The Bicentennial of The War of 1812 in North Carolina

The “Other” Commemoration

Dolly Madison

Dolly Madison

With all the brouhaha over the Civil War Sesquicentennial it seems that the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 has snuck up on us – even though the year is right there in the name. But it didn’t sneak up on the people at North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. They’ve got a great web site up with all kinds of information about the role North Carolina played in the war as well as information on a major Symposium being planned for Beaufort on June 29th.

The War of 1812 Committee has partnered with the North Carolina Maritime History Council, the Daughters of the War of 1812, the North Carolina Maritime Museum, and the Friends of the Maritime Museum to develop an informative symposium that will be on June 29th, 2012. Prominent scholars will be on hand to present information on the importance of the War of 1812, and North Carolina’s role in the war effort, with emphasis on the naval war.


[Pictures are from the NCDCR web site]


Web sites of interest on the War Of 1812

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

NC DCR Archives and History:

Information on “famous” North Carolinians who contributed to the nation’s defense including Dolly Madison, General Andrew Jackson, Otway Burns, and Captain Johnston Blakely:

For those of you who are true military history buffs:

The Known Military Units from North Carolina:

A great online exhibit of artifacts from the period:

The life of North Carolina coastal hero Otway Burns

The defense of Wilmington