Society Notes – October, 2016

By Darlene Bright, History Center Director

In Memorium

In September we lost two long time members of the Society.  Our thoughts go out to the the families of past president, Ron Griffin, and to Richard, and the family of Nancy Graham.

  • Welcome to new members Ally Ferreira of Royal Oak, Michigan and Charles Yeager and Bonita McDaniel of Beaver, Pennsylvania. And, last month, I forgot Sandra Shugart’s husband, Wayne, of Winston-Salem.
  • The History Center recorded 167 visitors in August. That is even higher than last month, and now the highest month in our records. We had 34 in attendance at the August Meeting. The gift shop took in $396.50.
  • The History Center was used by Got-Em-On Live Bait Fishing Club and the UDC this month.
  • Thanks to our active volunteers this month; Darlene Bright, Andre Blouin, Tony Phillips, and Lois Taylor for helping Rebecca with the August newsletter. Thanks to Demetria Sapienza for the refreshments at the September meeting.Thanks to all the Island Day volunteers; Leslie and Darlene Bright, Cheri McNeill, James Kohler, and Cindy Clark.old-photo-maker


We need “old” photos!

We’re working on enlarging our photo collection.

Do you have photos that document “the way things were?”

We would love to scan and archive a copy.  Lend them to us for a few weeks and we’ll scan them, and give them back to you, and share a digital copy with you, if you want one.  We need pictures of buildings, people and events that have taken place in Federal Point from the 1920s to the 1970s.