Oral History – Isabel Lewis Foushee – Part 3: ‘School Memories’

Before 1937, the Dow Road Grade School was near Henniker’s Ditch. Katie Burnett Hines was the school marm.  Isabel Lewis Foushee went to Myrtle Grove School for the first grade.

While the Carolina Beach Elementary school was being built behind the Carolina Beach Lake in 1937/38, children attended the Boardwalk School – two rooms of the Old City Hall Building about where Britt’s Donuts is now located. The City Hall had been moved to the new building at the Yacht Basin. A favorite recess activity was taking a long pencil or stick with chewing gum on one end to reach between the plank boardwalk cracks for money dropped by the tourists. “We’d get 25 or 40 cents a day. A better way was using a stick with a split on the end.”

The new Carolina Beach School was less than half the size the school was in 2000. Children took a nickel each day for milk, which was the only thing you could buy at the time. Children rode the # 10 yellow school bus. Mr. Walter Horn and Mr. Merl were the drivers. The school bus turned right past the concrete columns (Fort Fisher Gates) to pick up Cousins Jack and Isabel Lewis. It also stopped at K and Fort Fisher Boulevard.

Grade school students were dropped off at Carolina Beach School.  The bus then continued into Wilmington to Sunset Park Junior High  (7th, 8th, 9th grade)  then to New Hanover High  It was about a 55 minute trip. Children had a good time on the school bus singing and teasing the driver. The kids carried lunch money of about $1.25 a week.

Carolina Beach School – Class of 1937-1938

Carolina Beach School – Class of 1937-1938

Carolina Beach School – Class of 1937-1938
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Starting on left:
Front Row: Helen Lewis, Margaret Jordon, Evelyn Bender, Dorothy Grey (holding dog), Gladys Davis, unknown, Anne Coleman,

2nd Row: Billy Dew, Iona May Davis, Billy Strickland, Hugh Kelley, Jimmy Lewis, C. F. Lewis, Robert Watters, Harold Ludwig, Peale Britton,

3rd Row: Anna Lee Lewis, Ryder Lewis, Laurice Hickman, Juanita Bame, Catherine Roseman, unknown, unknown, Colleen Clark,

4th Row: Mac Biddle, Bobby Harlow, Charles Hewitt, unknown, Betty Gray, Ernest Gray, James Lewis, Fred Dew, Richard Wooten, Martin Fields.

Back Row: Teacher 4th, 5th, 6th grade in one room & principal  Madge Woods