Society Notes – July, 2012

by: Darlene Bright, History Center Director

I’ve been seriously remiss in thanking people for donations made in the past few months. We do truly appreciate every donation to our collection and take the best care of them we can.


  • Donated by Emilie Swearingn Pictorial History: The Great Civil War : Battles by Land and Sea by John Laird Wilson, 1881.
  • Donated by Charles Greene. Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Civil War.  Fairfax Press, 1977


  • Donated by Polly Shaver. Two oversize postcards from the 1950’s
    •  Wishing Well on the CB boardwalk
    •  Beach scene at the foot to the boardwalk
  • Donated by Robert Maffett. Reprint of map: Preliminary Chart of the Entrances to the Cape Fear River and New Inlet. Published 1853


  • Donated by Thomas Gray. 1950’s license plate frame “Carolina Beach, NC. The Friendly Resort”
  • Donated by Lank Lancaster. Calcutta Surf Fishing Rod made by Louis G. (Pappy) Leiner cir. 1957
  • Donated by J. Matthews. “Colors of Cape Fear” a collection of shells and sea glass.


  • Donated by Byron and Judy Moore. Case of water.


  • This month we recorded 30 members and guests at our June meeting We had 35 visitors to the History Center throughout the month. The gift shop took in $154.84
  • Thanks to our History Center Volunteers; Lois Taylor, and Demetria Sapienza for helping get the newsletter into the mail, and to Cheri McNeill for her always thorough proofing of the newsletter. Thanks also to Jeannie Gordon, Juanita Winner, Lois Taylor and Ron Griffin for covering the History Center desk so Rebecca could be off.
  • Treasurer’s Report: We’re still waiting to get final confirmation on the budgets for Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, but Darlene and Rebecca are working with me and we’ll have a proposal for the 2012/2013 budget ready for the board at the July 23rd meeting.
  • New Members: Welcome to new members Jeanette Beaudry of Wilmington, Keith Ward of Wilmington, and Bob McKoy of Wilmington.
  • Thanks to Jeannie Gordon and Darlene Bright for cleaning the History Center this month. We need volunteers for July, August, and September.
  • A HUGE thanks to everyone who helped with the June Potluck. As always Darlene and Leslie set up the building and wrangled the food. (Thanks for the hot dogs, Leslie!) Also pitching in was Virginia Francis