Simply Blue Crabs


by Peter Meyer

Simply Blue Crabs: Catching, Cooking, Eating is a handy mini-guide to blue crabs and crabbing along the US East and Gulf Coasts. This booklet presents all essential information required to catch, cook, clean, and eat blue crabs.

Simply Blue Crabs is fully illustrated with B&W photos plus pen & ink drawings. Six nutritious and very delicious crab recipes are included.

Simply Blue Crabs is reasonably priced, making it a good value to anyone interested in crabbing.

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by Peter Meyer
Simply Blue Crabs
: Catching, Cooking, Eating

Why Crab?
“Teach us to delight in simple things,” said author Rudyard Kipling.
“The best things in life are free,” sang the Rock ‘n Roll group, the Kingsmen.
Kipling and the Kingsmen would have loved crabbing, for crabbing is an uncomplicated adventure, costing mere pennies, but reaping priceless rewards and fun.

Yet crabbing, especially crabbing with children, is more than just inexpensive entertainment. Crabbing educates youngsters, too. When children (and adults) go crabbing, they learn respect for the wonders of nature. They also acquire the ability to provide food for the table, and they can even become proficient at cooking the family’s food.

Crabbing is a great way to enjoy the coastal environment. The pace of crabbing is unrushed, allowing ample time to enjoy the splendots of the coast — blue sky and cotton-white clouds overhead, skin-warming sunshine, hair-tousling breezes, soaring gulls and diving terns, and the fresh, sulfury aroma of the marsh.

Crab catchers also learn to appreciate the animal they seek. At first glance, a blue crab is a feisty, pugnacious, hard-shelled critter with a face only a mother crab could love. On closer inspection, a blue crab is a handsome animal, an awe-inspiring work of nature that is best appreciated by viewing the animal in its own salty environment.

Through crabbing, overall environmental consciousness is also heightened —— understanding is gained as to why humans need to protect the blue crab’s environment. For indeed, is it not our own environment? Will we, too, not suffer if the hardy blue crab suffers? What person can spend a day crabbing and not want to protect our marine habitats?

On a more elemental level, crabbing is an easy way to catch enough food for a tasty crab concoction. The sweet taste of crab meat is well worth the effort involved in catching, picking, and cooking a batch of these hard-bodied crustaceans. And, as with other foods, crab meals just seem to taste better if the chefs catch their own crabs.

Catching, cleaning, and preparing our food also puts us back in touch With our place on the planet. In purchasing a piece of chicken or fish at the grocery store, we adults and children lose sight of where food comes from. In preparing our own crabs, it becomes apparent that food doesn’t just magically appear in the grocery store aisles.

For children and adults, catching and cooking a kettle of crabs engenders fun and joy, a feeling of accomplishment, an appreciation of nature’s glory, a sense of place in the world, and satiated stomachs.

SIMPLY BLUE CRABS is a basic but complete guide to catching, cooking, picking, and eating the delectable blue crab.

Catch crabs using:
– Crab pots
– Handlines
. Hand traps
– Scapping

– Cooking methods
– Picking crabs
– Delicious, healthy recipes
– Hard crabs
– Soft-shell crabs

Fun for families
– Inexpensive
– Educational
– Nutritious
– Delicious


Paperback:  40 pages
Publisher:  Avian-Cetacean Press (April 14, 2006)
ISBN-10:  0962818674
ISBN-13:  978-0962818677

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