Kure Beach Fishing Pier

Featured Business Member – August, 2014

By Tony Phillips

Kure Beach Pier - EntranceKure Beach Fishing Pier
Man… you should have been here last week!

Opens April 1st through November 30th

~ Open 24 hours a day ~



One Rod and Reel per Person $5.00 per Fisherman

King Fishing:      $12 * May 15th – Oct. 1st         * 3 Rods * 6 am to Sunset
Shark Fishing:    $12 * June 1st – Sept. 15th      * 3 Rods * 12 am to 6 am

What more can you say about Kure Beach Fishing Pier? Are you kidding?! You can talk all day about this, the oldest pier on the East Coast.

Originally built by L.C. Kure in 1923, it has been owned by Mike Robertson since 1984. It has been hit by several hurricanes, but since being raised to 26 feet and going back to three pilings, it has weathered the storms well including a Category Three Hurricane.

Many a family have discovered Kure Beach Fishing Pier and fell in love with it coming back year after year to visit the pier and the town of Kure Beach. With the Webcam on top of the Pier Store, you almost feel like you are right there from a thousand miles away. And, there have been many, many visitors who are proud to say that they did indeed drive a thousand miles to stay a week in Kure Beach and on the pier.

Cape Fear Disabled Sportsman’s Fishing Tournament

Cape Fear Disabled Sportsman’s Fishing Tournament

There is something that Mike Robertson does not draw attention to but, something we would be hard pressed to do without. This is the Charity Sponsored Fishing tournaments such as the annual Cape Fear Disabled Sportsman’s Fishing Tournament. Last May, almost 400 participants showed up and registered to fish on the pier before noon that day. Mike donates the pier, ice, support and much more to these tournaments each year with no fanfare.  These charity events take his whole business for almost a whole day. Mike just walks by and smiles.

The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society is very proud to have the Kure Beach Fishing Pier as a Business Member and we encourage all of our newsletter readers to go by and say thanks for your support.

Kure Beach Pier - Gift Shop

Kure Beach Pier – Gift Shop

While you are there, enjoy shopping in the Pier Store gift shop, enjoy a huge cone of ice cream at a very modest price, or just walk out to the end of the pier and feel the wind like no other place on the island.

See the Kure Beach Pier Webcam 24/7/365 on the Surfchex webcam