Oral History – Faye Teague and son Gary – Part 3: ‘Kure Beach Post Office’

Kure Beach Post Office

Kure Beach Post Office

Compiled and edited by Ann Hertzler

Kure Beach mail was first routed through Wilmington.

The first Kure Beach Post Office was off K Ave across the street from Clarence Danner’s Fish House. His wife Jessie Danner ran the post office.

A three cent stamp was needed to mail a letter. Zip codes had not been invented. After the war, Mitzi Saunders ran the PO.

The letter (shown below) is the first one post marked from the Kure Beach Post Office on opening day – June 10, 1942.

Faye Teague from the Carolina Beach PO worked relief for the Kure Beach PO for 12 or 13 years.

Kure Beach Post Office

Kure Beach Post Office

The current Kure Beach PO was originally a Bank of America but people took their business to Carolina Beach because they were afraid the one employee would tell everyone how much money they had in the bank. When the Bank closed, it was replaced with a convenience store.

Faye TeagueIn the early 70s, Faye Teague was appointed Post Master at Kure Beach. Nobody worked for her. There was no delivery service. What was originally a one-person job has grown to 4 or 5 people plus home delivery. It used to be an honored job where you knew the people.

Their son Gary was with the post office some 30 years starting in 1973. Gary was the Kure Beach Post Master for about 5 years until 2004.