The legacy of H.A. and Ellen Kure – From the Bill Reaves files

From before the turn of the twentieth century, it was clear that the Kure Family was to be instrumental in the development of the southern beaches of New Hanover County. Below are notices from Wilmington newspapers.

April 28, 1900 – Captain Harper, the genial master of the steamer WILMINGTON and proprietor of the Oceanic Hotel at Carolina Beach, said that he had furnished the 20-odd rooms in the Oceanic Hotel and would have them to let this summer. The rooms would be in charge of Mr. Joe Yopp. It had been decided not to have boarding accommodations in the hotel building, and dining arrangements could be made with Mr.H.A.Kure and Dr.J.D.Webster in their well arranged boarding houses nearby. The bath houses were to be in charge of Mr. Vrans Swann, as usual. The saloon and cafe were to be conducted by Mr. W. V. Hardin, of Wilmington. WILM.STAR, 4-29-1900.

May 6, 1900 – Mr. H.A. Kure was thoroughly overhauling and putting in first class the Carolina Beach Hotel. The rooms in the hotel were to be well furnished and were to be rented by the day, week, or month. There were several first class dining halls accessible to the hotel. WILM.MESSENGER, 5-5-1900.

May 7, 1900 – Mr. H.A. Kure went to Carolina Beach with about 25 men to begin to set things to rights for the coming season. He reported that he would have about fifty rooms at his disposal and he was going to change the name of his place from the Kure House to the Carolina Beach Hotel. He also had purchased the cottage of Mr. W.L. Smith, next door to his own place, and he was to build a dining room 46 x 18 feet there. The hotel was to open on May 25th. WILM.DISPATCH, 5-5-1900; 5-24-1900.

December 18, 1904 – Mr. Hans A. Kure, proprietor of the amusement pavilion at Carolina Beach, purchased the riding gallery or “hobby horses” that had been operating at 6th and Campbell Streets in Wilmington. He planned to take the outfit down to the beach next summer for the entertainment of seaside visitors. WILMINGTON STAR, 12-18-1904.

June 3, 1907 – A license was granted to H.A. Kure, of Carolina Beach, to run a saloon in connection with his establishment. WILMINGTON DISPATCH, 6-4- 1907.

August 24, 1907 – Mr. Hans A. Kure, proprietor of the amusement pavilion at Carolina Beach, was offering cash prizes of $10 each in a bowling tournament and in a trap shoot on the traps at the beach, running for 10 days and beginning today. Parties could go down any day of the ten and take a trial for either or both of the prizes. WILMINGTON STAR, 8-24-1907.

September 6, 1907 – The fishing off Carolina Beach was reported to be exceptionally fine. Mr. Hans A. Kure and a party of ten persons went out in a steam yawl, about 2 1⁄2 miles off sore, and caught 300 of as fine sheephead, pig fish, trout and other varieties as were ever seen at the beach. They expected to return soon while the run was so good. WILMINGTON STAR, 9-7-1907.

December 8, 1910. – A fire, of incendiary origin, shortly before day, destroyed the hotel and pavilions belonging to Captain John W. Harper, and the bath houses and “Smith” cottage, belonging to Mr. Hans A. Kure, at Carolina Beach, the whole entailing a loss of upwards of $15,000. During the winter the beach is uninhabited and as there had been no fire on the premises for several days, perhaps, Capt. Harper is certain that the buildings had been set on fire.

April 11, 1916 – Work on improving the Carolina Beach pier had started by the Diamond Steamboat & Wrecking Company and was to be ready for the summer months. It was being greatly strengthened by additional timers and new piling. Mr. W.L.Kure had been awarded the contract to complete the fishing pier at Carolina which was only partly finished. WILM.DISPATCH, 4-11-1916