July 1, 1920 – Food Prices – From the Bill Reaves Files

Room and Board

A.W. Pate, proprietor of the Greystone Inn, Carolina Beach, offered the following rates:

  • American Plan  – $5.50
  • Weekly (without bath) – $28.00
  • European Plan $2.00 – $2.50
  • Weekly (with bath) – $31.50
  • Meals – $1.25

June 16, 1929 (advertisement) BAME’S CAFÉ, Carolina Beach, Now Open for Season. We Serve Regular Sea Food Dinners. Also Vegetable Dinners and Chicken Dinners. Try Our Fish and Corn Fritters and Coffee – 50 cents. Special Rates to Parties. We Sell $5.50 Meal Ticket for $5.00. We Appreciate Your Patronage. J.R.BAME,Manager. WILM.NEWS DISPATCH, 6-16-1929

Land Values in the early Twentieth Century

April 22, 1904. – Real Estate Transfer- Marion F. Schroeder transferred to Brooks & Taylor, for $75, tract of land containing 50 acres, more or less, in Federal Point Township, beginning at a point known as the Old Newton Landing.  WILMINGTON STAR, 4-23-1904.

November, 17, 1905. – Real Estate Transfer – Ed Taylor and wife and John W. Brooks and wife to Samuel A. Lewis, of Shallotte, Brunswick County, for $95, a tract of land containing 50 acres and situated on the eastern side of the Cape Fear River near the old Newton Landing. WILMINGTON MESSENGER, 11-18-1905.

June 1, 1906. – Real Estate Transfer – Melvin L. Smith and wife to Ellen Kure, for the sum of $325, lot on Carolina Beach. WILMINGTON MESSENGER, 6-1-1906.
December 20, 1910 Real Estate Transfer – W. F. F. Newton and wife, et al., transfer to Archibald J. Hanby, for $100 and other considerations, 103 acres of land in Federal Point Township, adjoining lands of W. A. Ainsworth and others. WILMINGTON STAR, 12-21-1910.