Society Notes – June, 2012

Darlene Bright, History Center Director

  • This month we recorded 56 members and guests at our May meeting and award presentation including the families of our 4th graders. We had 73 visitors to the History Center throughout the month. The gift shop took in $189.94
  • Thanks to our History Center Volunteers; Lois Taylor, for helping get the newsletter into the mail, and to Cheri McNeill for her always thorough proofing of the newsletter. Thanks also to Demetria Sapienza, Sylvia Snook and Ron Griffin for covering the History Center desk so Rebecca could be off a number of days.
  • Treasurer’s Report: The Cruise bookkeeping is done and we made close to $3,500 to keep the organization going for another year.
  • New Members: Welcome to new members Nicole and Billy Ray Morris of Kure Beach and Dirck and Judy Myers also of Kure Beach.
  • At our next meeting please take a moment to thank all of our members who pitched in and gave of their time and energy to help out with the cruise! Darlene Bright, Demetria Sapienza, Elaine Henson, Cheri McNeill, Sylvia Snook, and Lois Taylor and Pat Bolander.


NC-UAB  Open House

NC-UAB Open House