Society Notes – January, 2014

Darlene Bright, History Center Director

  • Donations: Thanks to Got-em-on Live Bait Club for their $500 cash contribution made in December. They remain among our most faithful supporters and we are truly grateful. Thanks, also, to Tom Gray for the donation of two more boxes of books for the library. If you haven’t browsed the “back room” lately take time to look in. It is becoming a significant resource to the community’s authors and researchers.
  • The History Center recorded 45 visitors! The gift shop took in $237.85. The History Center was used by Got-‘em-on Live and the UDC.
  • Thanks to our History Center Volunteers Carl Filipiak who is working on the cataloging of the subject files.
  • Thanks to Andre’ Blouin for all the time he’s put into the new website. The website is up and it’s chock full of all kinds of great information.  For a transition period, if you attempt to visit to the old FPHPS website: – you’ll be automatically redirected to our new website:
  • Thanks to all the people who pitched in to make the Christmas Party such a success. Darlene and Demetria spent a good deal of time planning and shopping and Sondra Nelder and her crew did a beautiful job of making us feel welcome at Kure Memorial Lutheran Church.
  • Newsletter: Thanks to Cheri McNeill for her always thorough proofing of the newsletter and Lois Taylor for her help getting the Newsletter in the mail.
  • Thanks to Tony Phillips for working on our subject files project. He is searching the internet for all kinds of information about the local area and has already contributed a number of great articles.

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  •  Officers

President – Barry Nelder
Vice-President – Juanita Winner
Secretary – Lois Taylor
Treasurer – Demetria Sapienza

  • Directors

John Gordon (Chairman)
Elaine Henson
Byron Moore
Jean Stewart
Cheri McNeill
Skippy Winner
Leslie Bright
Jim Dugan