Oral History – Ed Neidens – Kure Beach Police Department, Kure Beach Development

Ed NiedensPart 2
Interviewed by Ann Hertzler and Jeannie Gordon

In the early ‘70s we had a problem with finances with the police. They actually turned the police over to the sheriffs. Then there was actually no police in town. It was done by the County Sheriff’s Department. Then we had a problem with that because of speeders and different things. We activated or reactivated the town police to stop the speeding going through town. And we needed our own police department. For years police communications was done by Carolina Beach. Carolina Beach handled the police department, the radio communications and all.

Then when I was mayor, it became a problem with Carolina Beach because Carolina Beach wanted to have Kure Beach pay for one position in Carolina Beach for the dispatcher. Our budget would not handle that. They originally wanted $18,000 a year, the best I can remember, for us to pay for a dispatcher.

Then we had a meeting with them and then they wanted to increase it to $30,000 a year. We told them we could give them $12,000 a year which was $1000 a month. But at that time the administration at Carolina Beach wasn’t responsive to that at all. So I had a meeting with the Sheriff and he said they could provide the dispatcher for Kure Beach. And I said how much is that going to cost? And he said zero. So I went back to the council at Kure Beach and told them what we were encountering and all that. And they said “Let’s go with the County.”

The police station was a little room behind the old Town Hall which is now the Community Center. And the Community Center at that time housed one side was the town business and meeting room (the left), and had the fire department and 2 bays on the right. Behind the fire department back there was a little add-on room back there and that was the police department.Kure Beach seal cropped

I was Mayor of Kure Beach in ‘90 and ‘91 or ‘89 and ‘90. I was on council for 2 years and the last 2 years I was on council, I was mayor. That’s when the mayor was chosen from the council.

I was on the board of adjustments, chairman for 10 years and on Planning and Zoning end of it. So I was associated with the town for quite a few years. I felt like I would like to serve just as a town council person. I didn’t get on council to be a mayor. The first 2 years I was on council Frank Link was mayor. And prior to him, Red Doty. Everybody called him Red – probably because of his red hair.

Being mayor was challenging. We done a lot. There was a lot going on while I was mayor and on the council. Kure Beach Village was there but in the other part of Kure Beach, developers wanted to put like 700 units up there – high rise buildings. The economy done away with a lot of that. They wanted to divide it up into this and that and so forth. They had big ideas; 4, 5, or 6 stories. The large buildings they wanted to put up that the economy wouldn’t support. So those never got off ground.Kure Beach sign

Beachwalk would have been part of the area they were going to put high rises on. That was the original intent before I was on council. But this was back when they wanted to develop that, they wanted to put larger buildings, and condos, and units and so forth. But the economics at the time done away with that and didn’t support it. What the economics supported was single family homes. And we held the developers to the contract that they had with the town of providing the water tank, the lagoon, and other things, and sewer upgrades. We had a lot of meetings with the developers to get the developments to do what we wanted rather than what they wanted to do.

The 35 foot height limit has been there for a long time. That was written into the original ordinances. It came before the board of adjustments at one point. Ocean Dunes wanted to build that executive building three stories plus which would have put it over the 35 foot limit. They came before the board of adjustments. And the board of adjustments voted they can build 35 feet. They said we can do it with a flat roof, which is fine as long as you stay below the 35 foot level. So that executive building down there has three floors over plus the pilings underneath. But they had to stay at 35 feet. Because the ordinance reads that it shall not exceed 35 feet.