Society Notes – March, 2021

New Book – Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr.

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  • Buried Alive? The Tragic Fate of Samuel Russell Jocelyn, Jr.
  • The Confederate Blockade Runner: Fanny & Jenny and her Legendary Sword
  • The Ill-Fated Lady: The Drowning of Rose O’Neale Greenhow
  • A Man and His Dog: Faithful Unto Death
  • In Search of the Maco Light: The Lower Cape Fear’s Most Famous Ghost Story


 Society NotesBy Darlene Bright, History Center Director

  • The History Center had ­­­­­­­­­­­­­57 visitors. The UDC held their monthly meeting at the History Center.
  • Welcome to new members: LIFETIME: Adam Jones of Chapel Hill, Ken Ewing of Carolina Beach, Tom Campbell of Carolina Beach; Corbin and Chad Moose of Salisbury, Robert Brewer of Gaithersburg, MD. Also Business Members Cory and Cathrine Robbins of the Hoplite Irish Pub in Carolina Beach.

Donations – Thank You So Much


                         Mike Robertson – Kure Beach Pier                                              Town of Carolina Beach

                         Charles Henson Painting                                                               Jay and Deborah Hockenbury

                         Doris Bame                                                                                       Janice Ludwig

                         James and Clare Kalina                                                                  Bobby and Maxine Nivins

                         Jeffrey and Francis Tarvin                                                             John and Theodore Podkul

                         Charles Yeager, Jr.                                                                          John and Jeannie Gordon

                         Pat Bolander                                                                                     Norm and Margaret Melton

                         Pam and Ray Bramhall                                                                     Adam Jones

                         Lawrence J. Fetner                                                                         Ted and Mary Ann Targonski

                         Shelley Wiltshire