Society Notes, April, 2018

By Darlene Bright, History Center Director

Crazy Beach
By Lynn Welborn

Amazon Digital, 2018
$15.99 (Now available at the Fed. Pt. History Center gift shop)

Visit Crazy Beach for a wild ride jammed with hilarious adolescent mischief, teenage lust, and an unforgettable band of misfits calling the little island home.

An instantly entertaining trek embedding into your heart forever the soundtrack of boyhood adventure, the girls of summer, and a journey to Woodstock through the eyes of an 11-year old stowaway.

Action on the island reveals the secrets of The Wave Theatre, shenanigans on the boardwalk, an idyllic oceanfront beach cottage, and a grand old pier serving as the story’s heartbeat.

The boardwalk explodes with the exploits of Lenny’s crew, including scamming tourists, running from the cops, and the joy of discovering The Seven Wonders of Boyhood. On the more reflective side, like “The Last Picture Show” or “Prince of Tides” it’s a look at how love, absence, and loss shape us.

[Read more about Crazy Beach in Ben Steelman’s review of the book and plans for a sequel in the StarNews.]


Congratulations to the 2018 Walk of Fame inductees

Robert “Bob” Doetsch

Gerald “Jerry” P. Bigley, Sr.

Robert & Clara Lamb

Michael McGowan


Fran Doetsch passed away on Friday March 31. Our deepest sympathies go out to Gary, Kendal and the extended Doetsch family.

The History Center recorded 68 visitors in March, up from 47 in February. The tourist season is definitely started for this year. We had 35 in attendance at the March Meeting.

The History Center was used for meetings held by the Got-Em-On Live Bait Fishing Club, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the the Walk Of Fame Committee.

Thanks to this month’s volunteers. Cheri McNeill and Nancy Gadzuk brought refreshments for the March meeting. Jim Kohler helped with the Newsletter mailing and Leslie Bright helped us shop for, transport, and mount the new TV. Darlene is in the process of training our new treasurer, Ed Capel!