Society Notes – August, 2017

2017 Elected Officers and Board of Directors
(Election was held at the July meeting)

President: Elaine Henson
Vice President: Juanita Winner
Secretary: Nancy Gadzuk
Treasurer: Jim Kohler

2017 Elected Board of Directors:
Jim Dugan
John Moseley
Jay Winner
Brenda Coffey

Officers & Full Board of Directors

The Society owes a big thanks to Gil Burnett (right) for leading a group of us on a tour of the Boardwalk, pointing out where many of the iconic businesses of yesteryear were located. Now I finally know where his snowball stand was.  We hope to do weekly tours next summer, and this was great training for those who will be doing them, in 2018.

Society Notes

By Darlene Bright, History Center Director

Thanks to Cheri McNeill, Darlene Bright, Leslie Bright, Jim Kohler, Jean Stewart, and Paul Slebodnik for working at our table on the Boardwalk on Tuesday evenings. Tuesday didn’t turn out to be a great night and we hope to try a different evening next year.

Thanks to Helen James, Eileen Shober and Linda Ogden for providing refreshments at the July meeting.

The History Center recorded 97 visitors in July. We had 42 in attendance at the July meeting.

The History Center was used for a meeting held by the Got-Em-On Live Bait Fishing Club.

Welcome to new business members Michael and Amy Purvis of Kure Beach and Jeff and Leslie Cohen of Wilmington.