Federal Point Fishing Piers

 Kure Pier 1923-present

Kure Pier 1923 – present

By Rebecca Taylor

We’ve had quite a few questions about fishing piers lately.

With the help of Elaine Henson, and her Carolina Beach: A Postcard History and Al Baird and his new book: North Carolina’s Ocean Fishing Piers here’s a list.

1915 – ? – Carolina Beach Pier Company.
Built by W.E. Yopp, J.C. Herring, A.W. Pate and J.J. Loughlin.

Evening Dispatch June 8, 1915:
“The preliminary work for which is now under way, a 600 foot fishing pier extending out from a 30 room club house to and beyond the famous old blockade runner Beauregard wreck 500 yards south of Carolina Beach pavilion, will be built, the work to be completed before August 1.”

1923-present. Kure Pier
Built by L. C. Kure. The first pier was 22 feet wide and 120 feet long. Rebuilt in 1924 at 32 feet wide and 240 feet long. Daily: 35 cents, Season: $10.00. Current length: 711 feet. Oldest continually operating pier in NC.

Fort Fisher Fishing Pier 1936-1954.

Fort Fisher Fishing Pier

1936-1954. Fort Fisher Fishing Pier (right)
Land owned by Orrell brothers Louis and Thomas. Constructed by Walter Winner. Destroyed by Hurricane Hazel in 1954.


1947-present. Carolina Beach Fishing Pier.
(aka North Pier) Owners; the Phelps Family.




1954-1996. Center Fishing Pier.
Walter Winner built for J.C. Bame. Owned by Herring Family from the 1960’s on. Destroyed by Hurricanes Bertha and Fran 1996.  Today, the pier remnants are the Golden Sands’ Tiki Bar.



Fisherman’s Steel Pier 1956-1977

Fisherman’s Steel Pier 1956-1977

1956-1977. Fisherman’s Steel Pier (left)
ocated at Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Built by JR. Bame and J.C. Bame, later joined by R. C. Fergus. Run by McGirt Family from 1960’s to 1970’s.

The pier with the famous “Skyliner” chair lift.