Oral History – Dub and Hazel Heglar – Part 3: ‘Ocean View Restaurant’

by Ann Hertzer

Dub and Hazel Heglar

Dub and Hazel Heglar

Hazel Heglar owned and ran the Ocean View Restaurant, a favorite Kure Beach restaurant from 1979 to 1989. It’s the old Pier House in 2010. Heglars didn’t own the building. The restaurant was opened in the summer. Business slowed down after Labor Day so was closed Thanksgiving through March. Local families did not eat out often. It was mostly tourists and fishermen. Hazel was a very good cook.

The menu had sandwiches – hamburger, hot dogs, and French fries – and home cooked meals such as fish, shrimp, steak, and fried chicken. Everybody wanted chicken. Hushpuppies were served with every meal. Beverages were mostly sweet tea and coffee. Banana and vanilla pudding were popular desserts. Vegetables were her most important item – all kinds – green beans, peas, blackeye peas, creamed potatoes, corn, squash, okra, collards, mustard and turnip greens.

Hazel served breakfast at the Ocean View Restaurant at 7:00 a.m. – mainly grits, ham, and eggs. She worked till 9 at night or later for almost 10 years. Dub did a little bit of bookwork for her.

Hazel oversaw the restaurant work. At one time she had about 15 working for her in 2 shifts – at least 3 in the kitchen, a dishwasher, and 3 or 4 waitresses. Dot McQuillen from Seabreeze was Hazel’s cook, a good cook, too. After Hazel closed, Dot worked for the schools in the cafeteria. Seabreeze people who worked for Hazel would see her on Front Street in town, a block away and go out of their way to say hello.

Dub has 2 loves in his life- his wife and his garden. He starts planting in February. Potatoes, white or red, and onions can be set out early. Hazel robbed Dub’s garden many times for the restaurant. Hazel bought restaurant supplies wholesale from PYA out of S.C., now U.S. Foods. The salesman took her order on Tuesday and delivered on Thursday. There was also an A&P Grocery Store in Carolina Beach . Margaret Ford and her husband ran a store on the corner.

Hazel and Dub did things together, a lot of traveling. One time they planned to be gone 2 days and came back 18 days later.