Bench Marks


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Bench Marks

by Gil Burnett

Paperback  130 pages
Publisher: A Bench Press (2000)
ISBN: 0-9702857-0-1

Excerpt – page 33


One afternoon a state trooper took the stand to testify in a DWI case. The defendant, a middle-age man, had been stopped when he was spotted weaving all over the highway. When the trooper had complete his testimony, the defendant took the stand in his own defense.

When his attorney asked him to explain the charge, he said, “I was sick. I had the black and white fever.”

I said, “What kind of fever did you say?”
“I had the black and white fever, your Honor.”

“Would you please explain to the Court just what kind of fever that is?”
“Yes, sir. You see,” he explained earnestly “when I saw that black and white patrol car in my rearview mirror, it made me sick. I got the black and white fever sure ‘nuff. That’s why I was drivin’ all over the road.”

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