Incredible Pirate Tales


by Tom McCarthy (Editor)

From Long John Silver to Captain Hook, Blackbeard to Captain Kidd, pirates are the stuff of legend. Storylines have been based on these terribly charismatic cutthroats for decades, with varying degrees of fact thrown in.

Incredible Pirate Tales captures the most audacious tales of actual and fictional characters who took up the “black flag” and a life of crime on the high seas.

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Incredible Pirate Tales: Fourteen Classic Stories of the Outlaws of the High Seas
by Tom McCarthy (Editor)

From the Back Cover

“Avast there, me hearty!”
From Long John Silver to Captain Hook, from Blackbeard to Captain Kidd, pirates have made off with our imaginations for centuries with their charisma and adventurous living. Truth be told, these capricious cutthroats are not only figures of horror but also of vicarious delight.

Incredible Pirate Tales captures the most incredible stories of actual and fictional characters who took up the “black flag” and a life on the high seas.

In these pages meet L’Olonnois the Cruel, the most notorious and wicked pirate of his day, whose ardent cravings for plunder sailed him down a path of treachery and brutality.

Witness the rise of a pirate named Peter, who successfully manages his career and settles in France, where he retires as a gentleman. Learn about the exploits, arrests, and executions of infamous sea wolves such as Jean Lafitte, Captain Charles Vane, and the Joassammee Pirates of the Persian Gulf.

From the women who married them to their hostages and slaves, from the sailors defending their ships against attack to the legendary pirates themselves, everyone has an astonishing tale to tell. There are even accounts of ghost pirates seeking revenge on their enemies and reclaiming stolen treasure.

This bloody band of buccaneers sailed together, caroused together, pillaged and plundered together, and, like most outlaws, died together. From the top of the hawk’s nest to the depths of the galleys, this rousing collection of stories vividly captures the pirates’ most savage and glorious existence.


About the Author
Tom McCarthy grew up on the Great Lakes. His love of sailing and the ocean is the driving force behind this collection of stories. He is also the editor of Classic Sailing Stories and Incredible Tales of the Sea. He lives in Chester, Connecticut, with his wife and two daughters.


Paperback: 232 pages
Publisher: Lyons Press; First American Edition edition (July 1, 2006)
Series: Incredible Tales
ISBN-10: 1592282849
ISBN-13: 978-1592282845

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