New Officers and Board Members for 2015-2016

Monthly Meeting: Monday, July 20, 2015

The regular monthly meeting of the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Elaine Henson at the History Center building.

Secretary Juanita Winner read the minutes from the June 16 meeting, which were approved as read.

Treasurer Demetria Sapienza reported that the FPHPS ended the 2015 Fiscal Year on June 30 in the black. With 507 cookbooks sold to date, 80% of the financial outlay for production and printing of the cookbooks has been recouped by the Center. Copies of both the final FY 2015 budget report and the proposed FY 2016 budget report are available from Demetria.

Darlene Bright shared information about the recent visit by Time-Warner Cable to Carolina Beach to produce a video about Carolina Beach and its newly revitalized Boardwalk. Both Darlene and Elaine Henson were interviewed by the crew and emphasized the importance of the History Center in keeping the stories of Pleasure Island alive. We are all looking forward to seeing the video!

Darlene also presented the following slate of officers and board members for the coming year:

President:            Elaine Henson
Vice President:   Tony Phillips
Secretary:           Nancy Gadzuk
Treasurer:           Demetria Sapienza

New Board of Directors:  Jim Dugan, Chris Fonvielle, John Moseley, Skippy Winner

Juanita Winner moved to accept the above slate and Cheri McNeill seconded the motion. The new slate was approved as presented.

Elaine mentioned the important role Tony Phillips has played in selling cases of cookbooks and helping the History Center end the Fiscal Year on a positive financial note.

Both Elaine and Rebecca Taylor recommended TheatreNOW’s current production of Summers at Seabreeze: Songs and Remembrances from Freeman Beach NC, highlighting some of the history of Federal Point.

Rebecca then introduced the main speakers of the evening, Peter and Cathy Meyer with Coastwalk North Carolina