interviewed by Jeannie and John Gordon

Hans Kure, Sr. came down here I think around World War I, he incorporated the Land Development Company. He had 4 or 5 children, 2 of which were Hans, Jr. and Lawrence. Hans, Jr. was married to my grandmother, Jenny Linder. Lawrence was a traveling salesman and he wanted to marry my grandmother. He was away on trips and whatnot, and Hans came in the back door and he beat him to the punch. So, they were married and they lived either/or upstairs and he lived downstairs. And I think they worked together at the beach and I think the father was also involved in it. Hans, Jr. passed away and he had 5 girls including my mother.

Mike Robertson

Mike Robertson

Then within 11 months, Lawrence was married to her. My mother was 16, I think, because that was her senior year of high school, back then. She came for their honeymoon! From 1917, when my mother was born, and you add 16 to that, that would have been the year that they were married. But he treated the girls….they were his girls and there was never any question….

My mother met my father, Bill, during the War. They were both working at the shipyard and they got married and had 3 children, me, my older sister Pat, and the middle one is Toni. For the first couple/three years they lived up near Winston.

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