Society Notes – June, 2015

Darlene Bright, History Center Director

    • The History Center recorded 83 visitors in May. We had 54 in attendance at the May meeting. The gift shop took in $257.50 in May. The History Center was used by Got-‘em-on Live Bait Fishing Club, UDC-Fort Fisher Chapter and Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Rescue Committee.
    • The Sugar Loaf Civil War Earthworks Committee also sponsored a tour of the earthworks site for Town of Carolina Beach officials and staff, a total of 25 people attended.
    • Please welcome new members Thomas and JoAnne Campbell of Carolina Beach.
    • Thanks to Lois Taylor, Darlene Bright, and Cheri McNeill for all their help with the May Newsletter.
    • A huge thanks to Tony Phillips, Demetria Sapienza and Darlene Bright for managing our booth at the Primrose Cottage Marketplace on May 30. We cleaned $204.00 + we sold a case of cookbooks! Phil Sapienza and Leslie Bright pitched in and helped haul the stuff over and back.
    • Thanks also, to Lois Taylor and Ron Griffin who worked for Rebecca and to Darlene Bright and Jeannie Gordon for so thoroughly cleaning the History Center.
    • And don’t forget! If you take a trip with Wilmington Water Tours please tell them you are a member of FPHPS! If you do we get a portion of your ticket price.
      Call us 458-0502, or them 338-3134.